My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, interact with neighbors, perform daily activities and earn rewards. Inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, the game combines a narrative for regular players as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs. [1]

The game was made in collaboration with ChromaWay using the Chromia Blockchain ecosystem. [2]


My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game developed by Antler Interactive, where players build their own virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform different daily activities and earn rewards. Anyone can join the world by buying a piece of land and participating in various activities such as farming, fishing, bug catching, and beekeeping. Activities, shared quests and competitions bring valuable rewards and upgrade players’ status in the game.

Players can design and decorate their lands with different in-game items in form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These are represented as plants, flowers, trees, buildings, or animals, among other things.

DeFi elements are integrated within the gaming narrative to incentivize players' participation and gameplay. My Neighbor Alice plans to offer collateral-backed NFTs and NFT rentals that will enable players to rent out their NFTs and earn interest. [3][4][5]  

Alice world is a large island complex located in the Lummelunda archipelago. Alice shares the archipelago with her friends - Björn the Bear, Beekeeper Bob, Ivan the Merchant, and Shipwright José. By interacting with neighbors and helping Alice with her duties and daily activities, players earn a reward which can be exchanged for in-game items that they can use on their lands. 


My Neighbor Alice includes a variety of in-game features designed to advance and upgrade users’ gaming experience.

Players can trade their land and other in-game items, such as houses, fences, animals, and plants in the virtual in-game marketplace.

  • Virtual islands are important elements of the game infrastructure. Players can purchase plots of land from Alice after the onboarding or in the marketplace. It is important to note that there is a scarce supply of plots in the universe and each piece of land is represented in the form of NFT tokens.
  • Avatars are used to represent players in the game. Players can customize and personalize their avatars with the help of cosmetic items and modify it by installing different assets to them.
  • Players can collect and trade various in-game items, such as houses, fences, plants, and animals in the in-game marketplace.
  • My neighbor Alice will have a reputation system that rewards players as good landowners with increasing benefits (up to participating in the Community Council).
  • My Neighbor Alice will enable various possibilities for players to work on a shared goal and join resources to complete fun activities. For example, the game will enable community-created events where players will participate in activities and competitions.
  • My neighbor Alice will also enable a decentralized forum, where users will be able to discuss the game activities, figure out the upcoming votings schedule within the Decentralized Organization, search for new friends, etc. [6]


Implemented on Chromia Original a protocol made in collaboration with the Chromia developers team for NFTs and NFTs creator strategic features, which offers a more extensive and complex functionality than standard NFTs. In this respect, My Neighbor Alice will be able to store much more data about items on-chain. Also, the logic of items will be designed in an open-source game, running on-chain and being under the ultimate control of the players with the help of the DAO.

The Chromia Blockchain provides the game’s backend functionality. My Neighbor Alice pays network nodes in the native CHR tokens to enable players to participate without the need for them to own crypto.

Furthermore, in-game assets are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that use an innovative hybrid model. These NFTs exist on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), where they can be freely traded. Meanwhile, a ‘paired’ Chromia Original NFT lives on the Chromia Blockchain where it stores additional metadata. This unique model opens the door for a wide range of exciting new use cases for NFTs!

Moreover, Chromia’s “Relational Blockchain architecture” will enable the game to operate without a centralized server. This means that all in-game data and player progress is stored on a Chromia Sidechain in a tamper-proof, transparent way.  [7][8]

Lummelunda Archipelago

Lummelunda Archipelago is where the island is located. In the game, players could either purchase virtual plots from Alice or in the marketplace. There is a scarce supply of plots in the universe and each piece of land is represented in the form of NFT tokens. After the plot has been purchased, players can decorate it with various in-game items such as houses, lakes, decorations, animals, plants and other items that can be purchased additionally.

Lummelunda archipelago consists of six key islands:

1. Snowflake Island

Located on the northwestern edge of the Lummelunda archipelago, Snowflake island is a frosty wonderland filled with ice sculptures of mysterious origin. Fairy magic is found all around the place.

2. Medieval Plains

The Medieval Plains are anchored in an ancient time, with a landscape full of low vegetation and stonework. A great spot for a user cows to graze.

3. Nature's Rest

Nature’s Rest is a dense forest with lush vegetation. Glowing lights fall from the trees and create a moody atmosphere. Nature’s rest also happens to be Bear’s (you know, the friendly bear with the yellow hat) birthplace.

4. Lummestad (The Town)

The small but bustling town of the Lummelunda archipelago is full of shops and is the center point of many of the events in the game. The Town is located in the middle of the archipelago. This is the place where players will get to meet and interact with each other, buy and sell items and have fun together.

5. Sandy Coast

Made famous by local celebrities like Dr. Hilton, Sandy Coast resembles the Maldives. As the the name suggests, the Sandy Coast is mostly composed of sand and includes multiple islands. This is the obvious destination for any beach dweller.

6. Submerged Islands

The rich waters of the Submerged Islands are stalked by seafaring pirates, seeking the treasures and mysteries beneath the waves — or hunting those brave enough to try and get there first! Think shipwrecks, chests and driftwood. 

My Neighbor Alice's Token ($ALICE)

ALICE token is the native currency in the game. Additionally, players can stake their ALICE tokens in the game to earn rewards alongside governance rights. This means players can then propose or vote on updates to the protocol.

