Carlo On Base

Carlo On Base is a that launched on the in late April 2024. The project features a unique blue dog character known as a Psycho dog with a pink a**hole. Aiming to elevate the meme game, the project is dedicated to significantly enhancing the quality of memes by prioritizing their entertainment value.[1][2]

On June 11th, The Team announced on its social media account that Jesse Pollak “Base Lead Dev” on had grabbed himself a bag of $CARLO.[3]


Carlo is an innovative launched in April 2024 by a team of highly skilled and professional individuals. It is the first content creation meme token on the , following a similar model to the successful on , which has a market cap exceeding $200 million. The launch was conducted with a presale facilitated by the Oxbull launchpad.[1]

Carlo distinguishes itself by focusing on building an entertainment brand from day one. The project's content centers around 2D-level animation featuring a dog named Carlo. The aim is to create an entertainment platform reminiscent of popular shows like Family Guy, South Park, and Rick and Morty, but with a strong Web2/ community focus. The team is committed to producing high-quality, viral content that the community loves and eagerly anticipates. This approach involves building a universe centered around Carlo and exploring various creative avenues to flex this universe.[4]
wikiA key aspect of Carlo's success lies in its strong, supportive community. The project actively engages with its community through various initiatives, including contests and giveaways. These efforts not only nurture a sense of belonging among community members but also give back to them, fostering a positive feedback loop of engagement and support. This engagement has propelled Carlo's growth from a 300K market cap to a 20 million market cap within two months of its launch, showcasing the power of community-driven projects in the space.[5]

Looking ahead, Carlo has ambitious plans to continue its growth trajectory, to reach a 1 billion market cap by eating more zeroes. This bold vision underscores the team's commitment to expanding Carlo's reach and impact in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

The team announced that Hollywood actress Charlotte Riley, known for her role in Peaky Blinders will be joining them and voicing a new female character named Carlotta in upcoming episodes, further enriching the storyline.[6]
wikiOn May 9, 2024, $CARLO announced its partnership with ESM, an ultimate tournament platform that combines web2 and gaming on Base.[7]

On May 24, 2024, $CARLO was listed on Aerodrome, a central trading and liquidity marketplace on Base. They secured an incentivized pool, allowing community members to offer bribes to Aero voters in exchange for yield rewards on their LP farms. This approval is one of the most challenging steps within the ecosystem.[8]

Since its launch in late April, Carlo has collaborated with over 10 high-end KOLs, including Travladd, Jake, Shmoo, Rodney, Steki.eth, Eunice D. Wong, OverDose, and many others.[9][10][11]


$CARLO was launched on the Base Chain with a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, ensuring a finite number of tokens in circulation. This cap is intended to create scarcity and potential long-term value appreciation.[12]

Unlike certain , $CARLO does not implement any transaction taxes at present, which could encourage trading but may have implications for the token's long-term value stability.

The of Carlo on Base are designed to promote stability, incentivize holding, and encourage active participation in the community.

$CARLO tokens can be traded on a , .[13]

Token Allocation

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000


$CARLO is incubated by Oxbull, one of the leading launchpads. The IDO began on April 17, 2024, and was the most oversubscribed IDO in Oxbull’s history, with the token launch scheduled for April 24, 2024. The project is covered by Oxbull Immunity, offering a 100% refund.[15][18]

IDO Price: $0.0006 Listing Price: $0.0006
Vesting: 100% to be released during Token Generation.
TGE is scheduled to be in 24th April 2024.


