Capsule House

Capsule House (launched 2021) is a collection of 10,000 unique gachapon Non-Fungible Token (NFT) - a digital version of the collectible toys popular in Japan[1][2].

With over 100 species, 60 variants, and endless combinations of traits, each Capsule NFT contains a verifiably rare and unique gachapon artwork.


Capsule House is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection consisting of 10,000 gachapon.
Purchasing one of these capsules costs 0.08 ETH each and is limited per address. Currently, all 10,000 gachapon have been sold[1].

Owning a capsule will grant users access to all future events in the expansion of the CAPSULEVerse.



Humans are the youngest and most popular species of the CAPSULEVerse. While common, they are certainly not without their charm, bolstering a diverse set of traits such as:

  • Designer Glasses
  • Vintage Eyepatches
  • Facial Tattoos
  • Mouth Coverings and more


Demihumans are the next evolution of Capsules. The second only in population to the Humans, they have defining hybrid characteristics in their body and shape that let them stand out. Their traits include:

  • Divine Gems
  • Emotes
  • Animal Emblems
  • Zodiac Effects and more.


Posthumans are humans who have chosen to transform themselves, through spiritual or technological means, into a stronger version of themselves.

Depending on how far they've converted, some might hardly be considered human. While their numbers are low, they are one of the strongest species in the CAPSULEVerse. Their traits include:

  • Dimensional Rifts
  • Elemental Effects
  • Support Drones
  • Cyberpunk Gear and more.


Once the only race of the CAPSULEVerse, the Yokai have been pushed into reclusion by all the other humans. It's said to be a blessing to even see one out in the wild - Yokai are difficult to find and even harder to capture. Their traits include:

  • Mithril Horns
  • Oni Companions
  • Spiritual Trinkets
  • Ancient Weapons and more!


  1. Seerlight - Artist - Destroyer of salmon and uni
  2. Kaejunni - Artist - King of Singapore
  3. Oksami - Developer - Only here to please Seerlight and Kaejunni.


25% - 5 Capsule giveaway to existing collectors

50% - Seerlight raffles vintage artwork to collectors holding over 30 days

75% - Free mystery boxes for all collectors [planned in November]

100% - Expansion of the CAPSULEVerse.

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Capsule House

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