Pplpleasr is a Taiwanese 3D artist and digital illustrator influenced by anime, video games, underground music, and traditional Asian art.[1][2]  

Pplpleasr became widely known in 2020 when she started creating original animations for well-known crypto brands such as Aave, SushiSwap, yEarn, Poloniex, and others. [3]


Pplpleasr started her career in her twenties. According to her official website, she has worked in high-quality films such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, and Star Trek Beyond. She has also made different commercials and collaborated with Blizzard Entertainment cinematics.[4][5]  

In 2020, Pplpleasr went viral creating original animations for well-known crypto brands such as Aave, SushiSwap, yEarn, Poloniex, and others. [6]

Her work style is majorly influenced by animated films, the underground music scene, video games, and traditional Chinese and Japanese art. She developed a custom toon shader that gives the illusion of 3D elements being 2D illustrated, inspired by the art of Moebius. [7]

Besides the use of digital mediums, she often incorporates hand-drawn elements into her work and is familiar with traditional mediums such as painting. [8]

Behind the Naming

In an interview with ChainNews that she had always wanted to meet the expectations of people around her as much as possible, so she took the nickname "people pleaser". [9]


Pplpleasr first heard about cryptocurrency in 2014 but she did not buy crypto until the bull market in 2017. It was DeFi Summer (referring to the DeFi boom in the summer of 2020), when she became rather interested in DeFi (Decentralized Finance).


x*y=k is an NFT created by Pplpleasr and sold for $525,000/310 ETH.[10]  The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) was created as an animated ad for Uniswap V3, it depicts an animation of a Uniswap-Esque unicorn on its journey to reach the "Ethereum Promised Land." On its journey, it wakes up different elements related to the DeFi industry. [11]

The auction lasted for a day, and the bids came in quickly. Within 5 minutes of the auction start, someone had already offered more than $15,000. 3 hours later, the price doubled, and 4 hours later, it was over $100,000. [12]

During the last hour of bidding the NFT was already priced at $200,000. After Pplpleasr had tweeted that time was running out, the price rose to 310 ETH ($525,676.30). [13]

The winner was PleasrDAO, a fund created specifically to buy this NFT, a decentralized autonomous organization created by some of the artist's followers.[14] 

PleasrDAO comprised 23 Ethereum addresses that pooled funds together to place the winning bid. It was started by Leighton Cusack, the co-founder of PoolTogether. [15]

After the auction ended, Pplpleasr was so happy and with tears of joy tweeted how grateful she was to the entire DeFi community, especially those who participated in the auction.[16]  She said that the entire proceeds will be donated to the Stand With Asians movement, seeking to spread awareness about the racial discrimination suffered by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. [17]

The Meaning Behind the Name

x*y=k is the soul of Uniswap, the mathematical formula of the AMM (Automated Market Maker) algorithm. x is the currency amount of one currency (such as USD Coin) of the transaction pair (such as USDC/ETH), y is the currency amount of another currency (that is, ETH), and k is a constant. The multiplication of x and y is equal to a constant, so this algorithm is called the constant product market maker algorithm.

The Future of Finance is Green

The Future of Finance is Green was an animation created for Pickle Finance that helps DeFi (Decentralized Finance) traders automate a bewildering series of steps to get the highest yield.

The animation announcing the return of Pickle Jars, which are pools of capital with automated trading strategies, is a 15-second clip showing a holographic pickled gherkin rising out of a jar, glitching, set against a minimal techno soundtrack. A woman speaks in Japanese on voiceover, while the pickle’s nutritional information is rendered in Japanese hiragana. Finally, a pair of sunglasses slide onto the pickle, triggering a banner exclaiming “Sugoi!!”

“This was the first [video] that graced the Twitter space and people were like, woah what is this video and who made this video?! They just hadn’t seen anything of this style on Crypto Twitter,”

PplPleasr told in one of her interviews.

“It caught people off guard.”

"More importantly, the video had a high meme factor,"

she added. The pickle video was watched by about 15,000 people, while newer pieces are getting audiences of tens of thousands more,

“There’s always a factor of virality, which is what every meme aspires to be,”

she said. [18]



Qrion, a rising house, and techno artist entered the NFT era in style by teaming up with Pplpleasr for a unique drop to create a fresh NFT called QLOUDPLSR. [19]

The sale for QLOUDPLSR was on Friday, April 23, 2021, and ran for a full week with 30 limited edition NFTs available. The NFT featured stunning artwork from Pplpleasr and also brought forth an unreleased, ambient soundtrack from Qrion. She had previously showcased her ambient style on Anjunadeep’s Reflections, Vol. 2, so these new sounds were a delight for people who grabs an edition. [20]

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