Battle Racers

Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game where Players design, build, and race model vehicles on arcade-sized courses in Battle Racers[17].

Users may customize their automobile by mixing and matching components and weaponry, then utilize its fighting abilities to beat other players to the finish line. On the website and in Decentraland, it is presently playable on desktop browsers (coordinates 67,-21).


Playcheck Games is a blockchain firm led by seasoned game creators with a combined 30 years of experience in desktop, mobile, and internet games.
wikiCEO of Altitude Games, Gabby Dizon

The goal is to incorporate blockchain technology and the Play-to-Earn business model into mobile games. Since 2019, the team has been incubated as the blockchain research and development branch of Manila-based company Altitude Games. Battle Racers and Mushroom Mania were created by the team[1].


Battle Racers, an arcade racing game on the Ethereum blockchain, is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) racing game that provides players the thrills of small vehicle racing. Gamers may mix and combine different components and weaponry in the garage to create their own racing machine. Then, on arcade-sized circuits, race against other players and fight their way to the finish line[2].

Another exciting feature is that users may increase their reputation and riches by turning their coveted Battle Racer into a non-fungible currency, logging their victories on the blockchain, and receiving unique incentives. Other interesting features of the game include:

  • Model automobiles are built, raced, and battled against other players.
  • A large selection of components and weaponry to build a Battle Racer that represents players particular flair.
  • Gravity-defying race circuits with high climbs and loops that defy gravity.
  • The top competitive players are rewarded with parts, prizes, and leaderboards.
  • Transform winning automobile into a collectable with an immutable blockchain record.
  • On OpenSea, players may buy and trade token cars and components with other players.


There were four distinct crates available for purchase during the presale, which began on May 21, 2019 and ended on June 20, 2019. 
Gold crates were the most costly, but they offered the highest chances of acquiring higher-quality parts. While Ethereum (ETH) was trading between $250 and $300 per token, Battle Racers sold 597 ETH worth of crates. During the presale, every crate purchased (opened or not) will have a PRIME tag in the upper right corner of the component.

Presale Crates

Because the crates are all fungible, they are all ERC20 tokens on Ethereum. When two people purchase a Gold crate, they can swap it with one another. The Ethereum ERC-20 Contract token code now includes a "minting" function that converts the crate into ERC-721 Battle Racer Parts. For example, Battle Racers built a number of car parts, and a random generator selects one depending on the chances (listed below). Users may create their automobile (Body, Front, Rear, and Wheels) and race in the game after they have all of the car pieces. If gamers may sell their parts on the open market, though.


Players will see their crates in their INVENTORY when they open them on, and they will be able to use those components in the game when they are available. However, until these pieces are uploaded to OpenSea, players will be unable to trade or sell them.


Battle Racers is a web game that takes place in an alternate dimension. The player places their avatar within the massive vehicle-shaped framework, constructs a car out of four pieces, and races against other members of the community. The game is presently in early access, so players may play for free and enjoy friendly competition, but racing will become much more competitive once the game is released to the general public.The Game can be accessed here:

Users enter the Battle Racer framework to pick their car and play the game after determining whether to purchase the Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Elite editions. Players may then proceed to the Parts Garage and engage with the UI by clicking and interacting with it with their mouse. They can walk over to one of two tracks after picking their automobile. Enter the race by walking up to Position 1, 2, 3, or 4. They'll be able to pick two weapons from the list below. Some sprint forward, while others fall behind. Shields may be used to deflect assaults, while boosts can be used to go ahead of the competition.

Control Keys (WASD)

The WASD keys on the keyboard may be used to walk about in the game. Pressing and holding W moves forward, while pressing and holding S moves backwards. Hitting A will move you to the left, while pressing D will move you to the right.

Competitive Rages

Competitive Races are currently in development and are tracks that can only be played with tickets purchased with $SCRAP. These races have no AI and are exclusively for players to race against other players, hence a Competitive Race may only begin when two (2) or more players with tickets are present.

Competitive Races need a constructed automobile built of Parts, with a weekly cap on the $SCRAP gained from Competitive Races per player. If a player's weekly maximum is reached, they can continue race but will not earn any more $SCRAP.A player who does not have a constructed automobile is unable to compete.


