CRV (Token)

CRV is the utility token of , a protocol that acts as a of . [1]


Curve’s native governance token CRV was officially scheduled for launch on the the 14th of August 2020, but an anonymous developer with a newly created Twitter account - @0xc4ad, tweeted on August 13, 2020, affirming they had deployed Curve DAO . The developer spent 19.9 ETH (~$8,000) in fees to deploy the smart contracts on . [7]

The Curve Finance team was unaware of this event, and since the contracts were deployed, some users started staking yCRV tokens, which represented shares of Curve's liquidity pools, to earn CRV tokens. This led to confusion and accusations of "pre-mine" among the DeFi community. More than 80,000 CRV tokens were pre-mined before the Curve team could verify the deployed smart contract. Initially skeptical, the individuals involved eventually found evidence of the deployment being executed accurately, incorporating the correct code, data, and admin keys. As a result, they publicly announced their decision to adopt the CRV launch on August 14, 2020, citing the growing traction and interest surrounding it. [7]


The primary objectives of the Curve DAO token involve incentivizing liquidity providers on the Curve Finance platform and promoting active user participation in the governance of the protocol. CRV has three primary functions: voting, staking, and boosting. Engaging in these activities requires the process of vote locking CRV tokens and acquiring veCRV. [8]

veCRV stands for vote-escrowed CRB, which is a CRV locked for a period of time. The longer the locking period, the more veCRV is received. [8]


By staking (locking) CRV tokens, users can receive trading fees generated by the Curve protocol. A proposal by the community has introduced a 50% administrative fee on all trading fees, which is distributed to veCRV holders. These fees are collected and utilized to purchase 3CRV, which is the LP token for the TriPool. Subsequently, the acquired 3CRV tokens are distributed among veCRV holders. [8]


CRV token holders can boost their rewards by providing liquidity. By vote locking CRV tokens, users can acquire voting power, enabling them to actively participate in the DAO's decision-making process. This vote locking mechanism grants them the ability to earn a boost of up to 2.5 times on the liquidity they contribute to the Curve platform. [9]


After CRV holders vote-lock their veCRV tokens, they gain the ability to actively participate in the voting process for different DAO proposals and pool parameters. This voting privilege allows them to have a say in shaping the decisions and directions of the DAO. [8]


Initial Supply

The initial distribution was about approximately 1.3 billion CRV tokens, representing about 43% of the total supply. Five percent of the tokens were designated for pre-CRV liquidity providers, with a vesting period of one year. Shareholders, including the team and investors, received 30% of the tokens with vesting periods ranging from two to four years. Three percent was allocated to employees, subject to a two-year vesting period. An additional 5% was set aside for the community reserve. At launch, there was no circulating supply, and the initial release rate was estimated to be around 2 million CRV tokens per day. [6]

Supply Distribution

Role in the EcosystemFrom Total SupplyFrom Initial Supply
Liquidity Providers62%5% (pre-CRV for LP with 1-year vesting)
Shareholders (team and investors) with 2-4 years vesting30%30%
Employees with 2 years vesting3%3%
Community Reserve5%5%

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CRV (Token)

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