Adam Bozanich

Adam Bozanich is a software engineer and the CTO of , a decentralized cloud computing platform created by Overclock Labs. Adam is also a U.S patent holder, as he invented network protocol fuzzing, a security analysis methodology that dynamically tests a system’s resilience to protocol abuse. [1]


In 2005, he began his career as a QA Automation Engineer at Symantec Corp., contributing to the design and implementation of an automation framework for testing a Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) and Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS) device. His responsibilities included creating a client/server architecture in C, developing a web interface in Perl and MySQL, and conducting security auditing through penetration testing and source code auditing. [6]

Transitioning to Mu Dynamics in 2006, Bozanich took on the role of Senior Security Engineer. Here, he led a team working on the third generation of a network fuzzer, designed to support the dynamic nature of network protocols. He implemented various network protocols, such as CIFS, IKEv1, MGCP, H.323, and H.248, and provided security expertise, including vulnerability analysis, code auditing, and exploit creation. [6]

Moving forward to 2008, Bozanich joined Xoopit as a Software Engineer, focusing on search and scalability in Java and Python. He created a routing system for intra-datacenter services, an IMAP proxy serving files from users' email accounts on-demand, and automated migration tools for users and their resources. [6]

In 2009, he became a Server Engineer at Topspin Media, contributing to Rails development with a focus on backend tasks. His work included designing and implementing multiple REST APIs, developing an email marketing infrastructure, and managing order fulfillment systems and inventory. [6]

Taking on the role of Lead Software Architect at CHNL, Inc. in 2011, Bozanich designed and implemented a system allowing users to curate media feeds. He faced challenges in creating a rules engine for scraping media from external sites and efficiently merging/filtering internal media streams. [6]

As an Independent Software Consultant from 2012 to 2014, Bozanich worked on various projects for different companies. Notable highlights included creating a peer-to-peer e-commerce marketplace for One King's Lane, developing an ad server and recommendation processes for Topspin Media, creating a concert crowdfunding application for Rabbl, Inc., and building a centralized user management application for Marketron. [6]

In 2014, he co-founded Sprouts Tech, where he played a dual role as Co-Founder and Tech Lead. Bozanich was involved in client relations, project scoping, and resourcing as a co-founder, while also providing engineering oversight and leadership as the technical lead. [6]

In 2016, Bozanich joined Overclock Labs as a co-founder and CTO. Originally focused on a multi-cloud deployment platform, he later reimagined their flagship product as a decentralized cloud platform, Akash. Bozanich led the design and implementation of both the centralized deployment platform and , utilizing Golang and Kubernetes extensively. [6]

Akash Network

Since 2018, Adam Bozanich has been the Founder and CTO of Akash Network, an open and decentralized computing marketplace. He worked on the system design and implementation, with the going live in September 2018, and the sixth to date that went live in August 2023. Adam Bozanich and developed the as a developer-centric, user-optimized network. Akash Network has access to many data centers around the world providing an alternative to some of the big cloud services owned by one person. Adam in an episode of TFiR Let’s Talk with Swapnil Bhartiya spoke on how Akash aims to power . [4][6]

I think one of the underlying things that many people have in mind when they think of Web3 is, A, people giving people the option to use the technology that they want to use, and B, transparency.

Adam Bozanich believes there is a lot of security in the fundamental tooling Akash is using. He believes that it does need to be easier for people to access and used correctly.[5]

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Adam Bozanich

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