Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is a play-to-earn  metaverse game powered by the Solana . The game allows players to collect their own Nyan Cat heroes and Guardian Robots and battle other players in a shooter-style action game.[1][2][3] Players also have the ability to collect rare weapons and skins, and trade all of these as NFTs in the game's unique marketplace[4][5].

The NYN token is the game's main currency while its utility token is CTNP (Catnip). Basically, players can use these in-game tokens to level up characters and weapons, craft NFT items, and modify land plots. It can also be used in the marketplace for trading activities with other players[6].


Nyan Heroes is a third-person battle royale shooter game that simulates the lifestyle of Nyan Cats and Robots in their own metaverse. The mission of Nyan Heroes is to introduce a gaming concept using blockchain technology and to set up an ecosystem where players can truly own their assets and have full custody over their disposal[7].

Nyan Heroes is a play-to-earn multiplayer online game built by the Solana blockchain. The game allows players to automatically participate in the player-based economy by collecting tokens as rewards for completing tasks, winning battles, and progressing in adventure mode[10].

Also by playing the game, players will receive CTNP tokens as rewards for performing various tasks including battle victories in PvP mode, adventure mode, guild quests, and giant raids.

Nyan Heroes earlier announced the completion of its early-round seed investment, which raised $2.5 million. With a focus on sustainability, the company seeks to disrupt the play-to-earn ecosystem. They also intend to be the most popular PvP skill-based blockchain game[9].


All the unique gaming features that revolve around the Nyan Heroes game include[12]:

Collect & Battle

Players can control their own unique Nyan Hero in a shooter-style battle royale featuring adventure mode and guild modes.

Play & Earn

Players can undertake quests, win battles, and complete guild missions to earn CTNP tokens. Players use the CTNP token to upgrade their Hero's weapons and levels or sell them for money in the real world.

Reassemble & Customize

Players have the ability to disassemble two Guardian Mechs and reassemble them to create a completely new Mech unit with improved abilities and also the chance of acquiring a rare part.

Staking & Rewards

Players can stake their Nyan Heroes and Guardian Mechs by sending them out on expeditions in return for CTNP. They can also stake the game's main currency token - NYN and participate in governance, decision making, earning yield, and revenue share[11].

True Ownership

Players’ characters and equipment are securely stored on the blockchain as crypto assets. Players can mint their own Nyans Cat heroes and their Guardian Robots as NFTs.


One of the game’s main features is a virtual marketplace where players can buy and sell their Nyans, Guardians, and other in-game NFT items, such as weapon cores, cosmetic skins, crafted items, and so on which will help them level up, contribute to the guilds and challenge other players.

Story Series

The Fall

Nekovia was once the greatest civilization ever to be known in the metaverse. After centuries of peace, wealth, and technological advancement, its citizens, the Nyans, began to believe themselves to be Gods in their own right. At the top of the evolutionary food chain, they eventually saw fit to mold the world to suit their needs, rather than respect the laws of nature. They denounced their ancestors, their religions, and their cultures, for committing this environmental sacrilege.

Natural resources were harvested until there was nothing left. Kilotonnes of waste lined the ocean bed, killing marine life and polluting their drinking water. Progress was made at the cost of sustainability, yet no attempt was made to change paths.

Some say that The Fall was a side effect of the corruption of nature. Others say that it was the will of the Gods. But what is now known is that Mother Nature's revenge was swift and deadly.


Nekovia is the largest civilization in the world, but it is not the only one. Sprawled throughout the metaverse known as Eden, are numerous colonies that have historically had little interaction with each other. However, the happenings within Nekovia have been difficult to ignore and its neighbors are concerned whether the vile affliction will spill over onto their own borders. The entire metaverse will be subdivided into subterranean land plots with a central genesis region and surrounded by outer regions

Owning a plot of land will grant the owner the right to become a guild master and recruit guild members. Once established, guilds will be able to participate in a number of PvE events only available to those in an existing guild. In addition, guild-specific quests and Elemental Raids will become available as development progresses. Finally, the guild will be a place for Nekovians to gather and hang out. The space upon which the guild is built can also be used in a variety of creative ways.

