Sam Bankmeme Fried

Sam Bankmeme Fried is a parody , with the ticker symbol $SBF, built on the . It is a novel project that brings humor to the world while promoting community involvement and innovation.[1][2]

In 2023, $SBF received a shoutout on Twitter from the verified account and regularly participates in $WIF community spaces.[3]


Sam Bankmeme-Fried was launched on November 26, 2023, on the , drawing inspiration from the events surrounding the collapse of the and its CEO, . It is primarily a meme coin but also offers Telegram marketing bots for the Solana ecosystem, including a crypto research bot, a multi-modal meme generator, and a raid bot called RaidQuest.[1]
wikiThe serves as both a parody and a social commentary on the industry, particularly focusing on its risk management practices and the ethical implications of leadership within the sector. Initially founded by a group of individuals who later departed from the project, leading to a community takeover, Sam Bankmeme-Fried has achieved a 4-month track record of consistent community growth and engagement. Its success is attributed to a community-driven approach characterized by active engagement through social media and involving the community in platform development decisions.[4][5]

Community and Culture

The Sam Bankmeme-Fried project revolves around its community, known as "Sams." This community is not just an add-on but a core part of the project. Members of the $SBF community actively engage in the project's development and promotion, contributing to a collective narrative that blends elements of role-playing with .

The project is also known for its unique communication style, characterized by irreverent humor and a penchant for satire. This is most notably expressed through "prison journal" entries, fictionalized accounts written from the perspective of in a humorous and exaggerated tone. These entries serve as both a form of entertainment and a satirical commentary on the events surrounding the real-life figure and the broader cryptocurrency industry.[1]


The Sam AI Bot is an AI-powered Telegram bot used for crypto research, community engagement, and later, on-chain analysis. It is currently in private beta, but free to use in its Telegram community.

The bot is an uncensored AI model that can discuss and other financial topics not found in ChatGPT. It also offers Real-time data from top crypto and finance news to even the most obscure sources like 4chan's /biz/.[6]


The total and maximum supply of the $SBF  is 99,991,999. The tokens are fully distributed to the  and feature no taxes, allocations, or presale, emphasizing a fair distribution model.

$SBF is available for trading on and . On Raydium, it boasts the most active trading pair, SBF/SOL, and the largest daily trading volume. In the coming weeks, $SBF plans to conduct an airdrop for over 120,000 Solana Saga smartphone owners.[7][8]


$SBF can be used across various Solana-based platforms including, Orca, Raydium, and Jupiter. Serving as a meme coin with features, $SBF is closely linked to the SBF DAO. This token plays a crucial role as the for the SBF DAO, empowering holders to engage in key decision-making processes within the ecosystem. Beyond its status, $SBF offers a practical and valuable utility, enhancing its significance within the Solana ecosystem.[1]


Sam Bankmeme Fried ($SBF), is built on the , a platform founded by . Solana stands out for its innovative transaction verification method, which combines proof of stake with its unique proof of history system.

$SBF's ownership structure is designed to prioritize decentralization. It includes full renouncement of ownership and zero creator and Token Update Authority balances. This approach sets SBF apart from other , addressing concerns about centralization and giving the community a significant role in shaping its development.[4]

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Sam Bankmeme Fried

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