Dark Country

Dark Country is an (NFT) trading collectible card game set in an American Gothic backdrop and influenced by classics such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. Dark Country is a trading card game that collectors have loved for decades, but with  enabling whole new gaming possibilities and systems. [1][2]


The project has been in production for quite some time, and the game's Alpha version is now accessible on for both PC and Mac. Over 50,000 player vs. player games have been played, and the community continues to develop with tournaments, new gameplay and feature improvements, and new card sets released on a regular basis. [3]

In Dark Country players :

  • Choose one of the four races.
  • To use against other players online, they must build a deck of cards with monsters, spells, and goods.
  • When they decrease their opponent's health to zero, they win

Multiple blockchains

Dark Country supports a number of different blockchain systems.[5]  Immortal Games, a Ukrainian gaming firm, is developing a trading card game on Wa, EOS, TRON, and Ethereum. Each of these blockchains has its own set of benefits. [4]
Gamers with cards on the Ethereum blockchain will be able to play against those with cards on the Tron blockchain with ease. The data from the user accounts is gathered and moved into the game state by Dark Country. [6]

Game Lore

The chief realized his options were limited after years of the nascent country breaching treaty after treaty.[7]  The chief conducted the Ancestral Guard in order to increase the warriors' numbers. The ancient ceremony was supposed to bring all of the tribe's slain warriors back to life. Instead, it reawakened an ancient foe. An evil that has amassed its own army. [8]

Despite the protests of his tribe, the chief had signed a definitive contract with the nascent country less than 10 years earlier. As part of the settlement, they had to relocate. [10] The tribe began to thrive in their new habitat, rebuilding their lives from the ground up. The Army of Resolute Rangers reappeared just as it appeared they could live without fear.[9]  They were also ordered to evacuate by the Army. They were deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening They turned their backs on the pact he sought to show them. They only worried about the territory where the tribe had settled. [11]

The massacre's solitary survivor was the chief. The chief returned to the tribe's home grounds, escaping only with his life. To discover how to summon the Ancestral Guard, he sought advice from the ghosts of the past.[12]  The chief was unaware of the demonic spirit that his people had formerly enslaved in the area. This malevolent ghost was the one who taught him how to revive the dead. [13]

The chief devoted his last breath to summon the troops, his heart heavy with grief and a thirst for revenge. [14] The tribal warriors were not the only ones affected by the mix of grief and vengeance. Both good and bad spirits made their appearance in the earth.The chief himself was the last reanimation. He was filled with remorse and wished to make amends for his past mistake. The chief took command of the Ancestral Guard and led them in battles against both the live army and the demonic undead. [15]

The administration of the fledgling nation was unable to withstand the occult's attack. Cunning Crusaders came to gain profit amid the turmoil when there was no rule and order. Those ready to sacrifice their lives in search of ancient treasures and relics were rewarded with mysterious powers and fortune. In the name of their government, other people attempted to restore law and order to the regions.

Four factions are now roaming the plains in search of money, power, and domination.

Playable Factions

The Ancestral Guard, Resolute Rangers, Cunning Crusaders, and Destructive Horde are the four factions that the player can manage.

Ancestral Guard

The Ancestral Guard is a resurrected army of Dark Country troops from the past. These warriors have a strong bond with the natural world and the elements. They excel in melee combat in particular. [18]

Resolute Rangers

The Resolute Rangers are the country's live citizens. They've come together to fight against the zombie threat, forced to deal with the destruction their own King has unleashed upon them. [17]

Before the zombie epidemic, many members of the Resolute Rangers were distinguished physicians, attorneys, deputies, or merchants. Healing, melee combat, and siege tactics are all skills that Resolute Rangers excel in. [16]

Cunning Crusaders

Criminals make up the Cunning Crusaders. The members of this gang are ecstatic by the current breakdown of law and order. They plan to take advantage of the situation by pillaging and plundering wherever they can. This group's members excel in fighting alone, hiding in the shadows, and launching opportune assaults.

Destructive Horde

The Destructive Horde is a conglomeration of the rising undead and ancient creatures released by the King's ritual. Through black sorcery, the members of this gang attempt to exterminate the living. Although the members of this group possess ancient abilities that are difficult to counter, they are vulnerable to the Ancestral Guard's natural magic.


