Claynosaurz is a collection of 10,222   built on the that features vibrant, animated 3D images of dinosaurs. It was Launched in November 2022 by a multidisciplinary team with an extensive history in animation and engineering.[1][2]

The lore of Claynosaurz

The origin story of Claynosaurz revolves around a young boy who spends his summer at his grandparents' house. While exploring his grandpa's attic, he discovers toys, clay, and maps, which he uses to create dinosaurs that inhabit an imaginary land he names Claynotopia. Claynosaurz is a product of his vibrant and inquisitive imagination. This story honors the limitless creativity of childhood, where a world can exist in a child's mind without boundaries, even as summer fades away.[9]

“While we have a big picture of what the longer [story] arc is, the rest we will source [from] our community. Our view is that this makes the brand more relatable and creative.”

Claynosaurz Studio

Claynosaurz is also a 3D production studio dedicated to crafting top-tier entertainment intellectual property within the Web3 landscape, with a strong commitment to ongoing community involvement. The team is comprised of artists from Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, Ubisoft, Netflix, Warner Bros, Marvel, and more. They’ve worked on hits such as Avatar, Avengers, Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight, Jurassic World, The Angry Birds Movie, and Rio.[10]


Claynosaurz is a vibrant -based collection featuring 10,222 3D-animated dinosaurs. Launched in November 2022, this collection was brought to life by the indie studio of the same name, founded by seasoned animators Danial Cabral and Nicholas Cabana in late 2021. The genesis of Claynosaurz began as an original intellectual property development project for the co-founders, aimed at creating a unique world of clay dinosaurs.[3]
wikiThese dynamic creatures are characterized by their cute art, distinct personalities, and characteristic movements. Some exhibit jolly and carefree behaviors, while others convey worry or fear, and some simply observe their surroundings with indifference. Each dinosaur is depicted in motion, whether striding, skipping, waltzing, running, or peacefully observing.

The genesis collection includes seven species: Ankylo, Bronto, Raptor, Rex, Stego, Dactyl, and Trice. The idea originated in late 2021 when Nic Cabana and Dan Cabral, both seasoned professionals in the animation industry, conceived the concept for Claynosaurz. Inspired by the burgeoning NFT trend, Phil Cabana, Nic's brother, suggested transitioning the concept into the realm of and developing it as an project.

Upon its release, the collection garnered significant attention and success, with trading volume exceeding 130k in just a few hours and reaching 600k after two weeks. As of the latest update, the floor price stands at 15.06 SOL ($2,196). Pelekis, who initially served as an advisor, later joined the team as CEO. The Claynosaurz team comprises the founding members and 11 additional artists, all dedicated to expanding the Claynosaurz universe and its unique offerings in the NFT space.[4]

Claynosaurz Universe

The Claynosaurz universe is a vast and interconnected ecosystem that extends beyond the Claynosaurz collection itself, encompassing several linked . These include Sardinhas, Claymaker, Clay, Croissants, Tacos, Pizzas, and Artifacts, each with its unique utilities and interoperabilities. This integration allows these collections to interact and function within the Claynosaurz universe, enhancing its value and diversity.[5]

One of the key additions to the Claynosaurz universe is the Claymakers collection, which plays a crucial role as a transmuter in the game, allowing players to craft new items akin to a child molding clay. Claymakers come in three types: First (single-use), Deluxe (five uses), and Limited (unlimited uses). Additionally, the Clay collection features six colors of single-use Clay (Black, Blue, Red, Green, White, and Yellow) and one unlimited-use Clay (Gold).[6]
wikiThese items are not only collectibles but also serve functional purposes within the universe. For example, Clay can be used to forge armor for the Claynos, enabling them to take on different classes. The Claymaker, when used with items obtained from real-life events, can undergo a "molding" process, resulting in the creation of new items in the story. Exclusive digital items are distributed at in-person events, such as booster packs containing art representing local specialties like sardine cans in Lisbon, croissants in Paris, and pizza slices in NYC.

In the future, players will be able to mold Croissants from Paris into Medieval-themed gear and Tacos into City of Angels-themed gear for the dinos, expanding the gameplay and narrative possibilities of the Claynosaurz universe. Additionally, Sardinhas can be molded into eggs, which will hatch into a new species of Clayno, adding an element of evolution and discovery to the universe.[7]


A total of 13 artists make up the studio’s current Genesis roster. Add to that 3 more on the branding and marketing team, as well as a stacked advisory board from all avenues of web3.

  • Andrew Pelekis - CEO
  • Sasha Papish - COO
  • Leo Leung - ANIMATOR
  • Valerie Morrison - SENIOR ANIMATOR
  • Daniel Jervis - ART DIRECTOR
  • Sebastien Bruneau - ANIMATION DIRECTOR
  • Jacques Letesson - HEAD OF MARKETING / STRATEGY
  • Filip Papich - ADVISOR
  • Gaetano Mastropasqua - ADVISOR[8]
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