Ofero Network

Ofero Network (launched in 2021) is a decentralized platform based on the PoTT protocol (Proof of Trust and Transparency), built on the (previously ). Its goal is to empower individuals and businesses by leveraging the transformative potential of Web3 products.[1][2]

On January 27, 2023, Ofero Network announced that its native token, $OFE, is now available on Trust Wallet. Oferians can securely store and manage their $OFE tokens using the leading mobile crypto wallet. [19]Additionally, on April 7, 2023, $OFE successfully migrated to the .


The name Ofero was invented in 2006 when the first marketing platform was launched and is now working on the[6] It is a website that enables business-to-business socializing and deals, it serves as a google for businesses in Romania and works only in Romania, it has over 7,826 companies using the platform to advertise, and for them to advertise they have to purchase the platform token to pay for advertising and also get some benefit in the crypto space. Ofero is a name that came from the Romanian word '' To Offer Something''.


As a proof-of-trust and transparency platform, the project aims to encourage full transparency on financial reports, transactions, team wallets, project wallets, and relevant decision-making processes.

The team behind the -assets platform delivered compelling use cases for its technology, and the project received its first real-world funding a few months after its listing.

OFE is used to assist companies in raising funds from communities and venture capital entities and generate passive income for retail or institutional investors.

Ofero was established in 2021. The listing on xExchange took place on April 7, 2022. During its first year of activity, the project established the technological infrastructure required to achieve its genesis goal. The launch of a DEX with an innovative sight-staking architecture was a turning point, and adoption pushed the OFE to the top of the MultiversX .

A customized KYC private platform built on the principles of trust and transparency ensures the stability and security of the holders' financial investments.

The combination of Defi and tokenized assets propels OFE to the top of the list of the MultiversX .[14][15][16]


Ofero Market

Ofero market is a new tool dedicated to the of the ofero network ecosystem. It is a place where the Ofero Community members can explore, buy, and soon, trade . The start is the Ofero Sports project, which launches the first .[4]

Ofero Exchange (OFE DEX)

The Ofero Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the MultiversX blockchain to enable users to have access to the $OFE token and other supported coins. It is a fast, simple, and safe Decentralized exchange that offers a lower trading fee. It also allows $OFE holders to view their staking in real-time.

The core utility of the OFE DEX is the staking architecture. Starting Q2 2023 willreal-timee $OFE page speed Token from to OFE DEX.[17]

The Ofero DEX is considered to be the fastest DEX in the world according to

Ofero Launchpad

Ofero also offers a token launch platform that assists block page speedups in raising funds for new projects. The first Ofero Launchpad will take place with the Evoload project most likely beginning of March 2023. It is an easy project to launch for Ofero Network due to its already formed community of holders. For $OFE this brings a new utility since EVLD will go public on OFE DEX.[13]


The Ofero token ($OFE) is the native of the Ofero network, built on the MultiversX  Blockchain and listed on the Maiar Exchange.

$OFE is to be considered an index (such as S&P) of businesses based both on fiat (real-life businesses) and on crypto assets (businesses that generate tokens as payment (fees)

Ofero Token Distribution:

The Ofero Token will have a total supply of 450.000.000 de OFE. Its distribution is done on a pro-rata basis, as follows:
9% Team
16% - ASH Ventures
16% - hatOFF Ventures
26% - Circulating Supply + Exchange
11% - for Farming & Staking
7% - to Romanian Business owners registered on
5% - for Education and Marketing
10% - Reserved for World Wide Adoption Strategy.[10]


Validators must hold 50k $OFE in their wallet, no lock, no bond. Optionally they can validate other holders to enable the staking architecture, Sight Staking, on their wallets. Optionally Validatoget 3.6% APR reward for the total amount of the holdings in the wallets they validate.

Moreover only validated wallets are eligible to migrate their tokens on BNB Chain, which launches on BNB Chain on the 7th of April 2023. Each validator will receive a reward equal to 0.1% of the total amount that will be transferred to the BNB Chain through the migration process.[7]

How to become a Validator?

To become a Validator and be eligible to Validate other accounts, you must first own 50k OFE tokens. Contact a Team Member on the Telegram channel after that.