Build your deck

Once a player is in the game, the player needs to build their deck to start playing. Press the “Decks” button. Then enter the Deck builder.

  • To create your deck, select "New Deck" from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a race for your deck.
  • By pushing on the deck, you may add cards to it. The right sidebar will display all of the chosen cards.
  • When you're finished, click Done.

Find an opponent

When the deck is complete, the player can begin looking for an opponent. Each player must return to the main menu and hit Play to begin the game.To cut down on waiting time, players should ping for playing people from the Sheriff's Office. Players will enter the gamefield after their opponent has been located. The gameplay in Dark Country is similar to that of the traditional version.


Players draw a card and gain mana each turn. Mana is used to cast spells, summon creatures, and summon objects from a player's hand; the more powerful a card is, the more mana is required to play it. Every turn, 1 mana is added to the maximum mana pool, and mana reserves are rebuilt so that additional cards can be played. Mana is essentially a unit of power that a player may use on the board. Players gain nothing for wasted mana at the end of each round, so it's critical to utilize as much as possible every time. If players have six mana, they would be better off playing two three-cost cards rather than a single five-cost card and leaving a one mana crystal untapped.

Game round turns

Players take turns acting. Each round, the player can utilize cards from his or her hand to place them on the board, cast spells, and harm the opponent's hero or monsters. When one of the heroes runs out of life points, the game round finishes.


Boosters are things that you may use to boost chances of getting rarer cards from any Card Pack.

There are 3 types of boosters:

Life-giving booster: multiplies drop chances by 1.4.

Salutary boosters :Increases the chances of getting a drop by 1.95 times.

Reviving booster: enhances the probability of a drop by 2.8.

Each booster asset improves the likelihood of rare and higher-level cards dropping. Boosters are available in a 5-pack at


The explorers of Dark Country regions are heroes! As you may be aware, the Dark Country game is more than just a CCG/TCG. Campaigns for city building and exploring Dark Country regions will be naturally included in standard card game types.

Heroes can be used in next game modes:

Campaigns, in which you must search one of four Dark Country territories for rare materials and artifacts.

Arena : where you may compete in death bouts with other players for experience and rare goodies.

Unpacker, a hero from Dark Country –:

There are a total of 35 different hero kinds, each with their own special power. Health, Energy, and Bag Space are the three major metrics for each Hero. Once things and artifacts are equipped, these stats may be enhanced. These things will be stored in unique slots for each Hero.

Heroes Reforge

Reforging is the process of transforming four heroes of the same type (named) and rarity into new, enhanced versions. Reforged heroes are divided into four tiers. Staking may be done with reforged heroes, since they increase staking payouts. A table of staking payouts dependent on rarity and level can be seen below. When a hero is reforged, a new hero with the maximum stats of that rarity will appear.


Reforge Rare Hero Lvl 1: 1 point

Reforge Rare Hero Lvl 2: 5 points

Reforge Rare Hero Lvl 3: 25 points

Reforge Rare Hero Lvl 4: 125 points


Reforge Epic Hero Lvl 1: 4 points

Reforge Epic Hero Lvl 2: 21 points

Reforge Epic Hero Lvl 3: 105 points

Reforge Epic Hero Lvl 4: 530 points


Reforge Legendary Hero Lvl 1: 28 points

Reforge Legendary Hero Lvl 2: 140 points

Reforge Legendary Hero Lvl 3: 700 points

Reforge Legendary Hero Lvl 4: 3500 points

Mythical and DC Collectors

Regular Mythical Hero 115 pt

Regular DC Collectors 1380 pt

Each level is made up of four things from the previous level, so if you have four rare heroes (say, Easy Rider), you'll get one Lvl1 Reforged Rare Hero (Easy Rider).

Heroes staking

The Dark Country's economy includes staking. By February 1st, 2021, it would be operational. Staking awards come from a pool with fixed and variable components for the first eight weeks.

Dark Country team has awarded a fixed pool with varied WAX dollars every week for an initial 8 weeks (and more). Only from the preceding week period, the variable pool contains 2.5 percent fees from secondary market fees on the Atomic Market.

After 8 weeks, the staking pool will consist mostly of secondary market fees, with some Non-Fungible Token (NFT) awards thrown in for good measure.

