ExeedMe (XED) (Founded in 2020) is a Blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill levels, developers and organizers to monetize their skills. It is a Decentralized tournament platform for gamers powered by NFTs and DeFi, built on Polkadot.
Blockchain Gaming Platform
Players on Exeedme can earn by challenging their friends to competitive matches with stakes, or by participating in matchmaking tournaments. Tournament organizers can build a name for themselves in the Decentralized gaming space by creating the next generation of exciting online ESports tournaments and leagues. Finally, game developers can incentivize the community for beta testing, and tap into the wisdom of the crowd for critical feedback on new titles.

A skill-based Blockchain economy where developers and organizers create competitive game ecosystems for ALL gamers


Exeedme is a trusted and fair Play2Earn ecosystem that allows gamers at all skill levels, developers and gaming communities to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of innovations like DeFi and NFTs. With Exeedme, gamers can play their favourite games, challenge an opponent, bet on their victory and earn rewards for participating and progressing, ultimately enabling all players to make money off their skills.

A Blockchain-based Gamer Economy

Blockchain, DeFi and NFT innovations built on Polkadot will allow for Peer-to-peer gamer skill and item economies to emerge. These economies will be gamer-centric and focused on rewarding players in the first place. Exeedme’s technology will enable the majority of money flows in its economy to go directly to gamers of all skill levels. Gamers no longer have to be professionals to earn money playing video games. Exeedme’s technology will democratize the Video game monetization industry and allow new entrants to jump in. They will keep things fair with their anti-cheat and robust matchmaking systems.
Exeedme is about using Blockchain to allow for skill Monetization through digital currencies and assets with open market dynamics, giving gamers a superior sense of ownership and control.
Exeedme will create new revenue streams for gamers: they earn with their winnings; earn Crypto rewards for their engagement; and earn NFTs with their progress such as trophies, collectibles and in-game assets they own and can trade or monetize.[1][2]


A gaming platform built on Polkadot
Exeedme vision is to build a fair and trusted Play2Earn Polkadot-powered gaming platform where gamers can play their favourite games, challenge an opponent and bet on their victory–enabling All players to make money off their skills.


Challenge friends to compete in video games with stakes.

1. Matchmaking:

Challenge friends or play against similar skill players for stakes. XED tokens are earned each match. With more XED users can level up to unlock higher leagues with higher stakes.

2. AntiCheat:

Fair play is paramount to our platform. Exeedme will use video referee, telemetry and game state data to ensure no hacks are used and gameplay is levelled at all times.

3. Agnostic Platform:

Single point of access to engage in an ecosystem that allows playing, socializing and earning in many centralized games (such as CS: GO and LOL) and in Decentralized games (such as F1: Delta and SkyWeaver).[3]


Game Mining
Users can now play their favourite games, bet on their skills and earn XED on the way:

  • Exeedme Matches and Tournaments: Gamers choose the Game, choose the stake, choose an opponent or let Exeedme do the matchmaking and let the game begin. Gaming modes: Solo, Party, Teams and Pro-Seasons. The winner gets the prize pool minus organizing fees.
  • Exeedme Leagues: Players can join skill-filtered leagues that level the playing playfield, improve enjoyment and ensure opportunities at all skill levels to monetise and improve skills.
  • Participation Rewards: Exeedme wants to reward back players for using the platform. Win or lose, every time there is a match, gamers win participation rewards in XED.
  • Progression Rewards: by achieving certain ranking levels or completing certain missions and milestones, gamers will be entitled to newly crafted NFTs they can brag about.
  • Staking pools: XED and NFT rewards unlocked for each gamer will be based on the amount of XED they stake.
  • Exeedme Platform fees: are used to fund XED Reward Pools, and NFT Reward Pools and to maintain operations and fund platform continuous development.

The $XED Utility Token

Exeedme uses the $XED utility Token to incentivize and reward gamers, tournament organizers and game developers for their play and engagement on the platform. The $XED token was designed to ensure that the majority of the rewards generated by the Exeedme platform go directly back to the people who use it the most. Key use-cases for $XED include game mining, staking for access, and governance:

1. Game mining:

Players on Exeedme can earn $XED tokens by challenging friends for stakes, or by challenging others in matchmaking. Regardless of a win or loss, all players participating in matchmaking will earn $XED for their engagement. Earning more $XED will unlock achievements and special trophies represented by Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that are tradable within the platform. Different levels of the rarity of NFTs and an open marketplace on Exeedme for them will enable a thriving NFT economy on Exeedme to emerge.

2. Access:

For gamers, it’s all about levelling up. $XED tokens act as a de facto proxy for platform experience and engagement. The more $XED token a player stakes, the higher wagering limits he/she can set in matchmaking. Access to the hottest tournaments with the biggest prizes on Exeedme will also require certain levels of $XED for access. For tournament organizers, a large amount of $XED will be required to open a tournament, and to act as collateral for prizes. Finally, opening bug bounties, betas for testing and other engagement activities will also require $XED staking for game developers.

