The Block

The Block, led by CEO , is an information services company focused on providing education within the space, empowering individuals to make informed decisions regarding investments, professional engagements, and comprehension of digital assets. [1][16]


Established in 2018 and headquartered in NYC, The Block stands as a trusted moderator and a notable voice in the space. Covering the global and blockchain sector 24/7 with a team spanning 7 time zones, they work to stay as a leading information services brand. [1][2]

Through their website, newsletters, research portal, podcast, data services, and research engagements, The Block engages daily with a diverse audience, including technologists, financial professionals, Fortune 500 experts, policymakers, and more. The Block offers comprehensive insights into the intersection of the emerging digital asset sector with traditional finance, technology, governments, and global markets. [1][16]

Platform Services



This section updates users on digital asset markets and corporate events, explaining the activities within the crypto space such as the latest developments, announcements, and strategic moves made by companies. [3]

Crypto Ecosystems

The Crypto Ecosystems subsection delves into news and recent findings on the ongoing adoption of technology by providing insights into emerging crypto ecosystems. [4]


The Deals segment is dedicated to news, rumors, and noteworthy developments in the cryptocurrency space. It goes over the details of deals involving , crypto companies, and exchanges, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of the financial transactions shaping the cryptocurrency market. [5]


This section encompasses market-moving news that impacts liquid tokens and public markets, including equities and structured products. Users can stay up to date with activities influencing the financial dynamics of the crypto market, bridging insights between the crypto space and traditional financial markets. [6]

Metaverse & NFT

The Metaverse & subsection covers the latest developments in the Meta NFT marketplace, the expanding Metaverse, and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects; explaining the changes across various markets and industries. [7]


The Policy page keeps users informed about crypto government policy news and regulatory developments affecting blockchain, cryptocurrency, and . [8]


The Block's Data section offers an overview of the space, presenting data across various market sectors, including Spot, Futures, CME COTs, Options, Prices, Companies, Structured Products, and Exchange Tokens. This section serves as a resource for users seeking real-time and historical insights into market trends, trading activities, company metrics, structured financial instruments, and the performance of exchange tokens. [9]


The Scoop Podcast

The Scoop, hosted by , offers timely conversations with key figures in the landscape, covering various topics ranging from, breaking news to billion-dollar fundraises. The host, , The Block's Editor-at-Large, aims to deliver impactful stories by engaging in insightful discussions that keep listeners informed about the latest developments. [10]

The Block Research Podcast

Hosted by The Block Research Team including CEO , The Block Research Podcast provides listeners with in-depth explorations of the technological advancements influencing the industry. Each episode features exclusive interviews and data-driven insights, focusing on delivering the essential information needed to stay well-informed and ahead of the crypto curve. [11]


The Learn section on The Block offers insights into various facets of the digital asset landscape. It covers the latest trends, providing a resource for staying updated on different developments. It covers diverse topics such as consensus mechanisms, market analysis, the ecosystem, layer 1 and , and the metaverse and ; ensuring a foundational understanding of blockchain principles. The learn section also provides insights into secure digital asset storage through the exploration of custody practices, and fundraising strategies within the crypto space, including and token sales. [12]


The Reports page serves as a platform for users to browse through all reports/research papers conducted by The Block Research, allowing them to read and download each report. [13]


The Block's Prices platform aggregates live data including price, market cap, volume, supply, of the top cryptocurrencies in the space. Each cryptocurrency on their Prices platform has a more detailed page, where users can read more about each of the tokens. [14]

The Block Pro

The Block Pro is a subscription-based resource, offering crypto and digital asset intelligence tailored to facilitate informed decisions for institutions navigating the industry landscape. [15]

Product Lines

  1. The Block Pro Research: Formerly known as The Block Research, this flagship product delivers comprehensive research and analysis. Backed by the industry's most extensive team of crypto-native and financial research analysts, it serves as a tool for industry professionals evaluating digital asset opportunities.
  2. The Block Pro News: Crafted by a team of reporters, The Block Pro News ensures subscribers stay well-informed with in-depth explorations and real-time announcements. It provides insights into sector-specific developments that shape the industry.
  3. The Block Pro Data: Vetted by a team of crypto-native data experts, The Block Pro Data products offer comprehensive, detailed, and accurate datasets. These data solutions aim to empower users to make well-informed decisions by leveraging the most reliable and up-to-date information available. [15]

Key Features

  • Unbiased: The Block Pro maintains objectivity with no venture arm or external influences, ensuring a commitment to unbiased reporting and research.
  • Expertise: Deeply embedded in the crypto ecosystem, The Block Pro teams possess nuanced industry knowledge. This expertise enables the delivery of research, news, and data that others aspire to emulate.
  • Accuracy: Grounded in data, The Block Pro's work undergoes rigorous sourcing, vetting, fact-checking, and verification processes, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy.
  • Global Coverage: With a global presence encompassing 24/7 coverage, The Block Pro boasts a team of 35+ journalists and 30+ research analysts across 20+ countries. This expansive network ensures that no industry development goes unnoticed, providing comprehensive insights around the clock. [15]
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The Block

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