Staking also will have weekly leaderboards, for TOP 5 places. Those at the top of the leaderboard will get Dark Country packs from the team.

1st place:2 Champion Heroes Packs
2nd place1 Champion Heroes Pack
3rd place3 Adventure Heroes Packs
4th place2 Adventure Heroes Packs
5th place1 Adventure Heroes Pack

Game Modes

Classic CCG, Auto Battler, and Living World CCG are the three game modes in Dark Country.

Classic CCG

In Classic CCG mode, players create decks out of their own cards. This is comparable to how modern "paper" collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon work.

Auto Battler Mode

In Auto Battler mode, the player will go through a number of rounds. Players will be able to build up their armies before participating in a series of automated attacks in each round.

The popular Hearthstone Battlegrounds format is being used as a rough framework for constructing Auto Battler by the creator of Dark Country. However, this framework will very certainly be altered significantly to accommodate Dark Country's unique characteristics.

Living Board CCG

In the Living Board CCG mode, players battle for land control. Mana will be produced on some lands. As a result, players will want to have as much control as possible. Terrain will also be used to categorize land. Players will have to change their decks depending on the sort of ground they intend to fight on. The Living Board CCG mode will incorporate features from turn-based strategy games such as Civilization and XCOM, as well as typical CCG themes.

Dark Country Esports

The company aims to introduce an Esports program once Dark Country is released to the public. This initiative will be funded with 10% of all sales from the first batch of cards. The money raised will go toward prize money for Dark Country tournament winners.

Weekly tournaments

Weekly tournaments will be held in Dark Country, with prizes including special items, titles, and other perks. This will provide a competitive environment for more casual gamers.

Weekly tournaments may provide cash prizes from time to time, although the payouts will be minor when compared to other types of tournaments.

Regular tournaments

"Regular tournaments" will be held for the more serious participants. The frequency of these larger, more profitable tournaments has yet to be determined by the developer. However, they will be held less frequently than once a week and more frequently than once a year.

Frequently, substantial financial awards will be awarded in regular competitions. Some players may be able to earn a life playing Dark Country as a result of this.

Annual championship tournament

A championship tournament will be conducted each year. This event will provide the majority of the prize fund for the year. This should be a huge event for which players have spent months preparing.

The Expeditions

Dark Country owners can spend Shadow Dimes every weekend to open the Portal to the center of the map within their territory. The adventure is divided into 25 levels, each of which increases in complexity. Crafting reagents are found on expeditions and are used to make things in crafting facilities.

Every week, the crafting reagent supply is decreased, and the portal closes when all reagents are used up or the timer runs out. The portal's difficulty and entrance fee increase with each subsequent level, however the user can farm the same level numerous times. The impact of the land grows with each win in the gateway.


The Dark Country offers a wide range of passive PvE activities. Players build decks for their heroes and send them on short missions to collect game resources and Shadow Dimes. When the project is completed, a portion of the cash will be paid as a commission to the present landowner. The quantity of quests available is governed by the level of the tavern, which may be raised by visiting other locations on the world map.

Quest rewards

Players will be awarded with Shadow Dimes and game resources based on the complexity of the mission and the cards they commit to it. Rewards will be distributed throughout the quest rather than at the end. The landowners will keep a portion of the resources.

  • Card leasing: The landlord can create a hub where all of the players can lend and borrow cards.
  • Landlords will be able to create and apply adjustments to their current cards (cost, attack, and HP) in order to improve the performance of their hero's deck in missions. For a price, this option is also accessible to landless users.

Dark Country Cards

Dark Country's creator has created a special 100-card Exodus set for early supporters. This set's rare packs contain 5 cards, one of which is guaranteed to be rare. The next four cards have a 65 percent chance of being common, a 30% risk of being uncommon, a 4% chance of being epic, and a 1% chance of being legendary.

For $1.95 apiece, you can get a rare pack. For $19.99, you may get a Starter Bundle that contains 10 rare packs, 1 legendary pack, and a life-giving booster. These items may all be purchased straight from the developer's website.

Game of trading cards By enabling users to mix and reforge their cards, Dark Country is increasing the scarcity of its valuable cards. Players can stake their reforged hero cards for staking prizes, which rise in value as the cards' rarity increases.