Carlo Swap is a versatile trading platform where users can exchange $CARLO as well as a wide range of other tokens. Beyond trading, Carlo Swap offers the functionality to create liquidity pools, enabling users to earn fees by providing liquidity with their $CARLO. This feature not only enhances the platform's liquidity but also provides an opportunity for users to generate passive income. The user-friendly interface and robust trading options make Carlo Swap a valuable tool for both novice and experienced traders in the crypto community.[16]


Base Chain, founded by , is a platform designed to provide a secure, low-fee environment for developing new intellectual property. The Base community is vibrant and supportive, offering an excellent environment for innovation and growth.[17]

$CARLO was built on to take advantage of its low fees, security, and supportive community. The decision to launch on Base Chain aligns with the project's goal of fostering innovation and creating a stable environment for growth. The potential for future direct integration with Coinbase was another compelling factor, promising additional utility and accessibility for $CARLO users. Currently, the team is focused on maximizing these benefits and does not plan to expand to other networks, ensuring that they prioritize the best interests of the project and their investors.[4]


The Core team, consisting of three members, is based in Europe but has advisors from around the world.

  • Turtle: As an award-winning Creative Director, he has developed content and new intellectual property for brands such as the NBA and YouTube.
  • Andy: is a partner in a global entertainment agency with clients including Twitch, HBO, and Apple Music.
  • Nathan: is an experienced meme developer whose latest project did a 54x ATH.


  • Travladd: Is a prominent influencer in the space, known for sharing news, reviews, promotions, and insights about various crypto projects through his Telegram and Twitter accounts. With nearly 80,000 subscribers on Telegram and over 400,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), Travladd is renowned for organizing AMAs, offering in-depth market analysis, and engaging its community through giveaways and interactive discussions. Travladd's Crypto Hub on Telegram is considered one of the best in the market for crypto promotions, supported by numerous institutional investors. The platform emphasizes safety and innovation, making it a go-to resource for crypto enthusiasts and investors. Travladd, well-experienced in the space, is currently Carlo's official advisor.
  • Affy, one of the key players from the team, the leading meme token on Solana, has been central in taking the project from a 3 million to a 300 million USD market cap. Now, Affy has joined Carlo as a community manager, along with semi-team members from Ponke, to help Carlo achieve similar success as they aim for a 1 billion USD market cap and beyond.


  • OXBULL IDO - 302% Oversubbed
  • Twitter Pre-Sale - Sold Out in 15 min
  • Content Build-Out
  • Onboarding Advisors
  • Uniswap Launch
  • CMG / CG Listing
  • Reached All-Time High after All-Time-High
  • Hired Cartoon Network animators
  • Brought on some of the best Tier 1 KOLs
  • Onboarded Top KOLs as advisors
  • Sealed numerous partnerships with high profile projects
  • LP Mining & Staking

Upcoming Projects

  • Website Revamp: Carlo is undergoing a complete website revamp to enhance the brand universe and introduce various interactive features.
  • Browser Game: The full-time game designer is developing a fun and engaging browser game that aligns with the Carlo Universe.
  • Profile Picture Builder: A new feature is in development to allow users to easily generate unique Carlo profile pictures (PFPs).
  • Daily Video Content: Carlo's team is working tirelessly to produce the highest quality content in the crypto space. With recent hires, they aim to release one high-quality video per day, maintaining the standards seen by Team Carlo. Carlo already produces content worthy of the world's best animation studios and is on track to become the most prolific content creator in the crypto space.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Carlo’s marketing efforts have been continuous since inception, rarely prompting the question, "Wen Marketing?" The team is planning significant campaigns and is in discussions to onboard major Tier 1 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

How To Buy $CARLO

Connect to Base

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings' option within the wallet and locate the networks section.
  2. Manually add a new network using the following details:
  3. Save the information and click on 'CONNECT TO BASE.' After completing this step, connect to Base by selecting it from the network selection menu.

Fund the Base Wallet

  1. Transfer from , , , or to the Base wallet, ensuring Base is selected as the withdrawal network.
  2. Use one of the following bridges to transfer ETH to Base from another chain:
  3. To use these bridges, connect the wallet, choose the network to bridge from, select Base as the target network, and specify the amount of ETH to transfer.

Swap to $CARLO

  1. Change the network in the wallet to Base.
  2. Visit the x Exchange.
  3. In the lower swap field, choose a token and enter the official $CARLO token address (Can be found on the or )
  4. Click on "Swap" and confirm the transaction within the wallet.[1]
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