Crypto Hunters

Crypto Hunters is a dynamic digital ecosystem that merges the thrill of gaming and entertainment with the excitement of education. It features an immersive AR game where players hunt for digital treasures in real-world locations and a adventure reality TV show centered around treasure hunts. Its mission is to bring people around the world together by providing a unique gaming experience that encourages interaction, connection, and fun, by seamlessly integrating traditional gaming with the world of cryptocurrency.[1][2]

At the heart of this ecosystem is the $CRH token, serving as the primary currency of Crypto Hunters. This token powers the entire platform, allowing players to earn rewards, engage in a community-driven , and trade on the Crypto Hunters Marketplace.[3]


Crypto Hunters was founded by Hussein Karaki, a successful investor with expertise in crypto, real estate, and stocks. He is supported by a team of experts in marketing, legal counseling, development, and production. Crypto Hunters focuses on two core areas: entertainment and gaming, creating a dynamic digital ecosystem that merges the thrill of gaming and entertainment with the excitement of education.[4]

The ecosystem features an immersive AR game where players hunt for digital treasures in real-world locations, and a crypto adventure reality TV show centered around cryptocurrency treasure hunts. Crypto Hunters' mission is to bring people together worldwide by providing a unique gaming experience that encourages interaction, connection, and fun. This is achieved by seamlessly integrating traditional gaming with the world of cryptocurrency.
Crypto Hunters is focused on securing additional exchange listings and preparing for the upcoming game launch. The project aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities and sustain growth within the realm, promoting mass adoption of cryptocurrency through entertainment and TV.

The team has partnered with EMP Studio from Hollywood, known for its four Oscars, to produce a reality TV show featuring 16 participants from around the globe. Additionally, Crypto Hunters is developing an AR game with digital avatars, blending outdoor players with those playing from home. This game will feature digital replicas of cities worldwide, powered by Unreal Engine 5, promising stunning graphics.[5]

Key partnerships include Magic Square, Europe and Latin America’s telecom giant Telefonica, and Narsun Studio, renowned for developing games for NHL, NFL, NBA, and XGames. The advisory team boasts notable figures like Jenna Seiden, Vice President of Niantic and Head of Interactive Products at Microsoft Studio (Halo series), and Bianca Goodloe (entire Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises).

Crypto Hunters launched the sale of their $CRH token, with in place with BullPerks, GamesPad, RedKite, and GameFi, with hints at forthcoming partnerships with other major names. The $CRH token is central to the ecosystem, required for in-game purchases such as tickets, various boosts, branded merchandise, premium subscriptions, and participation in the .[6][7]

Crypto Hunters has collaborated with over 6 high-end KOLs, including, Crypto Rover, Altcrypto Gems, Thomas Kralow, DustyBC Crypto, That Martini Guy, and many others.[29][30]


The Crypto Hunters TV Show

The Crypto Hunters TV Show is the first-ever adventure reality show focused on . Produced by seasoned Hollywood filmmakers, the program will be available for viewing globally and is estimated to reach over 500 million households. In this groundbreaking show, eight teams of two crypto hunters will compete in a thrilling treasure hunt for a grand prize of $1,000,000. The show aims to educate its audience about and cryptocurrency engagingly and entertainingly, moving away from traditional, less interesting formats.[8]

The reality show is produced and directed by Bruce McDonald, a renowned and award-winning director, producer, and scriptwriter. McDonald has several successful movies to his name, including Samson (2018) and The Perfect Wave (2015). Currently, he is working as an executive producer on the films 3 of a Kind and Prophecy of Troy.

Crypto Hunters will be releasing this show in collaboration with EMP, a media production company with four Oscars to its name. EMP has been producing films since 2000 and has worked with major companies like FOX, Disney, Sony, and CNBC. They have produced over 100 blockbuster movies, including 300, Rush Hour, Jumanji, 27 Dresses, and Batman.