The various cars can be armed with different weapons making other racers susceptible to damages :


Players can select a few things to aid them in their race. Each player can select one missile and one shield from a variety of alternatives. They can also pick between two missiles or one missile and one boost. The shield only lasts a few seconds, after which there is a 15-second waiting period before you may activate it again.


Traps that drop behind the user's automobile can also be used as a weapon against racers behind them. They stay in that position after being dropped until someone hits them.


Missiles are helped in their aim to ensure that they do not miss their target, yet a straight-away shot is a high-probability shot. There is a 15-second waiting period after firing the missile before it may be used again. As of right moment, there is no machine gun or rapid-fire weapon[3].


These are incredibly easy to use and effective. It appears to function the same whether driving straight or around corners. Boosts are available for around 15 seconds between each other. Because they really do not want to spend the time racing, players may choose to HODL some components for a year in order to resell them at Level 0[4].

They may also like to purchase a few complete Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary vehicles in order to race them to their full capacity before reselling them for a higher price. When the game launches, anybody may play for free, but vehicles will not progress through the stages. To advance levels, players must purchase automobile parts and race them competitively[5].

Car Assembly

Front, Body, Rear, and Wheels are the four (4) parts that make up a car. Once a user has one of each type, they can be put together to form a vehicle. The car's stats will be derived from the sum of the stats of each of the parts used.

The stats and appearance of the finished car will be determined by the parts assembled. Any part can be put together with a part from any brand or model; the possibilities are endless. Parts can also be updated outside of races at any time, and switched using the website's future garage function. This can be done briefly during Early Access at the garage kiosks placed within the arena[6][7].

A component that is now on the Ethereum Main Network, on the other hand, cannot be used; it must be returned to the sidechain.Gamers will be able to race on standard circuits after these parts are combined into a car. However, because it is not yet a token, this car does not begin documenting its history and cannot be traded. Once an automobile is Minted, however, it can no longer swap parts. You get exactly what you see. But don't worry, you'll still be able to upgrade each component separately.


This entails transforming automobiles into tokens in order for them to be traded; however, the car must first be minted onto the blockchain.  In the garage, user can assemble the practice automobile. It can then be tokenized and turned into a Minted automobile[8][9]
After Minting a car can:

  • Race on Competitive Tracks
  • Be traded on the marketplace
  • Record history for buffs

Once an automobile is Minted, however, it can no longer swap parts. The player gets exactly what they see. But will still be able to upgrade each component separately.


A car can be disassembled, when a part needed for use is stuck on a Minted car.

Disassembling a Minted car gives all its component parts back to the user. A player can then reuse the parts regained for a Practice car, or swap them out with parts of another Practice car that they have. However, the recorded history of that car and its buffs are lost as that car no longer exists.

Recorded History

Recorded history buffs are additional bonuses applied to cars that clear specific requirements. These requirements are called Milestones, and they all give different bonuses depending on the criteria.

Even if the player has no cars (or not enough parts to create a car), they are able to race on regular tracks with Test Drives.

  • Test Drives are sample cars in the garage that will rotate from week to week
  • Test Drives are preset with their own parts and stats
  • Test Drives are denoted on the car selection by a green key and podium

Any weapon can be used with any car as they are a separate loadout. More on that in a separate article
Minting and Disassembling both require gas fees to complete the operation.

Car Parts

This requires converting cars into tokens so that they may be exchanged; however, the car must first be minted on the blockchain. The user can assemble the practice automobile in the garage. After that, it may be tokenized and made into a Minted car.The specialties are as follows:

  • Body - Durability + SpeedFront
  • Durability + PowerRear
  • Speed + SteeringWheels
  • Power + Steering

A car's effective stats and performance are made up of the combination of all stats from all of its pieces.


The amount of damage a car can sustain before exploding and resetting is referred to as durability. Weapons used by other players cause damage.


The top speed a car can go on straights is determined by its speed. Weapons are required for a car to exceed that speed.


The top speed a car can move in turns is determined by steering. A car cannot move faster than its top speed without using Weapons, just as it cannot go faster than its top speed without using Speed.


The car's acceleration is determined by its power. This is the top speed a car can reach in either turns or straights.


The universal stat that every part bears is weight. This adds weight to the vehicle and reduces acceleration. The larger the weight, the more the effect diminishes. With the in-game money Scrap, players can enhance each component (earned through racing and salvaging).