Only rare, epic, legendary, and mythic cards will be able to be staked. Each rarity has four levels, each of which increases the number of points a player obtains by staking. To obtain one card with enhanced rarity, players will need four cards of the same rank.Because of their history in the game, trading cards will be one-of-a-kind, and the creators have dubbed this memory system Spirits. Each card has a chance to get a set number of Spirit slots, and filling them makes the card distinctive. When all of the spirit spaces are filled, the card is given a distinctive frame.

Even if there's a 25% possibility of one slot and a 5% chance of two, a common card is most likely to be devoid of spirit spaces. Rare cards have a higher probability of three spirit spaces, whereas epic cards have a 5% chance of three spirit slots. Legendary and mythological cards have a higher chance of getting additional slots. Unique cards with four spaces will be available, however they will not be available in packs from the in-game store.

If players have a card with slots, they must insert a spirit into it. These spirits are available in two forms: stat monitoring and questing. The Fox Spirit keeps track of how many victories a card has, while the Wolf keeps track of how much damage it has done, and the Snake keeps track of how many cards it has killed.

There's also the Eagle Spirit, which is dependent on missions. The graphics on Legendary and Mythical cards will become dynamic, giving them a new look. Dark Country's creators have promised that additional spirits would be added to the game in the future.

Exodus cards

The first set of Dark Country artifacts is the Exodus cards. In the Exodus card series, there are 100 different card kinds with varying rarity. The main Exodus bundle deal concluded on February 14th, 2020. Exodus packs from 2015 were sold. Exodus packs are no longer for sale, however they may be found on secondary marketplaces like and On, you may unlock Exodus packs right now.

Standard cards

The next generation of Dark Country objects is standard cards. This pack sale began on February 15th, 2020, and was divided into two sections. The first stage runs from February 15th through April 29th. Standard card packs with a certain level of rarity were in high demand. It was the last chance to purchase a DC Mythical card during a main sale.

The second stage begins on April 30th. The sale of common Standard packs containing 5 cards, distributed at random with the following probabilities: 65 percent are common, 30% are rare, 4% are epic, and 1% are legendary. The Standard card series has 100 different card types. At the end of November 2020, standard packets will be ready for opening.

Cards description

Each Dark Country card has its own stats, text, abilities that are shown on it. In general, Dark Country has 3 types of cards: Creature, Spell, Item.

Creature type

Only the Creature card can have this item. A card of one kind or another allows gamers to apply distinct game mechanics tailored to a certain Creature type.

The game have 4 types of Creatures:

  • Beast
  • Ghost
  • Native
  • Undead

The bulk of cards have extra abilities (Keywords) indicated in the card text box. A Dark Country game mechanic is Keyword. Any keyword has a distinct effect on the state of a card. Players can alter, add, or remove keywords using various cards..

Fortify :Enemies must attack and destroy creatures that have Fortify before attacking and destroying creatures that do not have it.

Oneshot : Any creature that is hit by Oneshot is killed.

Stealth : Other creatures or target spells cannot target creatures with Stealth.

Root : Rooted creatures skip their next attack

Onslaught : All extra damage delivered to the opposing hero is inflicted after the monster is assaulted and killed.

Spell immunity : Spells cannot affect creatures that have spell immunity. AOE spells can still harm a player.

Guardian : The creature's initial assault is absorbed by the Guardian, after which it is annihilated..

Mute : Items, stat modifiers, and keywords are all lost when a monster is mutated.

Deploy : The additional effect is activated when cards with deploy are played.

Last Word : The additional effect is activated when creatures with Last Word die.

Frenzy : Frenzy-enabled creatures can attack immediately after being summoned. When players play an Inspire card, a totem is produced on the table. If a totem is already in play, it receives a level upgrade.

Call : Summons a creature.

Gamers will appear on the gamefield after the opponent has been located. Players will see their first three cards before the round begins and will have the option to modify them if they so want.

If it's a player second turn, they get an extra card.

Shadow Dime (The Dark Country Token)

The major currency of Dark Country is the Shadow Dime (SDM). It's utilized to incentivize players and landlords for their efforts. It allows players to buy game assets and trade them on markets.

Supply and distribution

Each blockchain has a total quantity of 100 000 000 000 (100 BLN) SDM. Daily, 0.0001 of the remaining play-to-earn pool is allocated among landowners based on their overall influence.

