1irstGold (1GOLD) is a cryptocurrency token that is backed by physical gold. It aims to bring a revolution to the trading of Gold, by offering its trading without spread and limits.[1]


1GOLD is described as the first digital billing unit that can be exchanged for physical gold at any time. The 1irstGold community claims to have created a functional store of value that will be a quantum leap ahead of traditional gold trading. Hence, loss and storage risks can be completely excluded in as much as users observe the necessary security regulations to protect their assets. Users, therefore, save their precious metal stocks on a storage medium of their choice without third parties being able to access it.[1]

With 1irstGold's innovation, 1irstGold combines the tradition of precious metals trading with the advantages of blockchain technology. The blockchain is linked to a functioning dealer and ATM network, with which the users of its technology can access their precious metal stocks within a space of 365 days (a year) and 24 hours (a day).[2]

The ATM network guarantees the purchase of physical gold by issuing 20 grams of fine gold bars in a standardized blister format. In deviation from this offer, different bar formats can be called up through the company's service center and delivery can be made to the home or business location using the in-house shipping service. 1irstGold reportedly maintains the highest standards in dealing with its customers and in the implementation of its systemic storage.[2][3]

1irstgold offers a comprehensive network, which is scheduled to be expanded with over 15,000 ATMs for the purchase of physical gold worldwide by the year 2025. Another interesting part is that every holder of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and US Tether has access to this network and can exchange these cryptocurrencies for physical gold at any time.[2]

We give our customers a new dimension in their investment and diversification with precious metals We are different. We are 1irstgold- 1irstGold.[1]


1irstGold (1GOLD) is a cryptocurrency that was issued to operate within the 1irstGold's ecosystem. The token's ticker is 1GOLD and it has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 1GOLD. 1GOLD has been listed and is currently traded on P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange.[1]

The 1GOLD billing unit guarantees the output value of one gram of fine gold regardless of price developments. The owner of 1irstGold's 1GOLD units can have unused units reimbursed at any time against a refund of the current daily price at the time of return. 1GOLD units can be exchanged for physical fine gold at any time for a small transfer fee. The transfer fee is 0.085 surcharge per unit. This fee covers the entire handling of the user's assets.[2]

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