Validators will only validate known users and will be required to make a video call or take a photo with the validated person to provide proof to the Ofero Network team if further verification is required.[18]

BNB Chain Launch

On the 7th of April 2023, $OFE successfully migrated to the Binance Blockchain (BNB Chain). The launch price on () was 1 BNB/~1600 OFE.

Only Validators and validated wallets were eligible to deposit $OFE in the migration .

Investors can migrate 20% out of the max 100.000 $OFE allowed. The rest of 80% will be locked for 6 months on the with a release of 5% every 5 days.

Each Validator gets a reward of 0.1% of the total amount transferred to Blockchain.[8]


  • Decentralized Club[3]
  • MultiversX Sports Club
  • Tiger’s Party Club
  • Maiar DEX.
  • e-Compass[12]
  • MultiversX (Previously Elrond)

Team Members

The Ofero Network team is originally from Romania and they include:

  • - Co-Founder & CEO
  • Stefan Olaru - Co-Founder & CTO
  • Gabriel Abrudan - CFO
  • Bianca Grip - CMO
  • Romeo Pop - CIO
  • Andrei Stoia - Head of IT Support
  • Adrian Tacaci - Network Expansion Manager
  • Andrei Muscalu - UI & UX
  • Ovidiu Popica - Event Operations Manager
  • Florin Cojocaru - Senior Programmer
  • Alex Barbu - Community Manager
  • Lacrima Zara - Business Integration Support
  • Lavinia Vinți - Legal Advisor
  • Lavinia Tudor - Asset Insurance Consultant
  • Alex Parausanu - Legal Advisor
  • Alexandra Barbu - Business Integration Support
  • Corneliu Antal - Brand Ambassador[5]


1st Quarter 2022

  • Whitepaper Release
  • Team Members Release
  • Token Presale
  • Partnership with
  • End of First Presale
  • Second Presale Phase

2nd Quarter 2022

  • $OFE xExchange Listing

  • $OFE Listing

  • Ofero Events Launch

  • First Exclusive NFT Event

  • $OFE Farming Program

  • Ofero Launchpad Launch

  • Ofero Market Launch

    3rd Quarter 2022

    • $OFE Farming Rewards Distribution
    • Partnership with Crust Network

    4th Quarter 2022

* Multichain Announcement
* Gamification & Trading Competition
* Migration to BNB Chain
* 8.4% APR Staking Reward Announcement
* $OFE on
* Ofero Network Aegis Launch
* 2022 Financial Report

## 1st Quarter 2023  
* Privacy Updates on Private Platform  
* New Blockchain Marketing Platform  
* Aegis Earnings Update  
* $OFE Top 3 Trading Volume on xExchange  
* BNB Chain Update  
* $OFE Listings (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko,, Coinbase etc.)  
* $OFE DEX Legacy Campaign  
* $OFE on Trust Wallet  
* $OFE on  
* First 12 Aegises Launch  
* Ofero Wallet Launch  
* The Value Launch  
* Ofero App Launch  
## 2nd Quarter 2023  
* Blitz Presale on BNB Chain  
* Distribution to Validators  
    * End of Blitz Presale  
    * Ofero Network BNB Chain Launch  
    * Team Expansion  
    * New Functionalities on Ofero Exchange  
    * Strategic Partnerships  
    * Ofero Meet Up  
    * Liquidity Program Development  
    * Ambassador Program Launch  
    ## 3rd Quarter 2023  
    * Ofero Summit Bucharest 2023  
    * New Official Website Launch  
    * Cross-Chain Bridge Launch  
    * Advisory Board Expansion  
    * New Strategic Partnerships  
    ## 4th Quarter 2023  
    * Ofero Network Mobile App   
    * Governance System Introduction  
    * Insurance Mechanism Introduction  
    * Custom Blockchain Explorers & Data Visualization Tools Development  
    ## 1st Quarter 2024  
    * DeFi Protocol Partnerships  
    * Educational Platform Launch  
    * Decentralized Voting Mechanism Implementation  
    ## 2nd Quarter 2024  
    * CEX Listing  
    * Market & Region Expansion  
    * Annual Conference or Meetup  
    ## 3rd Quarter 2024  
    * Research Division Establishment  
     Charity or Social Impact Fund Creation   
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Ofero Network

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