World of Women

World of Women  Is a collection of unique cool and diverse Women. There are 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity living on the   as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on .[1][6]


World of Women aims to highlight and empower women by making them the center of her pieces. Also, grow the art space. World of Women aims to bring more diversity and inclusivity to nfts, which is very much missing in this male-dominated space. On the other hand, 15% of all primary sales will be reinvested in crypto art.[1][7]
wikiThe collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity. There are up to eleven traits and a combination of 189 attributes. For example, there are 14 skin tones, 25 hairstyles, 23 facial features, 28 eye combinations, 11 backgrounds, 27 combinations of clothes, 25 hairstyles, 13 facial accessories, 17 pairs of earrings, 15 necklaces, 9 mouths, 7 lip colors.[2][8]

Each WoW NFT low-definition image is first hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm. They then combine it, in the specific order listed below, all of these hashes into a single string. The final proof is obtained by hashing (using SHA-256 again) this combined string. This is the final provenance record stored in the smart contract as WOW_PROVENANCE. Each WoW NFT token ID is assigned to an initial sequence art image with this formula: (tokenId + initialIndex)% 10000 Initial sequence index.[3]


Yam Karkai created each piece of digital art for the project. The whole collection is the work of Yam in her signature hand-drawn and colorful style using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator.

The trend leading up to the massive sale took off when Vaynermedia CEO, Gary Vee, posted an Instagram video endorsing the NFT collection for its “fire art” and enormous potential. Twenty-four hours after posting, the video reached $ 360,000 views and counting. Later, a user named Jaft was acquired Women # 2925 for about 20 ETH.[2]


  • QUALITY: Each WoW NFT is an 800x800 PNG file available to all who right-click save. But only by owning a WoW NFT members will be able to unlock its 4000x4000 super high-resolution version. Then the user can print the art himself and use it for projects derived from it.
  • CLUBS: in World of Women 3 exclusive clubs have been created from which only the members can receive benefits if the user has a WoW NFT with one of the exclusive attributes or a combination of attributes. ROYALTIES CLUB: 50% of ALL OpenSea royalties earned from secondary sales to be split monthly between the members. Royalties being set to 4%, that's 2% of all sales for the lucky club members. INVESTORS CLUB: 50% of ALL profits generated by the WoW Fund to be split monthly between the members. Reselling NFTs for a profit, lending them, merchandising art under license, organizing events... These are different options the Fund will explore. CURATORS CLUB Each member will be able to choose -once a month- an nftart piece for the WoW Fund to purchase. Although the World of Women NFT collection sold out, anyone can still get one on the  secondary market.[4]
  • ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: As World of Women supports all the arts, David Magyel, a dedicated educator and creator, will compose and perform an original piano album for the project to be released on Spotify.

The Team

  • Creator and artist: Yam Karkai.
  • Coordinator: Raphaël Malavieill, Chief of Staff of a tech company in real life. Believes in nfts and their application on real world matters.
  • Development: Toomaie, Generative Art & Cellular Automata mad scientist. Speaking Solidity. Cofounder of NFTribe.
  • Apefluencer: Boring Bored Ape, NFTribe cofounder, world famous apefluencer, jack of all trades, master of none.[5]

“We are all passionate and committed to the nft space and strongly believe this is our future and that our project can help make a difference. We hope you’ll follow along on this journey with us!”.[5]


  • Building a collection by acquiring pieces of cryptographic art 1/1; Promotion and exhibition of the artists of its collection; Generating benefits for the Investor's Club; Operational purchases requested by the Curator's Club; Taking into account the recommendations of all WoW NFT owners.

Causes that supports WoW:

  • As already mentioned WoW tries to encourage and support women in art in the NFT space and therefore it is logical that they also support women in the real world. 2.5% of all primary sales will be donated to each of these 3 causes: She's the First funds and supports local solutions to educate and empower girls around the world; Too Young to Wed fights against the barbaric practice of child marriage; Strange Cintia is a member of our community and needs our help to fight her illness: severe ME/CFS.

Sales Milestones

  • Every 1000 primary sales, we will pick 10 random WoW NFT owner and ship them their print!
  • 2,5% of all primary sales will be donated to her She's the first.
  • The World of Women Fund will open, time to collect cryptoart! 10% of all primary sales to be allocated to the Fund.
  • 2.5% of all primary sales will be donated to Too Young to Wed.
  • 2.5% of all primary sales will be donated to Strange Cintia.
  • 70% SALES: We will purchase land in the Sandbox for the Fund and build a home for it. Art needs to be seen in the Metaverse!
  • 80% SALES We will allocate an extra 5% of all primary sales to the Fund’s wallet so that it can invest in more nft artists.
  • 90% SALES We will go shopping on OpenSea for the Fund’s collection, purchasing at least 10Ξ worth of WoW NFT we love.
  • SOLD OUT The attributes defining each Club will be revealed and their perks activated!
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World of Women

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