Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is a collection of 9,994 Galaxy Fighters with a dedicated cross-brand, cross-platform (PC + Mobile) PvP fighting game where players can battle, win and earn Ethereum.[1]  [7]


The Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is more than just an avatar project; it's a real-time PvP game that integrates all of the other  collections on a single platform, allowing users to 'log in' with a character they have already purchased and combat with them.

Galaxy Fight Club's vision is to create a fun-to-play game where players can battle with their favorite NFTs and make a living through play P2E mechanics. [2]



The GFC is made up of 9,994 Galaxy Fighters in addition to the game. Users must own at least one Galaxy Fighter in order to participate in the game's major modes (Team Tournament and Battle Royale), which allows players to battle as the Galaxy Fighter or use avatars from other collections in your wallet. [5]
Userbase and monthly active users (MAU) are important metrics that should be increasing over time for a healthy game and our system is set up to achieve this goal while ensuring the value given to the original Galaxy Fighters also increases over time. [8]
While all major collections will be integrated into Galaxy Fight Club, there is an original 10,129 Galaxy Fighter collection.
Each Galaxy Fighter also comes with its own weapon, similar to the fighters themselves, the strength of the weapon is correlated with their rarity and tier which will be common, uncommon, rare, and exotic.
Players can be able to access the base weapon that comes with their Galaxy Fighter in the game. They also have the ability to swap them out for other weapons which are individual NFTs, so far these are the OG Boxing Gloves and the Doctore's Crossbow. [3]

Game Modes

The primary game style is 3v3, in which participants may either join as a pre-made team or are randomly paired with other players. The sole difference between playing in this mode as a Galaxy Fighter, an avatar from another collection, or even an F2P player without an avatar is the kind of loot box keys players can get as prizes at the conclusion of a round.


Team tournaments use a 3v3 structure, and participants may only enter a tournament with pre-made teams; they cannot locate teammates through online matching. Teams are available on Discord, or you may search for friends and family members who might be interested in joining. Only Galaxy Fighters are eligible to compete in competitions (Genesis or 2nd generation).
A match is ended when either side scores 20 points (1 point = 1 kill), and the victor advances to the next round of the competition and the championship game. The $ETH or $GCOIN reward, which will be divided among the three team members, will go to the winning team in the final.


Players will enter the combat arena in this traditional death match mode, and the player who scores 10 points (1 kill = 1 point) first will win the match. In this mode, there are no bonuses.

Battle Royale

A traditional Battle Royale mode in which ten players enter a single battle arena and the victor is the last one remaining. The fighting area will gradually get smaller as a death ring appears on the map's edges. The Battle Royale mode's awards are still to be decided.

Mechanics (A real-time NFT PvP game)

The NFT PvP game is a 3D hyper-casual styled fighting game that is similar to Brawl Stars, fighters will be able to engage in both melee or ranged attacks depending on the weapon that they have selected with a movement system that allows them to move up, move down, left, right as well as the ability to engage with a number of obstacles and objects scattered across the map. [4]

There are 2 main factors that determine the outcome of a battle in equal measures:

  • The overall strength of user Fighter is decided by their traits (namely base race, armour, and weapon)
  • Users gameplay performance

<strong>Game Modes</strong>: The game has three unique modes. Holding a Galaxy Fighter in any wallet is a requirement to participate in the Team Tournaments and Battle Royale modes. [6]


The P2E game format presents , two ways of earning to users:

  • Gold key fragments
  • Silver key fragments

Gold key Fragments

Players using any of the following resources while playing, gold key pieces are automatically chosen as qualifying rewards:
Galaxy Fighters from Generations 1 and 2.
One energy is lost for each of these assets that is choosen and used in fight, and the player is then automatically qualified to get gold key pieces for winning the encounter. Be aware that this is not a guarantee; the chance of winning a fragment will rely on luck. Additionally, players may raise their luck by climbing the ranks and accumulating additional awards.

Silver key Fragments

If players are not using any of the Genesis weapons or the Genesis/Gen 2 Fighters during gaming, silver key pieces are chosen as the default prize. When using partnered project characters or the free-to-play (F2P) basic character when playing without one, players can receive silver key pieces as prizes.
When using a partnered project character rather than an F2P base character, their chances of obtaining silver key pieces will be increased.

Play To Earn

There are a few ways users can play to earn in Galaxy Fight Club:

  1. Collecting $GCOIN from Fighters: Owners of Galaxy Fighters will be able to earn between 5-15 $GCOIN passively
  2. Win $GCOIN and weapons from Deathmatches** Winning the 1v1 deathmatches will reward a fixed amount of $GCOIN and weapons, the $GCOIN can be sold on the secondary market and the weapon can also be sold as a unique NFT on OpenSea
  3. Win $ETH from Team Tournaments Up to 2 $ETH is available from our weekly tournaments, these can be won and will be shared between the 3 members of the winning team
  4. Forging weapons and selling them Weaker weapons can be forged together to create stronger weapons, while the forging process itself will cost $GCOIN the resulting weapon might be able to be resold on the secondary market at a greater price than the price you spent acquiring the materials
  5. Renting out fighters


Metasports Partners with Galaxy Fight Club

The GFC Qualifier Cup, the first-ever competition for Galaxy Fight Club, is presented by Metasports and Galaxy Fight Club (GFC). It will take place on May 21. The kick-off competition, which offers many Genesis Galaxy Fighters, limited edition cosmetic items, and $10,000 USD in ETH as prizes, will also choose the top two teams that will compete in the GFC Open Championship, the main event in June with a prize pool of over $300,000 USD.

Galaxy Fight Club x SupDucks

The website disclosed a collaboration with SupDucks. All SupSucks NFT owners will have access to the game's special 3D models, be able to play, and be able to level up their own characters.

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Galaxy Fight Club

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