Alessio De Vecchi

Alessio De Vecchi is an Italian-born, Tokyo-based 3D designer and artistic director. He creates globular dreamscapes and playful humanoid structured animations that are hard to explain.[1]

He has worked as an art director and CG artist in New York, Milan, and Tokyo with clients like Adidas, LG, Samsung, Ford, Citibank, La Prairie, H&M, Maison Margiela, and HBO.[2]


Before NFTs

After starting his career as an industrial designer at Fabio Novembre's studio in Milan, he moved to New York to work for Karim Rashid in 2006.[3][4]

After moving to New York City he realized that product design wasn’t exactly thriving there. So in 2008, he started working on more ‘intangible’ products as a personal visual exploration.

A friend who worked as an account executive at a big advertising agency helped him get into 3D and animations and he has been working in advertising ever since then.

He said in an interview with Intomore

"I’d say I always had an inclination towards the arts. I started painting when I was four. I explored different medium since childhood. I would say that 3D is the medium that I am now more comfortable with. I’ve been using 3D software since 2001".

He has worked as an art director and CG artist in New York, Milan, and Tokyo with clients like Adidas, LG, Samsung, Ford, Citibank, La Prairie, H&M, Maison Margiela, and HBO.[5]

His creations have earned positive attention from Vogue, I.D.Magazine, The Creators Project among others.[6]

He has worked with many Italian design brands like Cappellini, Patricia Urquiola, and Driade.

He talked about people who inspired him saying

"Anyhow, I’d say that two people that really inspired my aesthetic are David Lynch and David Cronenberg. Also, Blade Runner and Strange Days were movies that changed my vision forever. Basically, anything that has to do with alienation and contains a dystopian element".

"I am definitely inspired daily by the artists I follow on Instagram. A couple of years back I participated in the design contest created by @36daysoftype and I got to discover great artists like @velvetspectrum, Peter Tarka, Antoni Tudisco, and @madebykaran. Recently, I’m really loving the work of @_estebandiacono and @extraweg. I am learning a lot from them".

In another interview he was asked how did you learn to use the human form so well, he said

"I can't draw!...Not well, at least. I am indeed fascinated by the human form. Sometimes my humans take the form of food, liquid, or natural fibres. They deform and fall. I guess I am talking about the frailty of being human. Humans are so versatile and yet so fragile. So impermanent. Definitely so. I guess that allows for exorcising the fear of death, somehow. An attempt to defeat mortality. And I think that’s one of the most important functions of the art overall".

In 2009, he founded a creative group called adv collective and recently saw his work screened at Pausefest in Australia.[7]

Works, Series and NFTs

His collection on Nifty Gateway featured 3 animated works all in a unique style. His works always receive a "wow" or "oh my goodness" reaction from viewers. "Nobodies", "In Arms Way", and "Body of Work" certainly had positive responses.


This piece was a reflection about the state of society and social interactions in 2020. It was nominated for Best art on NFT Awards.

In abandoned places

This piece is part of an ongoing series, it looks into the will to regain physical and mental space, but also the necessity of exploring the recesses of the self.

The furry worm is wandering. He’s bright in color, but one can’t tell what his mood might be. It’s not given to know if he’s lost or in control of the exploration.

Other NFTs

Some of his other NFT Artworks include:

Personal Life

His favourite hobby is cooking as he claims

"It's somewhat of a design process".

When asked about his intellect, and if he felt his brain is different from most people like on the train or in the general public, he revealed

"Ahah...I have OCD with a pinch of ADD, so I guess you can say that! However, I have a strong visual mind, so anything that I observe might trigger ideas that I later transpose into my personal 3d work".[8]

He said he uses all tools in his works but Cinema 4D, Houdini, and Octane Renderer are his main tools. He currently resides in Tokyo, he has finalized his debut short movie as a director and done his first exhibition.

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Alessio De Vecchi


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