Everex is a global blockchain financial technology company that facilitates the application of stablecoins for peer-to-peer money transfers, merchant payment settlements and fiat to digital asset exchange. It trades under the ticker symbol EVX.[1]


Everex is the first fully transparent microfinance platform built on Ethereum blockchain technology and accessible from mobile devices. The Everex network allows anyone to request microcredit and send fiat payments from anywhere in the world. They offer technology and services within an ecosystem involving cross-border lending, remittances, merchant payments, and currency exchange.[2]

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Everex is Alexi Lane. It was founded in 2016.
Everex (EVX) is registered in Singapore. Everex is operating on Euro, British Pound, Thai baht and stablecoin markets with the main office in Bangkok, Thailand.[3]

Their solution assists underbanked individuals to build and improve their credit history on the basis of mobile phone data, granting them access with EVX to the global financial system for the first time.[1]

Everex's solution allows 25x faster seamless transaction settlements for global and domestic payments with virtually zero cost, providing users with more efficient access to funding.
EVX is the project utility token that powers Everex product ecosystem. EVX grants a 50% discount on fees incurred on the Everex platform.[3]

Everex Features

Everex comes with a number of core features which are;

  1. Transfers: Money can be sent anywhere, even to your own bank account, instantly.
  2. International Payments: Users can pay vendors or service providers anywhere in the world, instantly, with the click of a button.
  3. Quick Deposits: Users are able to deposit fiat and convert to stablecoins with the click of a button.
  4. Quick Withdrawals: Users can cash out funds in their local currency at any participating vendors worldwide. Everex will also make withdrawals available at currency exchanges and ATMs globally.
  5. Digital Escrow: Payments can be sent with a one-time PIN. Receivers can only unlock the funds when the sender provides them with the PIN.[3]

Everex Wallet

The wallet supports the following ERC20 token assets:

  • USDT — US Dollar (Tether);
  • USDC — US Dollar (Coin);
  • DAI — multi-collateral US Dollar token;
  • EUC — Euro token;
  • GBC — British Pound token;
  • EVX — Everex's native utility token.

The supported countries for deposit and withdrawals now include Europe, United Kingdom, Thailand. Free cardless ATM withdrawal to Thai baht is available in Thailand for underbanked travelers.[2]

Each transaction and balance can be viewed and confirmed on any Ethereum blockchain explorers such as Ethplorer or Etherscan.
With Everex Wallet, users will be able to:

  • Make fiat deposits in Euro and British pounds, and receive credit in equivalent currency tokens without currency exchange risk exposure.
  • Send money and make payments in different currencies and digital assets to anyone or yourself with or without a bank account in Thailand, UK, and EU.
  • Withdraw in a different fiat currency either via ATM* or to a bank account.
  • ATM withdrawal currently offered in Thailand.
  • Added USDT (Tether) token
  • Added UK direct payment and withdrawal method via FPS
  • Added GBP token: GBC
  • Added EUR token: EUC
  • Added Multi-Collateral DAI token
  • Fully redesigned transactions history
  • Add a description for outgoing payments visible to the recipient (useful for invoices)
  • Added private notes for transfers (visible to sender only)
  • Added contact details for transfers etc.[1]

How to Purchase EVX

You can purchase EVX directly in the EVX wallet using bank transfers or swap them against your crypto assets. You can also acquire EVX at a number of exchanges.


  • Thai Fintech
  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • The Asian Banker
  • Ethereum
  • Holley
  • Validity Labs
  • Hosho

Where to trade EVX

EVX is currently being traded on Binance, Huobi, HitBTC and many other major exchanges. [1]


Some of Everex team members are;

  • Alexi Lane (Founder & CEO)
  • Anna Vladi (COO Everex US)
  • Visakha Thongphetsavong (CMO)
  • Tim Scheffmann (Regional Managing Director, Indochina and Australia)
  • Alexandr Kakunov (CTO)[3]

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