DMarket (DMT) is a global marketplace based on blockchain and smart contracts. It enables one-click sale, exchange, or evaluation of every virtual item between all games on any platform. DMT uses smart contract technology to enable transparency and security of transactions . [1]


DMarket is a new ecosystem where gamers, developers, and entrepreneurs can efficiently and securely evaluate and trade virtual items. Thus, DMarket creates a new economy that joins with existing real-equity markets . [1]

DMarket provides developers and decision makers with a platform on which games can leverage additional years of existence. Combined with a strong in-game economy system and interesting new features, even single games (not part of a franchise and without multiplayer features) could expect to see a constant income increase. [2]

The DMarket network will help gamers to estimate the value of their virtual capital and help game developers to increase their revenues. The current version of the DMarket network blockchain, implemented using Rust and C ++, has the following characteristics:

  • High-speed response. It can process up to 3,000 transactions per second, which will enable the platform to ensure a proper transaction processing speed.
  • Elasticity. The developed blockchain ensures smooth operation (even if up to one-third of the nodes in the blockchain network are disabled or compromised .

The DMarket system is divided into two independent parts. The first is a decentralized blockchain database - a completely independent distributed information storage system for all transactions that take place in the game and/or on the trading platforms. DMarket’s blockchain uses smart contract technology, which ensures transparency and security of the transaction for all participants . [2]

DMarket Coin

DMarket Coin is the only virtual currency that operates on DMarket. All transactions with digital goods (including fees) are made in DMarket Coin only. All contributors receive an ERC-20 exchangeable DMarket Token on the Ethereum network. [3]

DMarket Tokens (in-game items) are created through the use of the API’s endpoint and a token factory. The API itself can be imported into the libraries of the most popular engines; this simplifies the connection of the asset creators (developers and publishers) with DMarket . [1]

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