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Squiggle DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for digital Art and on-chain generative art. It was launched in April 2021 and founded by Erick Calderon (Snowfro).[1]

Users who hold at least one Chrome Squiggle in their Ethereum wallet automatically become a member of Squiggle DAO.[2][3]


Squiggle DAO is a community-driven generative art platform, it is also a home for Chromie Squiggles and on-chain generative art education.

The DAO also acts as a foundry for artists who want to create.

Users who hold at least one Chrome Squiggle, automatically become a member of Squiggle DAO. Squiggle NFT acts as an entry pass to the Squiggle DAO Discord into a world built for Squiggle lovers.

While some of the Art Blocks team are members, Squiggle DAO is an unofficial, grassroots community. The SquiggleDAO mission is to support the growth and cultural relevance of generative NFT art.[4]

Currently, their future plan isn’t known to the public, only to the members of the DAO. Users can join and help bring the Squiggly world to life, by buying a Squiggle.[5] But those not eligible to join the DAO can also learn about the community by joining the channel for non-squiggle holders.[6]


Art Blocks Curated Founder, Erick Calderon (Snowfro), a generative artist and technologist, created Chromie Squiggle. He has been known for his interest in on-chain generative art in 2017 and has minted several Cryptopunks back in the days.[7]

The Chromie Squiggle collection was the first generative art project listed on Art Blocks, making this collection part of the history of the on-chain generative art movement.[8]

The project started when Snowfro decided to send Chromie Squiggles to Huston’s design industry. The Chromie Squiggles were originally created to demonstrate what generative minting could do. That it was possible to create thousands and thousands of outputs without a collision (two identical pieces).[9]

He started to generate 2000 Squiggles and gave them to his clients and people in the design industry. Later on, Snowfro saw that there were almost no similar projects to the Chromie squiggles, he then thought it could be a unique and identifiable project that would be worth pursuing.

Over the next two years after its first experimentation, he started modifying it and finally released it as the first project on his newly created platform, Art Blocks.[10]

Before long, the Chromie Squiggle holders created the Squiggle DAO, a community-led project and decentralized art house powered by hundreds of Chromie Squiggles owners.[11]

Chromie Squiggle

Chromie Squiggles are colorful generative art NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each squiggle is unique, generated algorithmically using data in a hash string to determine the locations of the points as well as the colors.[12]

The Chromie Squiggles collection has only 10,000 iterations possible, and each Squiggle has very different characteristics (number of points, rate of the gradient, starting color), which makes some Squiggles extremely rare.[13]

There are only 10,000 Chromie Squiggles minted. Currently, around 9,100 Chromie Squiggles have been minted into existence. Chromie Squiggles are no longer available to mint for purchase on Art Blocks. However, Chromie Squiggles can be purchased in secondary markets, like OpenSea.

The last 900 Chromie Squiggles are reserved for individuals who help further the goals of the Art Blocks community.

$SQUIG Token

The $SQUIG token is the coordination mechanism of Squiggle DAO, it has no financial value and offers no rights or claims to assets or revenue. The purpose of this token is to enable the members of the DAO to participate in DAO governance. One $SQUIG = one vote.

Some examples of how the token is used include:

  • Nominating multi-sig holders
  • Coordinating resources to support artists
  • Acquiring generative art from the open market or auction
  • Supporting other projects/platforms in the space
  • Launching generative art exhibitions
Token Address0x373acda15ce392362e4b46ed97a7feecd7ef9eb8
DAO Treasury0x56fcb471A9DdE74045830439AD6612C9aad53C19
Total Supply10,000,000 SQUIG
DAO Treasury5,000,000 SQUIG
Genesis Team1,000,000 SQUIG
Community AirDrop500,000 SQUIG
Bounty Program500,000 SQUIG
Public Distribution3,000,000 SQUIG

Governance 1.0

Governance 1.0 will enable SQUIG holders to propose and participate in DAO activities via Snapshot, a popular DAO-lite framework launched by Balancer Labs and subsequently open-sourced. The SquiggleDAO Snapshot:

Some key initiatives include:

  • Resourcing and launching a bounty program
  • Expanding the use of $SQUIG to build the Squiggle DAO Treasury
  • Grants to artists
  • Electing key members (moderators, writers, art curators)

The initial threshold to submit a proposal for a governance vote user must hold 10,000 $SQUIG. This is designed to ensure those with skin in the game have the opportunity to have greater impact on the DAO. The DAO will have the ability to change this at any time.

The Squiggle DAO Treasury

The Squiggle DAO Treasury holds the tokens and NFTs governed by the DAO. Squiggle DAO had a program whereby any eligible $SQUIG holder can increase their voting rights in the DAO by contributing a Chromie Squiggle to the treasury.

Contribution of a Squiggle is a sign of commitment to the Squiggle DAO cause. Contributors are rewarded with more influence in the DAO's decision-making.

The community donated beautiful squiggles to the treasury:

  • 80 DAO members donated a squiggle to the Treasury
  • The Treasury has 101 Squiggles with an estimated value of 140 ETH
  • 367,400 SQUIG will be distributed to contributors. This brings the total community distribution to 975,400 SQUIG or ~10% of the total supply.

Squiggles Merch Competition

The Squiggle Community held a Merch competition, which started on September 15th, 2021, and ended on September 29th, 2021. The contestants were to make their design, a static image that included the SquiggleDAO logo, $SQUIG, or any Squiggle owned by the DAO. Contestants may choose to design a t-shirt, hoodie, and/or trucker hat. The t-shirt and hoodies may have a front and back design. The trucker hat would just be the front panel.

Community-chosen designs were rewarded in $SQUIG tokens:

  • 1000 $SQUIG — Community winner
  • 500 $SQUIG — Community runner-up
  • 250 $SQUIG — Community 2nd runner-up
  • 100 $SQUIG x 2 — Community Honorable mention


Squiggle DAO x Coinvise

Coinvise, an organization that helps creators build open economies on Ethereum and Polygon, has collaborated with Squiggle DAO to help build and expand the project.


The team consists of art collectors, artists, technocentric dreamers that enjoy digital art and believe in decentralized decision-making. They also act as the Squiggle DAO Interim Governing Council.

  • tripleg
  • thattallguy
  • jonas
  • quickrider
  • carlosgomes
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Squiggle DAO


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