The Dark Country universe's blood, Shadow Dime (SDM), nourishes the whole world's gameplay. It is a transferrable in-game money that can be "mined" and utilized for a variety of activities inside the Dark Country areas gameplay.

The SDM Gameplay mechanics

The basic card game principles are combined with land-based gaming to offer an entirely new Play2Earn experience for both players and Landlords:


The main goal for the Landlord is to make their Land as appealing as possible in order to attract as many users as possible. It may be accomplished by hosting a variety of events, constructing structures, and upgrading anything that can improve Land's impact.


The player's aim is to gain as much SDM as possible by completing activities and tasks on lands, as well as winning the card game.

Shadow Dimes token Supply

A predetermined quantity of 100 000 000 000 (100 BLN) SDMs will be distributed to each Continent (blockchain) as follows: Depending on the Influence parameter of their land plots, a daily supply of SDMs from the Play 2 Earn pool will be allocated to all Landowners for mining operations.

How to earn SDM

Landlords get SDM from the Daily SDM pool on a daily basis based on their Land Influence level. The more Influence a landlord has, the more SDM he or she will receive. Players can acquire SDMs by paying Landlords for tasks, winning PvP card games, and participating in other activities.

Utilizing SDM

There are many different ways to use shadow dimes. Both landlords and players can spend SDMs in different ways, but landlords will almost certainly have to invest in order to earn more.

Overall SDM spending options:

  • Standard Packs are available for purchase.
  • Heroes and cards must be reforged.
  • Purchase materials.
  • SDM should be staked on lands.

Landlords (including overall options) will also spend SDMs on:

  • Heroes who complete tasks are rewarded.
  • Players who assault other Landlords earn rewards.
  • Purchase land-based defenses.
  • Prize pools for on-land tournaments.
  • Building construction and renovation.
  • SDM Lands are being staked.

Players can spend SDM on (including overall options above):

  • Purchase PvE and PvP adventure tickets.
  • Pay the card's rent.


In the dark country world, land influence is a crucial measure of land power, thus it's something a LandLord should focus on.

It affects how much of the daily global SDM reward goes to land. A higher daily SDM reward is associated with a higher influence level.The basic influence is 100, and it cannot be lower.Players' impact grows when they complete activities provided by landowners.

Depending on the rarity of the land, various impact calculation multipliers apply.When the landowner is awarded for the performed activity on his property, a Rarity Multiplier is applied based on the rarity of the land.

The more the rarity of the land, the greater the influence You gain from the same action. The Rarity Multipliers are still being computed and will be revealed closer to the debut of the Lands Gameplay.

Influence deflation

Influence points are always deflated to encourage players to participate actively in the game. When influence grows, the pace of deflation increases exponentially.

Shadow Dimes Staking

Landlords and players can slow the pace of deflation by staking SDM on the land.

Dark Country Lands


The Dark Country Universe Structure

The Dark Country Universe consists of 3 main layers:

  • A number of Continents on the World Map correspond to different blockchains. New continents will be added to the Universe as we add more blockchains to the Dark Country game.
  • The Continent Land is a blockchain-based chunk of the globe map that correlates to the WAX, FLOW, and other blockchains, for example. Lands are included inside the coordinates net of continents.
  • The Land Plot is the real plot of land on the continent that a player the Landlord can hold. The piece of Land has its own unique coordinates inside the continent, and based on its proximity to the map's center, it will be given preferential access to resources. Of course, the closer you are to the center of the land map, the better.

Lands grant access to Adventure zones to Landlords and earn Shadow Dimes in-game cash for both landlords and gamers. Every region has its own collection of structures that may be built and improved to boost players' gaming abilities and buff heroes' exploring and agricultural abilities. Furthermore, DC Lands are valuable assets that may be sold and traded on the market as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The DC World map is separated by a number of continents, each one intended for a different Blockchain, as the Dark Country is a multichain NFT-game. Every continent has its own 100x100 dimension on the globe map, as well as its own coordinates. A total of 4000 land plots out of a total of 10,000 on a Continent will be accessible for user ownership, with the remainder being used for unique game activities.

