CoinMetro (XCM) (Launched May 2019) is an ERC-20 utility token and native cryptocurrency token asset issued within CoinMetro's exchange platform. Users utilize this token for payment of services carried out on its platform.[1]  CoinMetro describes itself as a fully-rounded FinTech ecosystem that was designed to simplify access to the digital asset economy.[2]


CoinMetro Exchange has rightly described itself as a traditional financial institution and not a crypto company that understands the complexities and benefits of blockchain and crypto.

We are actively working with regulators in a number of jurisdictions to further improve the industry’s regulatory framework.

Through a tokenized ecosystem, CoinMetro provides users a friendly gateway, allowing crypto traders to get involved in the cryptocurrency and wider Fintech space with ease of access not yet seen in the industry. The company's goal is to ensure that its clients’ overall experience is nothing short of exemplary.

CoinMetro Exchange

CoinMetro Exchange is a European Union-licensed Cryptocurrency platform, that offers its users fiat-crypto-fiat exchange services, margin trading, copy trading, STO marketplace, and instant fiat on & off ramps in EUR, GBP, & USD. Users can trade for more fiat options as they are available including SWIFT payment. [3]

CoinMetro is a regulated financial platform that aims to power the future of Blockchain innovation. Through its tokenized ecosystem, CoinMetro is to provide a gateway for both novice and professional traders and investors to get involved in the crypto space with ease of access not yet seen in the industry.

Our goal, above all else, is to make sure that your overall CoinMetro experience is nothing short of exemplary. [4]

Functions with $XCM tokens

The following are the functionalities of the $XCM crypto-token, both on is platform and beyond:

Locking $XCM:

Safe-locking or stacking $XCM tokens have been available for users. Users are able to lock XCM for participation in IEOs and gain early access to platform features, any flash sales, or big events.

XCM holders can lock in XCM to join one of three tiers that offer a wide range of benefits. Holders will earn from an increased maker bonus when using maker orders (limit orders that add liquidity). The maker bonus is paid from the gross taker fee-taker pays 0.1% and the maker earns up to 0.05%. The benefits also include earning rebates on taker fees paid and getting increased interest in any staking rewards.[5]

XCM Staking:

Another interesting function within CoinMetro's ecosystem is Staking. Staking XCM aims to create the opportunity for passive income and also intends to remove even more XCM from circulation with hard-locking. The ecosystem states that there will be multiple levels of $XCM staking rewards available based on the existing tiered system, with the hard-locked XCM being optionally available for use as collateral on the CoinMetro Exchange's Margin Trading platform.


CoinMetro (XCM) is an ERC20 Cryptocurrency token issued on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain. CoinMetro (XCM) is the native utility token used to fuels CoinMetro's platform. The token's ticker is denoted as XCM and it has a total supply of 330,000,000 XCM. Naturally, the demand for XCM is rising rapidly and as of the 17th of February 2021, $XCM attained an All-Time High of $0.433154, with a tendency to still pump. $XCM also has an All-Time-Low. The token could be bought on CoinMetro's Exchange.

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