Sergey Ivancheglo

Sergey Ivancheglo, also known as Come-from-Beyond (CFB), the founder of . His work spans several cryptographic and projects, including and , where he contributed to early Proof of Stake (PoS) and protocols.[1][12]

Early Years

Since childhood, CFB has been interested in the development of computer games, which later transformed into an interest in Massively Multiplayer Online Games and Virtual / Augmented Reality and the complex backend technology required to make them work. Over time, he explored distributed computing, gaining knowledge that he later applied to the field of DLTs. Ivancheglo later earned a Bachelor of Science with a focus on electronics and artificial intelligence.[1]



is a decentralized platform launched in November 2013 and is considered one of the pioneering projects. introduced several innovative features to the space, such as a built-in asset exchange, among other things. Ivancheglo founded the project and was an influential figure in the community during its early days. He contributed to the development, conceptualization, and promotion of various features of the platform.[2][6][7]


In 2015 Ivancheglo founded (Internet of Things Alliance) together with , and Dr. . The project was designed as a scalable and feeless transaction framework optimized for the Internet of Things. He played a crucial role in developing the technical aspects of unique "Tangle" system.[11]

Since 2018, Ivancheglo has faced conflicts with the Foundation board. The first conflict was caused by the formal procedure to elect members of the Board. Ivancheglo protested as board director blocked the appointment, requiring further discussion on Ivancheglo and co-founder joining the board. Finally, Ivancheglo and were appointed to the Board, though not without conflict. remained at the head of the Foundation, despite calls for him to step down. The internal conflicts of were among the factors that caused the price drop during the 2018 .[9]

In 2019, there were indeed internal tensions within the Foundation, and these disputes became public due to statements made by Ivancheglo and . Sergey Ivancheglo made a public statement claiming that owed him a significant amount of tokens due to past agreements related to their joint work on the project. This statement was made on X (former Twitter) and was later shared across various social media platforms and forums. Sergey posted:

"I notify the #IOTA community that I no longer work with David Sønstebø and am contacting my lawyers to get my 25 Ti from him. He refuses to transfer the iotas to make me act for his own benefit and against mine."[8]

In response, acknowledged that there were disagreements and misunderstandings between the two but emphasized that it was a personal matter between them and shouldn't reflect on the Foundation as a whole. He assured the community that they were working towards a resolution. Though, the exact details of how or if the dispute was fully resolved were not made entirely public.[9]

In June 2019, Sergey Ivancheglo departed from the Foundation. He commented:

"I no longer believe that the IOTA Foundation is the best setting for me to realize what we set out to create back in 2014 and 2015. I have always done my best work in a less rigid environment. I am looking forward to continuing the work on both hardware and software development of IOTA independently. Additionally, my use of free speech has repeatedly been leveraged in unfair attacks against the IOTA Foundation, something I am very tired of. I represent myself and only me when I express myself via personal mediums such as Twitter."[10]


Jinn project, which aimed to create a new type of ternary (as opposed to binary) hardware processor, was started by CFB and . Jinn held one of the earlier token crowd sales (or ICOs) in the crypto space. Tokens representing a stake in the project were sold to early backers. These tokens were initially launched on the platform, another project with which Ivancheglo was associated. The development of Jinn's ternary hardware was closely aligned with the vision of the project, in which Ivancheglo was also a co-founder and major contributor.


Sergey Ivancheglo also founded , an open-source project aimed at decentralized computation. employs a distributed ledger and consensus algorithm to maintain secure transaction records. It integrates and supports to facilitate automated processes and customized solutions.

Ivancheglo also developed Aigarth, an AI system built on the platform. Aigarth utilizes the network's computational resources to tackle data compression tasks and advance AI research. This system aims to provide a framework for public involvement in AI experimentation, reflecting Ivancheglo's goal of furthering AI development through decentralized means.[5][13][12]

"#Aigarth's main goal is to discover a new paradigm allowing to create true #AI, I have just seen the wireframe of this paradigm. And I have realized that Artificial Intelligence will not be created, it will emerge. With help of #Qubic miners." - Sergey Ivancheglo [14]


Ivancheglo is the founder of Paracosm, a platform with a focus on creating a multi-dimensional gaming universe, combining elements of augmented and virtual reality, and leveraging distributed ledger technology for its backend infrastructure. Given Ivancheglo's background in distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) with his work on and , he brought a strong technical foundation to the Paracosm project. Paracosm's platform has, in some aspects, been integrated with Tangle, taking advantage of its distributed ledger for backend operations. [4]

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Sergey Ivancheglo

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