Kristina Lucrezia Corner

Kristina Lucrezia Corner is the Editor-in-Chief at , a leading independent digital media platform, focused on covering technology, assets, and emerging fintech trends. [1][2][3]


Kristina Lucrezia Corner holds a Bachelor's degree in Classical Philology from Saint Petersburg State University. She continued her academic journey by pursuing a Master's degree in Classical Philology and Comparative Literature from Aix-Marseille University. Building upon her passion for political science, Kristina obtained a Master's degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and Energy Politics from the European University at St. Petersburg. She also studied Political Science at Venice International University and pursued International Relations and Affairs at Università Ca' Foscari Venezia. [4][5]


She began her professional journey as a Senior Manager for Partnerships and PR at the Global Entrepreneurship Network from 2012 to 2014. In this capacity, she organized events such as the Global Entrepreneurship Congress and managed partnerships, media relations, and international delegations. [1]

Following her time at the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Kristina served as a Communications Manager at the Union of French Enterprises for Energy Efficiency and Ecology from 2011 to 2016. In this role, she focused on promoting energy-efficient technologies. [1]

Kristina then transitioned to the ENERPO Center at the European University, where she worked as a Research Fellow from 2015 to 2017. Her research focused on international energy politics, environmental policies, green technologies, and climate change. [1]


Around September 2017, Kristina was contacted by a former colleague who inquired if she knew anyone interested in joining . Although she didn't have a person in mind, Kristina decided to take a chance and put herself out to the /crypto space for the first time. [6]

"I've heard about blockchain as a technology but I didn't really dive into it but it was something that interested me. I think it was September 2017, I was contacted by my colleague from my previous journalistic experience who told me whether I know someone who would be interested in joining Cointelegraph and I was like well you know what I'm not sure that I know someone but I would be happy to try, like this is something that definitely is interesting"

From September 2017 to April 2021, Kristina held the position of Managing Editor at , a leading media outlet. During her tenure, she played a crucial role in building up the publication's reputation and establishing it as a prominent source of information in the crypto industry. After her role as Managing Editor, she also served as the Acting Editor-in-Chief from May 2021 to September 2021. [1]

Currently, Kristina holds the position of Editor-in-Chief at Cointelegraph, a role she has been fulfilling since September 2021. In this capacity, she continues to contribute her expertise and leadership to the development and growth of the publication. [1][5]

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Kristina Lucrezia Corner

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