Crowd Machine

Crowd Machine (CMTC) is an advanced, decentralized p2p network computer which aims to make the process of development easy, fast, inexpensive[1][2].


Crowd Machine is an advanced, decentralized p2p network computer — the Crowd Computer distributed on the Crowd Machine community’s mobile devices and computers, a p2p network called Crowd Virtual Machines (CVM), where each device on the network executes decentralized apps[3].

With Crowd Machine, users can rapidly construct intelligent, enterprise-ready applications and highly functional microservices in a visual drag-and-drop development environment. Building, testing and deploying new and innovative solutions are easier than ever before. The Crowd Machine platform is the fastest way to integrate and automate your business processes[4][5].

Crowd App Studio

Crowd App Studio is a  agnostic zero code application builder. Crowd App Studio has access to Crowd Share, a GitHub-like repository of reusable source code created by the community.

Crowd Machine Go

The ultimate solution that enables business users to snap together intelligent microservices that can integrate and modify, new or existing applications while remaining compliant with IT policies and security protocols.

Crowd Machine Features

  • Legacy Modernization: Crowd Machine takes it to the next level by giving your company better business agility, endless scalability, complete business transparency and freedom from outdated dependencies. Crowd Machine becomes the centerpiece of your business applications, uniting your systems and data and giving you access and clarity you didn’t know was possible.
  • Drive IT/Business Collaboration: Collaboration between IT and business lines yields faster and better results. When these teams begin defining requirements, this is also the start of development of the application. While doing design work and logically defining how the app is going to function, IT can start dragging and dropping components onto the pallet and creating functional capabilities that will actually run.
  • Application Integration: Crowd Machine gives you the tools to create the framework that helps your business integrate mission-critical systems – such as Customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise resource planning software (ERP), Business intelligence applications (BI), payroll and human resource systems, and supply chain management (SCM). This ensures that all data and information within the organization is stored correctly, is accessible yet secure, and is transmitted accurately when called upon.


Craig Sproule (Founder and CEO)

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Crowd Machine


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