Tj Dunham

Tj Dunham is the co-founder and CEO of , a decentralized workflow engine and semantic GUI for . He's an expert in business management and traditional and . [1]


Dunham completed his Bachelor's in Business Administration and Management from the University of Oklahoma.[2]


Dunham started his finance career in July 2019 by joining Franz Capital, a distributed trading firm and analysis group, where he worked for around three years. During this period, he helped develop custom quantitative trading algorithms for currency pairs (EURUSD/USD/USD) in Pinescript. Dunham gained practical experience by managing capital allocation at FTMO, a proprietary trading firm. Additionally, he oversaw a group of over 15 traders across North and South America. [2]

In January 2021, he assumed the position of Social Media Manager at Kebab Finance for approximately six months. During this period, he was part of a project that reached the final phase and the top 10 of ''s Most Valuable Builder accelerator' program. [2]

From April 2021, Dunham served as the CEO at DePo, a multi-market aggregator company, for roughly one year. His leadership aimed at simplifying accessibility. [2]


In March 2022, Dunham founded and became CEO of . ARC offers a visual smart contract development and auditing method, departing from traditional line-by-line approaches. The project includes an ad-hoc generative diagramming system tailored for Solidity, Yul, and Bytecode, which is operational on various platforms. [2]


About ARC

In a 2022 interview with FinStreamTV, Dunham explained what ARC was and how the idea came about: [3]

“Arc originally started as the concept of a multi-market aggregator. The idea was to aggregate various EVM chains like Cardano, AVAX, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and decentralized protocols into a single accessible platform with just three clicks. However, executing on this idea proved challenging, revealing a substantial gap between conceptualization on the business side and the intricate process of development and implementation. The realization of these ideas, particularly in developing the contracts, posed significant difficulties.”

He also mentioned how the initial development team wasn’t able to solve the problem ARC was trying to fix, stating:

“Previously, our team, we did have about 30 members back during the bull market of early January and throughout the spring, which it was nice but it didn't solve our core issue of development and getting the platform together because we realized that despite the amount of people we had on board and developers on board that bringing all of these pieces of crypto together didn't work. So we've actually flexed as a company and we're more focused on creating a development platform that will allow us to create that in the future.”

Later, he discussed where he thought ARC would be in the future of crypto, specifically the company’s Arc Reactor, a product designed to simplify development.

“By then, I can see Web 2 companies entering the space and incorporating technologies like our reactor to hash the data in their supply chains into the blockchain, utilizing custom blockchain solutions for their companies. I envision Web 2 companies transitioning into Web 3, benefiting from a product like the reactor to save infrastructural costs and streamline operations on a unified platform, akin to a decentralized SAP or an Ariba. Additionally, I foresee the adoption of Quantum consensus mechanisms in the future, though not necessarily with ARC. As Quantum Tech becomes more mainstream, the move towards it may gain traction, especially considering the potential security concerns with current technologies.”

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Tj Dunham

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