9 Lives Arena

9 Lives Arena (founded in December 2016) is a competitive web-based RPG game with built-in gaming features including permadeath, tenacious movement, asset gathering, etc. The 9 Lives Arena's , known as Ooogies were developed using the Ethereum ERC-1155, and are utilized within the 9 Lives' ecosystem to provide its users a unique gaming experience.[1][2]


9Lives Arena is a fantasy role-playing game, with a strong focus on 1 on 1 PvP. The developers explain that 9 Lives Arena offers special components like durable demise (permanent death), account movement, and creating partners constrained by cell phones.

9 Lives Arena has been renowned due to its utilization of , a gaming digital money that is filling in ubiquity.

According to the game's intro, "Atlantis fell many decades ago" and because of this players within the Arena are the last surviving tribe of the ancients.

The Player's (i.e User's) bloodline of tournament clone defines his/her most valuable passive skill. Users are to choose their skills from a variety of different times and regions-

  • Viking,
  • Barbarian,
  • Samurai,
  • Gladiator or
  • Ancient Atlantean.

9 Lives Arena is developed in such a way that users can customize their characters' skills/spells, weapon art, and abilities. The appearance of a user's character is completely customizable as there are templates.

Inbuilt with special characters and gaming companion, known as ‘Ooogy’, 9 Lives has reportedly taken NFTs and its utilities beyond the limits. Ooogies are little helpers that mine, gather resources, and crafts for users while gaming whether such users are online or offline.[3]


The 9 Lives Arena (NFT) was developed with the following key attributes.

Permanent Death

In 9 Lives Arena, characters are able to train and practice with virtually no penalties for dying. However, once they enter ranked matches, they will only have nine "lives." If a character loses a match, it will lose one of its lives.

Once all nine lives are lost, that character will no longer be playable.

Persistent Progression

Despite the permadeath, certain items and other progression elements are account-wide. This means the player is still able to make progress in the game, even if they experience multiple character deaths.

For example, character items may be lost upon death. But blueprints will be owned account-wide, allowing a player to recreate the lost items after spending some time farming resources.

Fast Levelling

In most MMOs, leveling is a very slow process. It can take days, weeks, or even months to advance a character to a high enough level that it can compete in the highest ranks of PvP.

To solve this problem, the developers of 9 Lives Arena intend to have a leveling process that is based on training, gathering resources, and crafting gear. They say that it only takes hours to level a new character, not days.


Oooogies are very special in many ways. They are the world's first cross-platform companions and sit at the heart of Touchhour’s cross-platform experience combining 9 Lives Arena on PC and consoles with the My Ooogy App on mobile (iOS and Android) that is currently in development. They work for users seven while they are offline.

The Arena

9 Lives gaming Arena is a gaming platform where users (i.e gamers on the ecosystem) express their gaming skills, and prowess and fully utilize their NFTs-crafted game helper (Ooogies). Within the 9 Lives gaming Arena, the following are key components:

  • War Zone
  • Crafting gear and suit zones that personally fit the user's play style and game plan.


Creating a Hero

To initiate the gameplay in 9 Lives Arena, a player begins with creating their own hero. Users are to note that there are no fixed classes - with absolute allowance to build a hero whichever way.

Character Development

Users are to proceed to develop their gaming character. In 9 Lives Arena, developing a user's character doesn't take months. It only takes a few hours. Users are to choose their weapon art- passive and active skills/spells. Spells and abilities are leveled up by using talent points all gained by fighting in the training arena.

Users can come up with their own item strategy to complement their build and find the ultimate character template to dominate everyone else. Gamers have five different character slots to build and experiment with their ultimate heroes.[4]

Users are to select between different weapon arts like a 2 handed sword or sword and shield or two-handed magic staff, etc. The user's spirit animals are chosen during character creation. The following are the available spirits animals on 9 Lives with their specifics:

  • BAT +10 percent life leech
  • OWL +5 meter spell range
  • TIGER +5 percent melee crit chance
  • BULL +15 percent run speed
  • MONKEY +5 percent magic crit chance
  • EAGLE +5 meter stealth detection

Possibilities and Progression

Users can easily change to play another one of their heroes without the need to log out of the game. The same function goes for any in-game activity such as interacting with the spellbook, crafting in the smithy, the forge, and even battling, you only need to step on any one of the in-game activation platforms within the world.

The user's account inventory is persistent and shared across all their character slots. Everything in a user's bank box is built and accumulated on persistence. Users would also need to gather talent points from fights in the training arena and spend them on their chosen spells and abilities.[5]

Ooogie NFTs

Ooogies are described as the world’s first cross-platform companions, that unite two completely different games on two entirely different platforms. Ooogies are utilized by users within 9Lives Arena, as well as its companion mobile app.

In 9 Lives Arena, Ooogies is responsible for resource gathering and item crafting. They are the user's number one employee and work for users even while they are logged out of the game. Users could do the resource gathering themselves, but with Ooogies, there is no need for such extra work.