Lands Rarities & Influence

Each territory is located in one of the map's five zones: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical, each having its own Influence parameter. The influence parameter has an affect on your land's agricultural capabilities, and it is computed based on zone rarity and position relative to the central point. Dark Country Lands is one of the distinctive systems that distinguishes Dark Country. These "Lands" are made up of many blockchains and are intended to be used to play, collaborate, and battle in multiple realms. Each Dark Country continent uses a distinct blockchain (FLOW, WAX, and so on), with the potential of creating many continents on each blockchain. In the Dark Country universe, lands are the ultimate gaming asset that players may possess.

Each land has a key influence parameter dependent on the land’s rarity, position, plot development status, and hosted activities. The higher the influence, the more Shadow Dimes go to the Landlord.

A Dark Portal — the [0;0] point — is located in the middle of each Continent Map and serves as a primary source of in-game cash, the Shadow Dimes, as well as a location for questing and resource farming. Every day, Dark Portal produces a specific number of Shadow Dimes and other resources, which are allocated to Landlords based on their zone farming rate and influence level.

DC Lands Assets Features

Dark Country lands have a large influence on gameplay and are the assets in the Dark Country Universe with the highest utility value, generating a metagame layer that provides a considerable amount of fresh experience to gamers as well as becoming the primary source of farming.

As a landlord, you have a variety of possibilities for participating in the Dark Country environment. Some are active, while others are inactive:

  • Take a piece of the in-game currency from your experiences.
  • Receive rewards for participating in various in-game activities.
  • You may earn money by renting land to someone.
  • Allow for card borrowing.
  • Farm NFTs


By earning resources from land, players can build and develop lands to unlock more buildings:

  • A black market is a place where you may purchase and sell things (owner gets a commission)
  • Weapons may be made at the blacksmith.
  • Tailor: A place where clothing are made.
  • Building quests in the tavern
  • Making potions in the alchemy lab
  • Crafting magic scrolls at the library
  • A mercenary outpost is a place where you may borrow cards.


Lands are points to enter the Dark Country universe with many activities on lands:

  • Complete quests
  • Run into adventures
  • Beat portal beasts


Lands provide options to craft stuff:

  • Upgrade their cards.
  • Make their own outfits, weapons, and scrolls.
  • Recruit minions

Integrating Lands with Play2Earn Gameplay

Introducing Lands adds a new layer of gameplay to Dark Country, combining existing card game elements to offer an entirely new Play2Earn experience for both players and Landlords:

A Landlord's main purpose is to have the highest level of Influence over a Land parcel. This may be accomplished by attracting people to his Land plot by hosting game activities such as PvP and land development with structures.

Players and Landowners will be rewarded with Shadow Dimes for participating in essential in-game activities such as card game PvP fights on Land plots.The first round of Land-based gaming will include sending a "Deck," which is a collection of 5 or more Dark Country cards, on a journey to a certain Land plot.

The Genesis Dark Country Land Sale on Flow, the first ever property sale for Dark Country, provides 4000 land plots. On the map, lands are divided into five rarity zones: Mythical, Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common. Depending on the position in reference to the map center, each has an affecting parameter. This has an influence on each land's agricultural potential, and is computed based on the rarity of the zone and its location relative to the center point.


Flow exclusive Vampire cards

The Dark Country has also announced paretnership with Flow Blockchain and to celebrate the introduction of Dark Country on Flow (, the platform has designed a set of 50 unique vampire cards that will be available exclusively for Flow users in the Land Sale packs. [21]

The Blocto wallet accepts Flow tokens for the purchase of Dark Country Lands NFTs. Users can use their Blocto wallets for this. [20]

The unpacking process

When a player makes a purchase, their packets will be delivered to their Blocto right away. Every player can keep or sell them using the official Dark Country website or third-party markets that support the blockchain connected with the lands they possess.[22]  Within four weeks after the first sale's completion, unpacking will be accessible. [19]


The Dark Country game has a lot of intriguing and exciting features to be updated in the long run


  • With in-game Shadow Dimes cash mining, the game's alpha version is released.
  • Leaderboards, levels, incentives for daily actions, and an in-game market for crypto and casual users are among the new game modes and activities for the Dark Country collectable card game.


  • Dark Country roguelike campaigns launch.


  • The release of Full Dark Country included both collector cards and land gameplay.
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