Erman Tjiputra

Erman Tjiputra is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of , specializing in storage, decentralized AI computation, live streaming, and video on demand (VOD). Tjiputra has expertise in AI computing, deep learning, computer vision, and medical imaging.[1][2][3]


He pursued his undergraduate education at Boston College, earning a Bachelor's degree in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law in 1999.[1][3]


Erman Tjiputra is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pte. Ltd. since 2013, where he currently leads a team of over 30 developers in the development of . This Network serves as an infrastructure solution for storage, decentralized AI computation, and video services. Its purpose is to meet the growing global demand for reliable solutions in file storage and content delivery within an evolving digital environment. Tjiputra emphasizes the goal of enabling the consumer to use the bandwidth to not only download but also upload content.[6] He mentioned:

“We have applied AI Computer Vision in Videos for analytics & Videos are in our Team’s DNA.We did not invent Video Streaming. We did not invent p2p. We did not invent blockchain. We did not invent smart contracts. We invent AIOZ who made all parts work together as One.”[7]

Additionally, he is the Founder of Eastraits Pte. Ltd. His professional expertise extends to skills in communication, public speaking, and presentation skills. [1][3]


Erman Tjiputra has contributed to several publications in the fields of Medicine and Computer Science, focusing on topics such as medical visual question answering, visual question answering, autonomous navigation, and facial expression recognition.

Notable works include "Overcoming Data Limitation in Medical Visual Question Answering" (2019), "Coarse-to-Fine Reasoning for Visual Question Answering" (2021), and "Deep Federated Learning for Autonomous Driving" (2021). His research encompasses a diverse range of subjects, aiming to advance knowledge in various domains.[3][4][5]

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Erman Tjiputra

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