In “Companion Mode,” the app can be linked to the user's 9 Lives Arena in-game Ooogy, allowing them to keep in touch with Ooogy, assign him tasks, and monitor his progress when the user is away from the game. [6]

Ooogy Birth

The Ooogies were born during the heat of the COVID-19 on the  and certain NFT-based Ooogies were developed to commemorate the COVID-19 Quarantine. These NFTs were offerings as rare Ooogy collectibles, named the Corona suit in 6 variations. Each of the Corona Suit Collection is a composition of suits made up of a body suit and a mask. Initially, these suits were limited to 199 each.[7]

Whether a user is active or inactive, they can always rely on their Ooogy to help them progress in the game. Depending on how often a user's Ooogy is been fed, is how effective the user's character will be in the gameplay.

Ooogy Eggs

Ooogy eggs are available for purchase on the 9 Lives Arena. They are also tradeable NFTs developed up of a vast gene pool, along with 12 royal bloodlines and some genetic mutations. Although Ooogies are rare and randomly generated, with over 3 trillion unique possible appearance combinations, Ooogy eggs are rarer with no two Ooogies are alike. Each egg will hatch a completely unique Ooogy.

Rarities and Difference

The random Ooogies are blockchain-based and give allowance for optional purchases as the game comes with a standard Ooogy that is not on the blockchain and can level up just as well as any blockchain-based Ooogy. Random blockchain-based Ooogies have random-generated looks. There are over 3 trillion possible look combinations for an Ooogy. Blockchain-based Ooogies can be traded between players for their unique looks and players can level them up.

Each Ooogy is a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT), with the token art showing precisely what the individual Ooogy will look like in-game. With their interesting appearances and rarity, Ooogy NFTs can be traded P2P on marketplaces. Along with their unique looks and bloodlines, Ooogies also have unique Metadata that updates with their progression and shows their current level. So as users level up their Ooogies, they can easily sell them, and the buyer will be able to see all of the necessary info right in the NFT.

Max Ooogies Per User

Currently, users can have one Ooogy active at any given time to not give an unfair advantage to those who have purchased more Ooogies. If users have purchased more than one Ooogy, they can switch between Ooogies to level them up. [8][9]

Account Creation

Anyone can create an account on the 9 Lives gaming ecosystem. A user's account has a shared and persistent bank box where all items and resources are safely stored. The user's Ooogy levels up over time helping, progression becomes faster as he helps unlock new bloodlines, new spells, new weapon arts, and new spirit animals for you which are unlocked permanently for the user's account.

Every item is crafted based on blueprints. When crafted they can turn out grey, green, blue, or purple. Grey items have the lowest stat budget and purple have the highest.

Any gaming character that has lost its last life in the 9Lives Arena will turn into an oversized statue if such is one of the user's three best heroes with the highest amount of personal victories ever achieved.


The founding organization for the 9 Lives gaming Aena is named Touchhour Inc. The organization was created from the producer's love for fantasy PVP in MMORPGs since Ultima Online and in games like the Souls series. The organization is a blockchain-built, NFT-specified one that offers users immense adventure into gaming with its PVP and permadeath function.[10]

The 9 Lives Arena Team includes CEO Ralph Laemmche, who formerly served as the Head of Production for Nokia Game Publishing; President Cindy Gomez, the singer of Time Only Knows from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time; Lead 3D Artist Darry Chen, formerly of Electronic Arts (EA), Programmer Seanachi Clappison Dillon; and Concept Artist Marcos Weiss, who previously worked on the movie Deadpool 2.[11]  Details about the Touchhour team are given below[12]:

1Ralph LaemmcheCEO/ProducerExtremely competitive as both a gamer and a game developer. Lives and breathes online fantasy PvP for 20 years. Ralph is the game designer and producer of 9Lives Arena and a games industry Veteran since 1990. Together with Cindy, he is also the founder of Touchhour.
2Cindy GomezPresidentCindy first became famous for her singing voice in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. She is the backbone of Touchhour taking care of the administration but also highly creative and responsible for the composition of the in-game music and also does our PR.
3Darry ChenLead ArtistExtremely talented and versatile, Darry works on all graphics-related areas of the game. His attention to detail when it comes to 3D modeling. Like the rest of the team, he is very competitive even though. Darry left EA to join Touchhour.
4Marcos WeissConcept ArtistMarcos was the first to join the project. He did all the fantastic concept art during preproduction. He is an extremely gifted artist and currently works in the movie industry doing concept art for movies like Deadpool 2 and Mute.
5Jennifer ChamberlainEnvironment ArtistJennifer has a keen eye for storytelling through her magical environments. She is a massive Lord of the Rings fan.
6Seanachi Clappison DillonProgrammerSeanachi is the master of code at the Touchhour family. He is an avid gamer.

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9 Lives Arena

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