Guilds can open up stores, take on mercenary jobs for others, create mini-games within the metaverse, and more, the possibilities are endless. Any income earned by a guild in this fashion will be divided amongst the guild master and its own members.

Game Modes

Nyan Heroes has three (3) game modes. They include the Adventure (PvE) mode, Battle Royal (PvP), and Guild mode[13].

Adventure (PvP) Mode

Players can enjoy the PvE gameplay through the adventure mode as they take their Nyan heroes to battle fierce foes to slowly make their way back to Nekovia. Players will be able to compete against random system teams. The Adventure mode has different battle levels. Players will have to be victorious in one level to reach the next level.
Winning a battle level will earn players the in-game currency- $NYN and $CTNP tokens, and increase their level up rate. The amount of coin tokens and battle rewards keeps increasing as players advance in levels. Other battle rewards include:

  • Guardian Cores
  • Nyan Cores
  • Weapon parts
  • Mystic Dust

Battle Royal (PvP) Mode

The map itself offers a variety of breathtaking sceneries, such as overgrown forests, barren wastelands, toxic marshlands, and a variety of mountainous terrain, all leading to the center landmark, Nekovia's shattered capital metropolis. Players can queue up as a team of 3, or if they do not have a team they will automatically be placed in a team as the default setting unless they specify that they wish to play solo. The developers believe that teamwork makes the game more fun and this will also increase the enjoyment for new players who may get a chance at victory if teamed up with more experienced players.

Players will be able to select their loadout before starting the match. Players should choose wisely and pay special attention to their teammates' loadouts. The key to victory is bringing a balanced team composition. The ability to round out an otherwise imbalanced team composition by owning numerous Nyans and their Guardians is a benefit of having many Nyans and their Guardians.

Guild Mode

Players can now send out their additional Nyans and their Guardians on tasks to help them earn more riches by joining a Guild. The longer players send them out, the harder and difficult the mission becomes, and the more rewards players will earn. The chance of rare rewards also increases. Players should note that if they cancel the mission before the time requirements, they will forfeit the rewards.

Guilds will also gain access to various quests around the metaverse. These will most likely need to be completed in real-time either by players going solo or with a group. The size varies depending on the mission. Rewards will be distributed to the participants as well as a small percentage going to the Guild itself.

The Guardians (NFTs)

There are nine different Guardian classes, each with its own unique ability that will distinguish it from the others[14].


  • A balanced Guardian with average speed and health
  • The Warrior class excels at a mix of frontline and attack, able to sustain attacks for a short period of time and take out a high-value target before retreating to the backlines
  • Class ability activates 'Blade Dance', an ability that blocks incoming projectiles, stores up the accumulated energy and releases it forward in a powerful energy shockwave


  • The proverbial meatshield. Slow to move but this Guardian can take a hit!
  • There is no other Guardian class that is able to soak as much damage as the Defender's hands down. Designed to withstand the strongest attacks and provide cover for players' DPS units or used as a distraction for their Assassin or Sniper.
  • Class ability activates 'Plasma Shield' which puts up a giant shield spanning multiple unit widths in a convex shape in front of you. This shield does not have a cooldown, however, if broken will need time to recharge. The shield can additionally be reactivated while active to create a giant dome that blocks all incoming damage from 360-degree angles. However, this causes the shield to take 30% increased damage.


  • Fast but fragile, this Guardian does not want to be seen on the frontlines of any battle. Instead, they must sneak and use cover to eliminate high-priority targets from behind.
  • Class ability 'Shadow Step' allows the Assassin to phase forward under the cover of stealth for a few seconds gaining a speed boost and the ability to double jump during the ability. Reactivating the ability causes the Assassin to throw a projectile as they emerge from stealth. Hitting an enemy with this ability from behind results in a massive damage multiplier


  • Another fast yet fragile class, the Sniper would do well to avoid a direct fire with the enemy.
  • Instead, the Sniper uses its class ability 'Hookshot' to rapidly reposition moving from position to position, trying to gain the higher ground. It can use this ability to reach places that normally couldn't be reached. Additionally, shooting whilst using 'Hookshot' is a lot more accurate than one would normally expect.


