Bitcoin Cards

Bitcoin Cards is a play-to-earn mobile game where users can earn and win prizes by trading digital cards. It is powered by PlayEmber, a game studio. [1][2][3]


Bitcoin Cards is a card trading game that offers players the opportunity to earn and win prizes through strategic gameplay. Players collect unique and rare cards to build a collection and participate in the card trading market. The game features a variety of beautifully designed cards, each with unique abilities and attributes. Players can undertake challenges and quests to unlock rewards, furthering their progress in the game. [3]

On February 3, 2024, Bitcoin Cards partnered with Jambo Technology to educate and entertain the African community. Users who get Jambo can become part of Bitcoin Cards. [6]


PlayEmber is a major gaming company established in 2021 by Jon and Hugo. With over 120 million downloads and five million active monthly players, PlayEmber has been a leading player in the gaming industry. The company creates and releases its own games, publishes games for other studios and Web3 IPs, and also develops Web3 technology for mobile gaming. Their focus is on assisting Web2 gamers in transitioning to the Web3 space. [4]

Co-founder Hugo is an esteemed free-to-play (F2P) mobile game developer, who has published over 20 games with leading publishers such as Voodoo, Applovin, BoomBit, and Kwalee. Meanwhile, Jon is a serial gaming entrepreneur who has built and exited one of the earliest mobile ad networks and led various gaming studios, publishers, and gaming tech companies like AdColony, BoomBit, and Homa Games. Together, they possess a total of over 1 billion downloads of their games and are spearheading PlayEmber into new ventures. [4]

Additionally, PlayEmber has attracted notable web3 investors, including Shima Capital, Big Brain Holdings, , Hyperithm, Warburg Serres, and Lyrik Capital.

PlayEmber integrated the Lightning network into some of their new mobile games including Bitcoin Cards. By playing the game, users can earn small amounts of Bitcoin (BTC), known as satoshis, every time they play. [4]

Other games developed by PlayEmber include Hyper Cards, Raft Life, Superhero Race, Bitcoin Hero Race, etc. [5]

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Bitcoin Cards

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