In addition to the TV show, Crypto Hunters recently unveiled the contest "The Next Crypto Hunters Millionaires" to reward community members for their contributions. With over 9 million $CRH tokens in the prize pool, participants have the chance to win big as the token hits milestone values of $1, $2, and $3. This contest remains relevant, and the community is encouraged to join by owning $CRH through various methods, including staking and participating in social campaigns like Galxe. Winners of The Next Crypto Hunters Millionaires Contest will be determined through a point system, with points earned through token holding, staking, social engagement, and referrals. Points earned through different methods will have multipliers applied. The reward distribution will see a portion distributed instantly, with the remainder vested over several months, ensuring a fair and steady distribution.[9][10]

Crypto Hunters AR Game

Crypto Hunters AR Game is an innovative multiplayer experience that blends augmented reality with digital treasure hunting. Players use their mobile phone cameras to search for digital treasures in the real world. The game features a variety of playing modes, with a strong emphasis on accessible free-to-play sessions. Players can engage in thrilling quests, collect rewards from partners, and boost their power with , all without any payments.[11]

More than just a game, Crypto Hunters AR Game represents a revolution in gaming. By harnessing the potential of AR technology, players embark on physical journeys while immersing themselves in a parallel universe of digital treasures. The smartphone camera serves as a compass, guiding players through a seamless blend of reality and fantasy.[12]
Engaging with the Crypto Hunters AR Game is straightforward. Players purchase tickets using the $CRH token, which unlocks not only lucrative cash prizes but also a range of advantages to enhance their gameplay. Additionally, the game offers free play sessions for everyone, enriched by NFTs that further elevate the gaming experience.[13]

Types of the games

Crypto Hunters Game offers different types of games with different rewards:

  • Free Play version where players can interact with each other all over the world without limits, learn and try our game, earn marketing bonuses and rewards.
  • Social Hunts games allow players to play in a large number of locations with family or friends, as well as solo mode and hosting in more than 100 locations around the world in one game. The rewards in this type of game are symbolic and cover the cost of playing, boosts, and some extra funds.
  • Live Games involve deals between users in certain locations (e.g., France) and those from other parts of the world who help them find clues. The number of locations is limited (usually 3-5) and rewards are very tangible, reaching several tens of thousands of dollars.[14]

$CRH Token

wiki$CRH token is the primary currency of Crypto Hunters. This token powers the entire platform, allowing players to earn rewards, engage in a community-driven , and trade on the Crypto Hunters NFT Marketplace. It was launched on the and has a total supply of 1 Billion tokens with 90% of it locked for the next 5 years. As a token, players can earn $CRH through in-game achievements and daily quizzes, and then trade these tokens with others or utilize them outside the game.[15][16]

IDO on February 22nd!

  • Public Price: $0.028
  • Network: BEP20
  • Launchpads: Bullperks, GameFi, and Gamespad

To ensure transparency and stability, 90% of the $CRH token supply is locked for five years. This strategic decision aims to foster long-term value and trust within our growing ecosystem.
The $CRH token utilities empower both investors and players, serving as the core in-game currency for Crypto Hunters and the broader Crypto Hunters ecosystem. By owning $CRH, players have the chance to win part of our 9 million $CRH prize pool in The Next Crypto Hunters Millionaires competition.[17]

Currently, $CRH is tradable on six major exchanges: MEXC, , Bitrue, , , and [19] The of $CRH are designed to drive the Crypto Hunters economy, allowing players to purchase tickets and boosts, craft their own NFT boosts, participate in DAO governance, and earn rewards in the game. This creates a self-sustaining ecosystem where players can both benefit from and contribute to the economy.[18]

To further incentivize players, 40% of tokens from each transaction in the game are burned, 30% are added to the Treasury, 20% are sent to sell, and 10% are allocated to the general Crypto Hunters Ecosystem rewards pool. This ensures that each player's actions positively impact the $CRH token price in the market.[20]

$CRH utilities are as follows:

  • Pay fees, to buy and sell NFTs in the NFT Marketplace
  • Create impact on Crypto Hunters ecosystem by proposals and voting
  • Buy the unique Crypto Hunters Merch
  • Buy domain names
  • Earn rewards
  • Buy premium subscriptions
  • Participate in the Launchpad
  • Buy the tickets and boosts in the game[21]wiki

Token Allocation

Token holders have different vesting schedules and supply percentages. The KOL Sale has a 1-month cliff and 8-month vesting (1.00%). The Public Sale has a 1-month cliff and 6-month vesting (2.86%). The Project Team's tokens have a 14-month cliff and 16-month vesting (14.00%). Game Reward Earning tokens have a 1-month cliff and 59-month vesting (30.00%).

& Market Making tokens have no cliff and vest over 10 months (4.00%). Marketing & Development tokens have no cliff and vest over 60 months (14.00%). Partnerships have a 12-month cliff and 24-month vesting (3.00%). Treasury tokens have a 16-month cliff and 24-month vesting (31.14%).

These allocations total 100.00% of the supply.[22]


Crypto Hunters has a that empowers holders of $CRH tokens to participate in decentralized governance. This allows them to vote on various token-related proposals, including:

  • Allocating token reserves for gaming rewards
  • Determining locations for the next game rounds
  • Adjusting the $CRH token supply
  • Selecting sponsorship or grant recipients
  • Introducing additional game features

Additional proposal categories can also be added through the appropriate decentralized governance processes. To submit a proposal for voting, an individual must own a certain threshold of $CRH tokens and have a premium subscription, with the specifics to be determined later. All votes that successfully pass will be executed as soon as feasible, considering commercial and technological limitations.

Governance is conducted on the , with wallet balances sourced across Polygon. The more $CRH tokens a user holds, the greater their voting power, ensuring that active participants have a significant influence on the future of the Crypto Hunters ecosystem.[23]

Crypto Hunters NFTs

Crypto Hunters is transforming the gaming landscape by enabling players to gain real ownership over in-game items through BEP-1155 tokens (NFTs). These NFTs allow players to monetize their assets and interact with them in the real world, setting Crypto Hunters apart from other mainstream games. Players can utilize to enhance their gameplay, adding layers of strategy and excitement. Key NFT assets include the Magnet, Team +1, Whitelist, Time Dilation, Secret, Hide Me, and Random Boost, each offering unique abilities that can significantly impact the game.[24]

Enhancing Gameplay with NFT Boosts

Crypto Hunters offers several boosts to enhance gameplay. These boosts can help players progress faster, gain an advantage over opponents, and stay engaged. Some notable boosts include:

  • Family Boost: Provides additional XP for all family members.
  • Magnet Boost: Opens items from up to 50 meters away.
  • Team +1 Boost: Adds an extra user to the family, up to a maximum of 10 users.
  • Open Map Boost: Opens the map for the active player.
  • Secret Boost: Provides a hint or tip.
  • Hide Me Boost: Hides the user from the map.
  • Random Boost: Randomly select one of the boosts for in-game use.

These boosts will be rolled out gradually, giving players the chance to explore each one in depth. Once used, a boost is destroyed and no longer available. New boosts will be added through a voting process in the Crypto Hunters Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), ensuring the game remains fresh and exciting.[25][26]


Team Members and Advisors

  • Hussein Karaki - Founder, Entrepreneur, and investor, owner of several companies.
  • Dmytro Zhemchuhov - CTO with 10 years of experience.
  • Oleksii Herasymchyk - CDO with 7 years of experience.
  • John Patrick Talamayan - 3D Designer with 13 years of experience.
  • Daria Orlovska - UI/UX designer with 5 years of experience.
  • Kseniya Riyako - SEO specialist with 10 years of experience.
  • Said Bairam - Frontend Developer with 5 years of experience.
  • Michael El Khoury - Community manager with 9 years of experience.
  • Serkan Kurnaz - Partnerships Manager with 10+ years of experience
  • Bianca Goodloe
  • Jenna Seiden
  • Maks Charyev
  • Yuri Rabinovich[28]



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