Legends of the Mara

Legends of the Mara is an upcoming collection-based 2D strategy game developed by , set in the Metaverse. Players are expected to embark on a journey where they claim , nurture them into apprentices called Mara, and unravel the origins and primal connection of the to Otherside. [1]


Legends of the Mara, announced on March 28th, 2023, is an immersive 2D strategy game that builds upon the events of the Otherside 2nd Trip. From the information released so far by Yuga Labs, players are to claim Vessels, which evolve into Maras, and venture the world of Otherside. The game offers a variety of strategic choices and involves defeating enemies, collecting resources and protecting the Otherside. [2][3]

Vessel Claiming and Mara Evolution

Each holder can claim a , with one Vessel per Otherdeed, and nurture it into a Mara. Players are able to choose the type of vessel which are incubated for a specific period, revealing the corresponding Mara type—Hunter, Farmer, or Enchanter.

Maras can be assigned to Otherdeeds to perform tasks such as farming, hunting, or unique Enchanter-related duties.

The ultimate goal is to transform Maras into more powerful Kodamaras, using Sediment Fragments and a Seasonal Catalyst. The rarest Kodamara recipe is said to be “lost”, encouraging players to experiment with different combinations. [4]


Players in Legends of the Mara will face adversaries known as the Shattered, mysterious titans that emerged after the Vessels descended. Defeating these enemies will rewards players with rare and exclusive treasures, increasing their value through efficient battles. Additionally, unlocking expanded traits in Otherdeeds introduces artifacts and resources that impact strategic decision-making. [4][5]



, known as the primary keepers of , possess superior skills in farming, enchanting, and hunting. They can be assigned to an and play a vital role in defending Otherside. Kodas with weapons and Mega Kodas are employed in battles when assigned to the Hunter role. Legends of the Mara delves deeper into the origins and primal relationship of the Kodas with Otherside, revealing their rich backstory. [1][6]


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Legends of the Mara


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