ChainGPT is an AI ecosystem focused on the , , and crypto space. It aims to improve the Web3 experience for retail users and startups through specialized AI solutions, including Language Models (LLMs) and web3 AI tools. [1]


AI Web3 Chatbot

The ChainGPT AI Web3 Chatbot is a tool that provides information, answer questions, assists in tasks, or engages in diverse topics related to AI and crypto. It's adaptable to different scenarios that involve text input. Acting as an independent Autonomous Intelligent AI, it manages interaction and entertainment in digital communities. Additionally, it can assist with research and trading tasks. [2]

AI NFT Generator

The ChainGPT AI Generator facilitates the creation of art in two formats based on their supply parameters: [3]

  • Option 1: Single NFT, which is ideal for personalized requests that require specific attention to detail and have limitations on supply.
  • Option 2: Collection. This option is intended for scenarios requiring large batches of unique art. Common applications include ticketing and community building, allowing the creation of distinct designs for individual tickets rather than mass-producing identical copies.

AI Generated News

The ChainGPT Automated AI News aggregates breaking news from sources like Decrypt, , and . It cross-references this information with social signals from platforms like Twitter. [4]

After aggregating essential information, the AI news agent analyzes each article to identify consistent facts across sources. It extracts insights and creates concise summaries, prioritizing the most beneficial information for the reader and eliminating unnecessary details. [4]

AI Trading Assistant

Benefits include assistance in technical analysis to identify chart patterns for over 5,000 supported crypto tokens. By utilizing a diverse set of indicator tools (RSI, EMA, SMA, Bollinger bands, etc.), the trading assistant tracks second-degree variables and identifies patterns not easily visible. ChainGPT's trading assistant processes multiple indicators to filter noise and streamline the discovery process. [6]

Integrated into a broad matrix of data sources relevant to crypto, ChainGPT's AI Trading Assistant assesses more abstract data to cross-reference a thesis. The Trading Assistant, as part of ChainGPT, monitors real-time news. [6]

Prompt Marketplace

The ChainGPT Prompt Marketplace is a peer-to-peer platform, enabling users to directly exchange prompts. It serves as a two-sided marketplace connecting those in need of generative ideas with prompt engineers who create them. The CGPT token is the unit of account within the marketplace. [7]

The ChainGPT Prompt Marketplace is a web3 environment compatible with multiple chains, facilitating activities like buying, selling, exploring, and prompting prompts as digital assets. Users can trade various prompt variations on the marketplace, covering AI Trading Bot scripts, Solidity developments, Image prompts, Designs, Code templates, chart analysis/pattern detection, and more. [7]

CGPT Token

The ecosystem is supported by the CGPT utility token. The CGPT token provides holders and stakers with access to DAO voting, staking, pad allocation, Freemium access to AI tools, airdrops, and other features.

The CGPT token serves as a store of value, a unit of account, and a medium of exchange for on-chain interactions between individuals, businesses, and the ChainGPT AI Model. Its incorporation into ChainGPT's business architecture allows access to the full range of its AI applications. [8]


The CGPT token operates on both the Binance Smart Chain and networks, adhering to the and token standards, respectively. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, CGPT is classified as a utility token, designed to facilitate various functions within its ecosystem. The token follows a deflationary economic model, employing a burning mechanism as part of its supply policy. Specifically, 50% of the network's operational fee is allocated to burning CGPT tokens, reducing the overall token supply over time. [11]

The CGPT token distribution is divided as follows: Private A holds 11.40%, Private B has 4.50%, and the Public allocation is 9.00%. Liquidity receives 20.00% while the team and development are allocated 10.00% and 4.00%, respectively. Advisory services get 3.00% while the DAO holds 9.00%. A reserve fund is set at 9.85%, marketing at 9.00%, and KOLs at 6.25%. Additionally, 5.00% is allocated to the Farm. [11][12]

Fee Model and Burning

Each interaction within the ChainGPT ecosystem requires payment in the CGPT token. The fees are distributed as follows: 50% of the fee is burned, 25% is allocated to the DAO treasury, and the remaining 25% is directed to the ChainGPT operational vault. [11]


  • Pay-Per-Use for AI model: A non-binding model is provided for users who prefer flexibility and freedom from commitment. Interactions with the ChainGPT AI, whether through the official interface (application dashboard) or the API, involve an associated cost to be paid in CGPT tokens (or CGPTc, acquired through token conversion). [9]
  • Staking for Priority Access to AI Model Tools: Corresponding with a four-tier membership system, staking provides unlimited, priority access to the ChainGPT AI model at the diamond tier. [9]
  • Membership to the DAO: ChainGPT's functions as a member-owned governance forum, aiming to bring together AI enthusiasts through co-ownership. Membership in the DAO provides users with participation rights, enabling them to propose and vote on decisions affecting project developments. [9]
  • Inclusion into a Tier level for ChainGPT Pad: To access the benefits of the ChainGPT Pad, users need to stake their CGPT tokens to accumulate tier points. The tier points are based on the staked token amount and duration, resulting in various tiers, each with specific benefits. [9]


CGPT staking is divided into four pools according to time frames, with each pool offering its own point multiplier that increases based on the duration of the stake. Similar to many governance systems, longer staking periods enhance the user's power within the ecosystem. Therefore, each stake pool duration corresponds to its own point multiplier: [14]

  • 45 days = 1x points multiplier
  • 90 days = 1.3x points multiplier
  • 180 days = 1.5x points multiplier
  • 365 days = 2x points multiplier

CGPTsp, short for ChainGPT staking points, is a weighted accounting system utilized to assess a user's commitment level to the ChainGPT ecosystem. It takes into account factors such as the total amount of tokens staked and the duration of these stakes. [15]

Staking CGPT tokens enables access to various benefits, such as: [14]

  • Earning Ecosystem Tier Level: ChainGPT offers four tiers within its ecosystem, each providing unique benefits, particularly for the ChainGPT Pad.
  • Participation in ChainGPT Pad: To participate in ChainGPT's IDO platform, users must stake a minimum of 1,000 CGPTsp.
  • Access to ChainGPT AI Model: Unlimited access to ChainGPT's AI model requires users to stake their CGPT tokens.
  • DAO Voting Power: By staking their tokens, users accumulate voting power within the ChainGPT DAO, allowing them to influence project decisions.
  • Yield Generation: Staking CGPT tokens generates yield in the form of CGPT emissions, contributing to fair token distribution among contributors.