3. Governance:

$XED stakers will also be able to vote on platform upgrades, events and other initiatives. This mechanism will ensure that the future of Exeedme will always be informed by the community, for the community. Exeedme wants gamers to know they have control over their experience and they are part of the creative journey.[4]

$XED Token Metrics:

Exeedme’s token for $XED will has the following token metrics and distribution:

  • Total Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 $XED tokens
  • Initial Market Cap: $875,000 USD
  • Seed/Private/Pre-Public Sale Fundraising: $900,000 USD
  • Initial Liquidity to be made available: $200,000 USD (Uniswap)

Token Distribution and Vesting

$XED Pricing & Distribution:

  • 10% Seed: $0.0125 price for our initial strategic investors
  • 30% Private and Pre-Public:
  • 25% Private: sale price of $0.025 with this round targeted at all strategic investors, community and future-users
  • 5% Pre-Public: sale price of $0.03 for early access purchasers
  • 20% Liquidity Fund: Initial supply on Uniswap and centralized exchanges to ensure a healthy secondary market
  • 20% Ecosystem: Tokens for marketing, growth, partnerships, and exchange listings
  • 10% Foundational Reserve: Reserve pool to help protect the future and long term growth of the platform
  • 10% Team: to ensure our founders and team members stay aligned with our token-holders and token users

$XED Vesting Schedule:

  • Seed: 20% on TGE, then 10% monthly over 8 months
  • Private and Pre-Public: 25% on TGE, then 25% monthly over 3 months
  • Liquidity Fund: 20% on TGE, 10% per month over 8month
  • Ecosystem: 20% on TGE, 10% per month over 8 months
  • Foundational Reserve: 1 year fully locked, then 25% quarterly
  • Team: 1 year fully locked, then 25% quarterly.[5]


Allow Organisers and Developers to create their own tournaments, foster engagement between members, create their own exclusive community-based economy . XED Rewards and NFT Rewards Pool will receive fees from Tournaments, Mint and Melt of FTs and NFTs .
XED gives access to anyone to mint tokens and NFT’s and help building sustainable gaming engagement
Organisers: At a defined amount of XED staked, anyone can build their own community and start organizing their own tournaments, integrate new games, enable community chats and much more. XED staked work as energy and is deducted as it is used to organize tournaments, increase the number of players, use Anticheats, use Video Referee, mint NFT Trophies, etc). If it gets below certain staking levels, the organiser would have to buy additional XED and stake it. Every tournament has the same fees of Exeedme Tournaments with 50% of fees going to the Organiser.
Mintworld: Friends, Local Gaming Communities, Brands, everyone can build their digital world. Exeedme will support these communities to bootstrap their ecosystem of assets, helping with Blockchain logic, NFT and FT creation. Blockchain assets suit a multitude of use cases including limited-edition collectibles, access to tournaments, lower fees, gaming items, and achievement rewards. The potential functions of this technology are currently only limited by the imagination.
Minting fees: a portion of minting fees will fund XED Rewards Pool and NFT Rewards Pool .


The XED DEX is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) where gamers can easily trade, cash out, and swap a curated directory of community and gaming tokens, collectibles NFT’s and in-game assets. First community and later 3rd party in-game assets. It will work similar to Uniswap, with AMM providing liquidity via pools, but with a strong focus on community tokens, collectibles NFT’s and in-game assets.
Several types of trades available:

  • Fungible Tokens to Fungible Tokens
  • Fungible Tokens to Non Fungible Tokens, and vice versa
  • NFT to NFT: where the users can exchange one or several items for another item (or group of items). Price differences will be settled in XED.

Fees generated will be distributed towards XED Rewards Pool, NFT Reward Pool, Community Token Pools and operations and platform continuous development .

Exeedme Team Members

Francisco VarelaCo-founderSerial entrepreneur with 5 successful ventures launched. Founder of the first gaming gear only marketplace. Experienced team creator and team manager. Currently managing more than 100FTEs. Will play action games in Exeedme.
Nuno FernandesCo-founderM&A Manager with over 30 successful deals and €1B+ closings. Advised several entrepreneurs on raising VC and PE growth capital. Entrepreneurial spirit with 2 successful ventures launched. Will play strategy games in Exeedme.
Joana BarrosHead Of GrowthEntrepreneur and experienced project and product manager in the Tech industry. Worked for Microsoft for 5 years where she was Director of Xbox and Gaming. Will play community games in Exeedme.
Arlindo TorresHead Of EngineeringSoftware developer and professional esports analyst focused on creating unique experiences in the Esports ecosystem. Will play action games in Exeedme.
Guilherme AlmeidaAdvisorGuilherme previously worked with Blip (acquired by Betfair) after which he co-founded Mindera. Mindera is a software craft studio with +500 people spread across 3 continents. Guilherme is also the CTO of HOLD, an all-in-one crypto and cash app.
Nuno CorreiaAdvisorNuno is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Utrust, a blockchain payment company that is improving the accessibility of digital assets and increasing cryptocurrency business adoption.
Rui TeixeiraAdvisorRui is the CEO and co-founder of BetProtocol, a blockchain-based SaaS empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to launch Esports gaming platforms. Rui is a serial entrepreneur and has +5 years of experience with blockchain product development.
Danilo S. CarlucciAdvisorDanilo is an investor and startup founder who was previously at Google as Head of Community at YouTube. He has extensive experience in crypto supporting projects like Elrond, Algorand, OasisLabs, UnstoppableDomains and many more.
FoxAmbassadorFox started his career in 2006 by playing Counter-Strike: 1.6 on Excello as an AWPer,
His talent was noticed on some international teams in Europe, and in 2015 he signed with the French team G2 Esports, which was trying an international team with European players.

Social Media

Exeedme can be reached through the following Social Media handles- Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin and Medium.

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