It is represented as both ERC20 and BEP-20 token standards. The ALICE token reached an all-time high of $40.93 shortly after release on March 15th, 2021 according to CoinGecko.

Token Functionality

  1. Purchasing Game Items: ALICE could be used in the marketplace for purchasing assets and also special skill sets in the game (e.g. Fertilizers)
  2. Staking Rewards: ALICE token can be used in the system to earn staking rewards. It is designed to encourage users to hold tokens and support the ecosystem. It is used to earn a percentage of platform revenues (e.g. plot sales, asset sales, and transaction fees).
  3. Playing to earn: By completing quests in the game, players can earn ALICE tokens. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and to maintain traction.
  4. Governance: Token holders could participate in the decentralized governance process that decides on the use of revenues, game development and growth.
  5. Social feature: Users can send ALICE tokens in the chats with neighbors; present assets to visitors; exchange NFT assets. [9] 


Token Sale Data

Token NameALICE
Private Sale Allocation21,000,000 ALICE
Private Sale Token Price0.100 USD / ALICE
Private Sale Amount Raised2,100,000 USD
Public Sale Allocation800,000 ALICE
Public Sale Token Price0.125 USD / ALICE
Public Sale Amount Raised5,000,000 USD

Token Allocation

Allocation typeToken amount
Token sale21 000 000
Team and Advisor15 000 000
Community & Marketing15 000 000
Platform reward8 000 000
Reserve20 000 000
Ecosystem16 000 000
User Incentive5 000 000
Total100 000 000

ALICE tokens were sold in a public sale on February 2nd, 2021 at a price of 0.125 USD. 

Decentralized Governance

My neighbor Alice aims to become a truly user-owned game with its own Decentralized organization called Community Council governed by the community. Collectively, users are able to decide on the use of revenue from island sales, in-game asset sales, and traditional game distribution channels. In the meantime, they can also decide on the project development schedule and token buy-back schemes.

Through the DAO, the project aims to distribute ownership to the community, allowing players to vote and propose important decisions (e.g. game development, NFT approvals, upcoming competitions, etc.). Over time, the members of the Community Council will also manage and distribute the revenues to the team for additional game development. Over time, the members of Community Council will also be able to manage and distribute the revenues to the team for additional game development. My Neighbor Alice often takes inspiration from real-world models of governance and decision-making to ensure that users truly own the game. [10]

Gamified Finance

Staking Yield

Based on the teams staking and reward projections, they will allocate a fair amount of tokens on staking rewards. This will incentivize stakers to hold their tokens during the early stage of the game development when some game features will still be under development.

NFT Collateral

In order to provide more liquidity to the collectors in My Neighbor Alice, the team has designed the collateral-filled NFTs, so that users could not only enjoy a monthly interest on their NFT holdings but also have access to instant liquidity when they want to liquidate the NFT. When a user buys NFT from the system, a percentage of the purchase price might go into a collateral pool associated with NFT. The user then has an option to sell it back to the system (i.e. destroy the NFT) for the price equivalent to the locked collateral (or a percentage of it). This guarantees that the value of NFT cannot go below a certain threshold. This feature will also allow a user to take a loan using NFT as collateral.

NFT Rental

NFTs, including land, can be rented to other players. The smart contract will make sure that the borrower cannot resell or destroy the object, and makes sure that the object returns to the owner when the rental period ends.[11]  


Antler Interactive team raised $2.1m for My Neighbor Alice, a new Blockchain Multiplayer game. Among the investors in My Neighbor Alice are NGC Ventures, Bitscale Capital, Genesis Block, Kyros Ventures, Coin98 Ventures, Asymm Ventures, Augment Ventures, Btx capital, Rarestone Capital, and X21 Digital with strategic angel investors such as Arpa and Bella Protocol co-founder, Felix Xu and Ankr co-founder, Ryan Fang. [12]

Team Members

The team comprises 12 professionals with solid track records in different fields ranging from gaming to blockchain. The core team is based in Sweden.

Anna Norrevik(CEO)BSc Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and Business Administration from KTH. 5 years of professional experience as Paradox Interactive team leader/producer for 7 expansions, including the largest game project at Paradox, Crusader Kings 3, consisting of 20+ people.
Lenny Pettersson(CMO)15+ years of experience within the media & gaming industry. Before Antler, Lenny worked 8 years as Senior Marketing Manager for the Nordic & Baltic region at Turner, a WarnerMedia company. Vast experience in launching original IPs (such as Adventure Time, Ben 10, and Powerpuff Girls) for Cartoon Network.
Oliwer Svensson(Game Director)Resourceful artist and director that paves the way for teams to reach new visions. He has been central in developing powerful pipelines and art directions for both realistic and stylized settings. Lecturer Art & Visual Storytelling at Futuregames & Berghs. Has experience of teaching at Futuregames.
Anastasia Plane(Marketing Manager)Marketing Specialist at Antler Interactive and Project Lead of multiple gaming and blockchain-based projects. MA in Business and Marketing, a Bachelor's degree in Logistics. Ex-professional athlete and gamer. Anastasia worked closely with blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and gaming and have vast experience in these fields.
Loraine Gauteul(Producer)Master's Degree in International Communication from Jönköping UniversityBachelor in International relations from Tsukuba University. 2+ years of experience as a producer: Coordination between the developers and the marketing, Processes, project management, and workflow, Leading the QA & User research of the studio, Localization management.
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My Neighbor Alice

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