This raises all of that part's stats by a percentage. Upgrading the part to the next level costs more Scrap each time until it reaches its maximum. Rarity, Level Caps, and Elite Parts, on the other hand, determine a part's maximum level.
A component may only be upgraded a certain number of times, which is determined by its Rarity. The maximum level to which a component may be upgraded depends on its rarity:

CommonLevel 3
RareLevel 6
EpicLevel 9
LegendaryLevel 12

A part's rarity indicates how uncommon it is. The higher the part's rarity, the more the upgrade costs. Because lesser rarity components may be maxed out much faster than others, they remain significant in the early and mid game.

Rarity also alters the appearance of a part, adding more flare as it increases in rarity, letting everyone know you've got the goods. Each rarity can have several color variations, with greater rarities having less to distinguish them. Legendaries have their own model and appearance.

Only if a part is Elite may it be improved above the level determined by the rarity. The Elite tag is a unique modification that raises the maximum level by two levels. Every time a component is coined, it has an extremely small probability of appearing.

  • A collection tag is attached to each part. This indicates to which release set the part belongs.
  • On the day of minting, each component is allocated an ID number. These will be provided in order and will never be duplicated. The older the part, the lower the number.
  • Scrap parts can be salvaged. The amount of Scrap earned is determined on the part's Rarity and the number of times it has been upgraded.
  • Because there is no weight restriction, any part may be utilized in any vehicle.

Rarities and Levels

Every vehicle part, including Legendaries, starts at Level 0, which means Legendaries and Commons are roughly equal on the courses on Day 1 of racing. The Common Level 0 is a horse that has never raced before in the racing horse analogy. Because the Legendary is bred from winning parents, it has a lot of promise.



On the Polygon (formerly Matic Network) Sidechain, $SCRAP is an ERC20 token. It's utilized to improve parts and participate in competitive races and tournaments. Battle Racers' advancement currency is the SCRAP token.

Earning $SCRAP

Players can get $SCRAP from multiple sources:

  • Owners of Battle Racers NFT received the first airdrop.
  • Excess and duplicate parts are salvaged.
  • As a prize for winning a race.

Users may make money by salvaging parts and earning $SCRAP. This is the process of exchanging the Part token for $SCRAP while risking losing the Part and its history. In Battle Racers, competitive racing is the quickest way to earn $SCRAP[10].


The main purpose of $SCRAP is to improve Parts. Parts have levels that are linked to their rarity, as indicated in a previous sneak peek. Each level raises a percentage of a Part's metrics (excluding Weight). The higher the Part's rarity, the higher its level cap. The cost of upgrading a Part through those levels is $SCRAP, with the cost each level increasing as the present level increases. $SCRAP will be the entrance cost for future Competitive Races and built-in Tournaments in addition to upgrading.

Trading on OpenSea

Players are to Click on the part they wish to trade or sell on the open market. Then an orange colored button that says "Transfer"will be seen, click it, and confirm the Ethereum transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed player will be able to visit > Account > Battle Racers and see their part[11].

Buying Crates

Visit the Battle Racers Pre-Sale website at to purchase crates.

  • From the icons in the upper left of the page, select the crate the player wishes to buy.
  • Drag the slider to the right to purchase several crates. Players can purchase up to 100 at once[12].

Buying with ETH

To use ETH, choose it from the drop-down menu and then click Purchase. A pop-up window will appear, requesting confirmation of the purchase[13].

  • Confirm the transaction to purchase crates. Price may change depending on discount + gas fee
  • Click ‘Confirm Payment. The transaction might take a while to go through, depending on network congestion.

Players may purchase using a credit card, as well as other ERC20 tokens (MANA,ENJ, and more than 70 other Ethereum tokens), which they can then exchange for ETH via KyberSwap[14].


Battle X Polyient Games

wikiBattle X Polyient Games

Since its premiere in 2019, Altitude Games' Battle Racers has been at the forefront of in-game NFT integration.
The Altitude Games team has concentrated on extending its competitive environment and developing innovative collaborations around the interoperable NFTs since completing its pre-sale, which garnered 482 ETH (approximately $130K) in about a week. Battle Racers is a perfect addition to the developing Polyient Games Ecosystem because of this strategy[15].

Polyient Games intends to collaborate with Altitude Games in the future to support Battle Racers' internal game economy through the Polyient Games Marketplace and Decentralized Exchange (DEX)[16].

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Battle Racers

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