  • A balanced Guardian that aims to jump into fights and disrupt the enemies' senses with its heavy ranged explosives. This is the only class of Guardian that is not an NFT and has a standard build without variations and is the go-to Guardian when new players join without a Guardian NFT.
  • Class ability 'Rocket Jump' allows this Guardian to launch itself high into the sky at the cost of some small damage to itself in order to reach places you could not normally go.
  • Ultimate ability 'Multi-Missile'. The Soldier shoots all the missiles from its back at the target location up to 3 times in short succession. This creates an area of effect damage radius and splash damage based on proximity to the blasts. This can be done whilst airborne, and each blast compresses so much air around the Guardian that it recoils backward slightly from the shots


  • Slower but tankier, this unit would rather have his machines do all the dirty work
  • The Class ability 'Sentry' places a sentry unit on any surface. 2 sentries may be deployed at any time and they can be destroyed once spotted. These Sentries will automatically trigger via motion detection and attack nearby enemies and will also send out an alert to the Player when first triggered


  • The only Guardian that has high speed and survivability. It's one goal is to move around the battlefield and keep other team members alive
  • Class ability 'Revitalize' sends out a small drone that follows players' target and provides a constant small amount of regeneration as well as a small shield. Reactivating the ability provides a large team-wide heal and puts the drone on cooldown

Genesis Nyans (NFTs)

The Genesis Nyans are rare Nyan Heroes NFTs that players can hold, as they will forever have value in the Nyan Heroes ecosystem. Players have the ability to mint their own Genesis Nyans but should take note that they are limited in supply.[15][16][36]

Total minted: 4,507 of 11,111

The Genesis Nyans affords its holder the following utilities:

  • A limited-edition PFP
  • Early access to beta tests
  • Access to exclusive airdrops and additional early rights to land sales
  • Early access to land presales
  • Single-time mint pass to claim a Genesis Guardian NFT.

Genesis Nyans will come in various rarities, ranging from common to legendary.

S/NRarityProbability %
4.Ultra rare7

Equipment (NFTs)

In Nyan Heroes, collecting and upgrading equipment is mostly limited to the adventure mode and guild mode[17]. To guarantee an equitable playing field in PvP, all Guardian levels are reset to one (1). However, in PvE and gameplay such as Giant Raids, the level of players' Guardian and its parts will play a vital role in success or failure.

Players will also be able to build and equip a primary and secondary weapon in PvE mode. Weapon Cores are combined with $NYN to create these weapons, and the resulting NFT can range from common to legendary. These weapons can also be leveled up later on. These weapons can also be bought and sold in the in-game marketplace.

Guardian components can be leveled up exactly like weapons for PvE, but they are inextricably linked to a players' Guardian NFT and hence cannot be separated or sold separately in the marketplace.

CTNP Tokens

The in-game economy is supported by the utility token CTNP[18].

By playing the game, players will receive CTNP as rewards for various tasks including battle victories in PvP mode, adventure mode, guild quests, and giant raids.

Token Functionality

  • For upgrades: $CTNP is subsequently used to upgrade equipment and parts, craft consumables, and purchase cosmetic skins.
  • For transactions: $CTNP can also be freely traded amongst players in the open economy for anything that two parties agree upon.
  • In-game asset: players can pay yield farmers in $CTNP to perform daily tasks, quests, complete missions, and trade the subsequent rewards with each other.
  • Governance: $CTNP can be used to pay mercenaries to assist with difficult missions or raids.


Token Allocation

S/NAllocation typeToken %
1.Core Team20
2.Public sale5
4.Ecosystem Treasury10
5.Staking rewards40
6.Liquidity pool5


The presale of the Genesis Nyan NFTs commenced on October 16, 2021. The presale spots and presale pricing will have limited timing[19][20].

Nyan Heroes will be allocating 5500 out of 11,111 Genesis Nyan NFTs in their presale as they believe in the long-term success of their Project and they want to ensure that their early supporters and community are the ones who end up holding their Nyan NFTs in their wallets. What they don’t want to see are bots and flippers snapping up thousands of their Nyans only to dump them on the secondary market afterward for a quick flip. The price for each Genesis Nyan will be 3 SOL.


