Odious is a 22 years old artist from the United Kingdom who sees making art as a platform to connect with other people and that is why most of his art was born out of experience and emotions.


Odious started as a freelance designer but he switches to making art after he no longer felt the passion he once had for designing. Art creations is a creative outlet for him to infuse all the experiences gathered in school and express his thought through it without keeping any in his head.

Odious often post most of his works on Instagram for more awareness and to connect with more people on the internet. His brand slogan is “<strong>thorns in my thoughts</strong>”.[1][2]

Presently, Odious has sold a total of 306 artworks, and his artworks have been valued at 847.983 ETH. His artwork "Never lose your inner Child" was sold for 35.976ETH and "Living a love story" was sold for" 10.888 ETH.

He is also co-founder of Pixel Vaults and Metahero Universe. He joined Pixel Vault as a Creative Director & Artist in June 2021. He contributed as a team member in Pixel Vaults product- PUNKS comic. Odious and Chris Wahl collaboratively designed MetaHero concept characters (heroes, villains, and mutants) , including two special mints as well. He is currently working on project Odiville. [7][8][9][10][11]

Personal Life

Odious kept himself anonymous online because he wants his audience to connect his character on a deeper level.

There aren’t any images of myself online and there’s a reason for that. I want to remain anonymous as it allows my audience to connect with my characters on a deeper level, almost as if they are real, allowing them to fill in the gaps in their life by submerging themselves into the scenarios I design.

He likes to watch YouTube videos in his spare time. [3]

Social Media

Odious main reason for being available on social platforms is to create more awareness for his brand and connect with more people. His work can be seen on Deviant Art where he has over 3.7k views and he also has 158 followers on. Odious is available on Instagram as todayodious with about 3700 followers and he can be reached on Twitter as odious where he amassed more than 21 thousand followers.[4][5][6]

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