GT Protocol

GT Protocol is a crypto auto trading platform that is powered by AI algorithms. Users gain access to platforms, NFT marketplaces, CeFi exchanges, and ChainGPT’s proprietary staking mechanism. GT Protocol offers features such as simplified AI commands for trading and transactions, AI-driven portfolio management, automated trading strategies, comprehensive AI analytics on crypto markets, real-time trading signals, arbitrage trading, management tools for NFT collectors, and user-friendly tools for Web3 onboarding and education. [13]

“The GT Protocol is a testament to the visionary approach of ChainGPT Pad by fostering groundbreaking Web3 solutions with the help of AI,” said , CEO and Founder of ChainGPT. “GT Protocol has already garnered great momentum thanks to attention from significant media figures. We are excited for the GT Protocol, with its all-encompassing app, to be a part of the ChainGPT ecosystem because it provides a gateway to the future of crypto—making sophisticated AI-powered investments accessible to all.”

The GTAI token is central to the GT ecosystem, enabling users to earn the protocol's native currency by providing account data for GT AI model learning through the platform's app and products. GTAI holders also have the opportunity to participate in GT DAO governance votes, influencing future strategies and ecosystem development. [13]

ChainGPT Launchpad

The ChainGPT launchpad is a platform where crypto projects are launched. A tiered access system is in place to vet community members interested in becoming early-stage investors. [16]

Becoming a member of the launchpad involves meeting two criteria:

  1. Completion of onboarding with our KYC/AML partner Blockpass.
  2. Staking the minimum threshold amount of $CGPT to accumulate sufficient points and achieve at least Bronze tier status.

The ChainGPT Launchpad consists of four tier levels: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond.


This tier is designed as the entry level for users with limited capital capacities. It requires more than 2,000 points for access, and offers a pool weight of 1x Allocation Multiplier. Users in this tier are eligible for a full refund. Participation in the allocation rounds is limited to the second round, based on a first-come-first-served (FCFS) basis. [16]

Participation in the first round isn't guaranteed for all bronze tier members. Instead, select groups of bronze users who complete social tasks will be granted access to participate in the first round of allocation. This social campaign is initiated through and offers whitelisted opportunities to participants. [16]


Silver represents the second tier level and the first one to ensure access to the initial round of participation in IDOs. It requires at least 20,000 points for entry, offering a minimum 4x Allocation Multiplier. Participants in this tier are eligible for a full refund. They have access to both the first and second rounds of participation, with the first round guaranteed. Additionally, participants in the Silver tier receive a guaranteed whitelist for future NFT launches. [16]


Gold is the second highest tier and grants access to premium early-stage crowdfunding and private sales. This tier requires 50,000+ points and offers a minimum 10x Allocation Multiplier. Participants are eligible for a full refund and have access to both guaranteed and first-come-first-served participation rounds. Additionally, Gold tier members receive inclusion into crowdfunding and private sales, a guaranteed whitelist for future NFT launches, and exclusive privileges in airdrops from incubated projects. These privileges include early access to enhance token acquisition chances and unique airdrop opportunities not available to lower tiers. [16]


Diamond is the highest tier for launchpad participants, offering various benefits. It requires 200,000+ points and provides a minimum 40x Allocation Multiplier. Participants can receive a full refund and have access to both guaranteed and first-come-first-served participation rounds. [16]

Diamond tier users receive complementary token and NFT airdrops, making it a rewarding tier for their commitments. They also gain inclusion into crowdfunding and private sales, token airdrops from incubated projects, occasional NFT airdrops, access to a private group for private sale access and voting, and freemium access to ChainGPT’s AI tools. [16]


  • Gintare Kairyte: Gintare has over seven years of experience in Web3 and blockchain technology. She began her career with an internship at a London-based blockchain research company and has since gained expertise in project management and development while working with various startups in the field. [17]
  • Amid Yazdi: Amid holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and has worked across the banking, telecommunications, and consulting industries. He is respected for his mentorship in business analysis and agile delivery. With experience in Web3 projects, Amid has advised on launch strategies, tokenomics, and deal flow. His strong network, negotiation skills, and project assessment abilities are valuable assets for ChainGPT. [17]
  • Marc Constanti: Marc has experience in Enjinstarter’s Web3 launchpad management team. He also has a decade-long track record of leading technical developments for companies like Sony Music and Barcelona City Hall. Marc serves as an advisor for several Web3 projects, contributing to advancements in AI and blockchain technologies. [17]

Awards and Grants

Some awards and grants obtained by ChainGPT include: [10]

  • Google Cloud Grant ($350,000)
  • NVIDIA Grant ($100,000)
  • BNB Chain Ecosystem Catalyst Award (Innovation Excellence)
  • BNB Chain Gas Grant Program
  • #1 Web3 App of April, 2023 (ProductHunt)
  • Website of the day by Awwwards
  • #4 ranked Web3 Telegram bot by Binance Research
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