The Nyan Heroes marketplace is a virtual one where players can buy and sell their Nyans, Guardians, and other in-game NFT items, such as weapon cores, cosmetic skins, crafted items, and so on which will help them level up, contribute to the guilds and challenge other players[25].

The items owned can also be traded on marketplaces outside of the impact of the gaming developers. Which will increase financial incentives for players to purchase and create items in the game. Players can as well visit [21] and [22] to perform trading activities[23][24].

The Items traded in the marketplace include:

  • Guardians
  • Nyans
  • Primary/Secondary Weapons
  • Cosmetic skins
  • Guardian Cores
  • Nyan Cores
  • Weapon Cores
  • Raw materials
  • Crafted items [26]



Nyan Heroes is a third-person battle royale shooter game built on the Solana [27]. The company recently announced the completion of its early-round seed investment, which raised a stunning $2.5 million. With a focus on sustainability, the game platform seeks to disrupt the play-to-earn ecosystem. They also hope to be the most popular PvP skill-based game on the .
In May 2022, the team announced the closing of its $7.5 million strategic investment round at a valuation of $100 million.  The venture funding round was led by various interesting VCs such as Kosmos Ventures, Sino Global Capital, Shima Capital, and Petrock Capital. Additional investors included Morningstar Ventures, 32-bit Ventures, , Tess Ventures, Master Ventures, Wave7, Ancient8, Drops Ventures, Andromeda Capital, Salad Ventures, Moonchain Capital, and Snackclub. Angels in the round included Joel Madden, A$AP Lou, Arnold Poernomo, DataDash, CryptoLark, CAGYJAN, Sol Legend, and Koroush. [37][38][39]

Sponsorship & Partnership

The Sponsors and Partners of Nyan Heroes include:

  • Three Arrows Capital

  • Mechanism Capital

  • DeFiance Capital

  • SINO Global Capital

  • Solana Capital

  • Infinity Ventures

  • Yield Guild

  • Skyvision Capital

  • Merit Circle

    ## Team

    Wraya  (Founder)[28]WRAYA is an influencer with a combined 30 million followers across all social platforms and recently has transitioned into Music. Building communities is her passion and talent. She has a deep interest in crypto blockchain. WRAYA has a degree in accounting and business and has years of experience as head of digital marketing for E-Web Marketing and SavvySME.[29]
    Maxmello(Co-Founder)Maxmello is WRAYA's business partner and a gaming influencer himself. For the past 7-8 years, he has run the operations side of WRAYA's businesses. As head of market research, product development, and overall business strategy, he has led multiple teams to execute projects at a high level. Maxmello has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and was a Senior Surgical Resident prior to his journey into the digital creator space. A believer in the crypto space for the past 4 years, he views NFT gaming as the only way forward in the future.[30]
    Zirka - (Solidity Developer)Zirka is a back-end developer and the founder of Pymons, a successful AI-based NFT project. He is a machine learning engineer and ex-competitive programmer.[31]
    Djip - (Fullstack developer)Djip is the Fullstack developer for the gaming platform.[32]
    Betsy - (Concept Artist)A multitalented artist capable of many art styles and genres, Betsy is a valuable asset to Nyan Heroes. She feels fortunate to be part of the team.[33]
    Brycent - (Growth/Advisor)Brycent is the top Axie Infinity streamer and is the founder of Lootsquad GG.[34]


The Official Roadmap of Nyan Heroes[35]:

October 2021 - Phase 1

  • Genesis NFT Presale/Public Sale
  • Web Portal
  • Fundraise

November 2021 - Phase 2

  • In-house Marketplace
  • NFT Staking Expeditions

Q4 2021 - Phase 3

  • Secondary NFT Sale
  • Upgrade Systems

H1 2022 - Phase 4

  • Gameplay Trailer
  • Governance Token Listing
  • Web Portal Minigames

H2 2022 - Phase 5

  • Gameplay Alpha
  • Land Presale
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