Goofycrisp is the creator of , a deflationary  launched on . [1]


Goofycrisp is a community member, who was later joined by MasterofC from the Chilled Kongs Team and JSHy, a software engineer on the team in the development of .

In September 2023, Goofycrisp announced on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account that he had fully left his Web2 job to focus on the project. [2]

"I will be 100% focussing on building @snekcoinada and making sure $SNEK becomes and stays a household name not only on #Cardano but in the broader memecoin space. Been excited about this day for a while, it will be fun" - creator of Snek tweeted. [2]


Snek is a fair launched and decentralized memecoin on Cardano. The project's objective is to align with the popularity of meme-based cryptocurrencies such as , and , intending to establish itself among the leading meme-based . The SNEK community aims to explore the potential of memecoins within and beyond the ecosystem, with a vision for SNEK to become a recognized currency for meme creators globally.[3]

The total $SNEK supply is 76,715,880,000 tokens and the presale took place on April 27, 2023. As a deflationary memecoin, SNEK features multiple  mechanisms in which some tokens are removed from circulation at regular intervals, increasing buying pressure and sustainably decreasing supply. [4]

On February 5, 2024, Goofycrisp introduced an upgrade to the branding upgrade for Snek, its ecosystem, and the $SNEK token. [5]

"In order to continue to grow as community, as a token, and as a project, $Snek needed a brand identity suited to its ambitions while maintaining its historical relevance (the $SNEK token) Something that will represent Snek's values : Community, Innovation, Fun, Creativity" - Goofycrisp tweeted.[5]

The brand upgrade included a new SNEK icon, a change in the website typography, and an overall interface revamp. [5]

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