Antoni Tudisco

Antoni Tudisco (born November 28, 1991) is a graphic designer/digital artist based in Hamburg, Germany. His surreal and colorful style has been featured in Vogue, Highsnobiety, and Hypebeast. He has collaborated with major artists like Will Smith, Pop Smoke, Swae Lee, and Steve Aoki.[8]

He has worked for numerous clients, such as Coca-Cola, Reebok Woman, Vans Indonesia, and MTV Philippines among many others and his works and clients may be more than those who are much older than him.[1]

Early Life

He was born on November 28, 1991, in Hamburg, Germany to a multicultural family and this contributed to his amazing talent.

His mother is a Filipina fashion enthusiast while his father is an Italian chef and he was exposed to the cultures of two sides of the world.

As a child, he always doodled, sketched pictures, and created his own characters. According to him he barely listened to my teachers at school and was too busy to finish his Son Goku masterpiece. He always had his own world ever since he was a little kid.[2]

He grew up studying media management and web design & development programming.[3][4]

At the age of 17, he enrolled at the SAE Institute and took up a Web design and Development program. While doing this course, he realized it wasn't for him as he didn’t want to learn the language of computers.

Despite this, he still pulled through and got his diploma a year after. The things he designs presently he didn't learn from the course since it wasn't taught, so he just researched and practiced everything on his own till he mastered his own style.[5]


Since the day he developed his personal website and uploaded his works on the Internet, he got a lot of attention and huge feedback from different agencies as well as ADs/CDs who gave him his first projects.

Initially, it wasn’t a big deal, just small projects here and there but as years went on, he became better in his field and got more and bigger agreements.

His biggest breakthrough started when he uploaded his project KILL ART//TRUST DESIGN. Bigger companies and bigger names contacted him and wanted a piece of it.[6]

He launched his own brand TUDISCO STUDIO as well. Having been featured in Vogue, Highsnobiety & Hypebeast and winning several notable design awards.

He works alongside his brother Marc Tudisco on animating his pieces.


He has been designing some pretty amazing 3D sneakers. Working with Nike, Inc. or Adidas, his sneakers are more like a digital piece of art rather than potential prototypes.

His combination of contrasting colors, textures and unusual elements like concrete blocks, bubbles, furs, or hamburgers give his final compositions a very distinct and trendy style.[7]

In an interview with Digital Arts, he said:

"I'm a big Nike fan; even though I do gigs for them I still love to do personal works based around their sneakers. I'm a big sneakerhead, to be honest".

NFT Works & Collaborations

TOHI NFT Collection

On May 12, 2021, TOHI a Persian artist, producer, and icon dropped his first ever collection, in collaboration with legendary artist  via, to celebrate his global community on the eve of Eid. The release featured three unique pieces — TOHI Meditation, Eternal Love, and Eye on You.[9]

Wiz Khalifa X Antoni Tudisco NFT Drop

On October 15, 2021, Multi-platinum Grammy & Golden Globe nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa expanded his prolific creative output into the NFT space by partnering with renowned 3D artist Antoni Tudisco for a limited edition NFT drop.[10]

The limited edition collection consists of 10 editions of 10 individual pieces (100 in total), priced at 0.75 each. The cross-genre collaboration was simply the result of two artists who admired each other and seized the opportunity to collaborate in a new format. Each piece began with Wiz selecting musical and stylistic elements from his recent work - no surprise, weed is a central theme - which Tudisco then meshed with his signature lush 3D surreal hyper pop style.[10]


In April 2022, Antoni Tudisco announced that his upcoming NFT collection Kiraverse will be launched soon. Antoni Tudisco’s collections have caught the attention of brands like Apple, Versace, and Nike. His vision and ability to recreate and represent that vision in art have been labeled both 'out of the world' and 'out of the box.' Bold colors, quaint figures, and ideas that speak of a world different from our own have become the hallmarks of Antoni’s creations.[11]

Kiraverse means, “greater potential for engagement. Antoni’s art has the potential to take users on an unplanned trip of sorts. The interaction of colors, vivid imagination, and uninhibited use of creativity are sure to leave people spellbound.[11]

Personal Life

One of his favorite artists is DXTR from The Weird, as he believes his works are really awesome.

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Antoni Tudisco

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