Otherside Vessel

Otherside Vessel is an NFT collection that is an integral part of the metaverse, created by , that acts as a "vessel" which evolves into a , a koala-like character that resides in the metaverse. At its core is the engaging game, inviting players to embark on quests, explore a dynamic virtual world, and interact with fellow participants. [1]


Otherside Vessel is a collection that plays a crucial role in the Legends of the Mara (LotM), a 2D strategy game introduced on March 28, 2023, after 2nd Trip (the second part of their roadmap for their metaverse) that took place on March 25, 2023. In this game, players assume the role of adventurers who embark on quests, unravel mysteries, and encounter various challenges and rewards. It offers a captivating gaming experience that combines exploration, storytelling, and social interaction. [2][3]

In order to play the game, players need at least one NFT, which represents players' land in the game; and one , Kodamara, Mara or . Otherdeed holders are able to claim one vessel for every Otherdeed they hold, receiving either a Hunting, Farming or Enchanting vessel type randomly. These Vessels can be nested on an Otherdeed Expanded, one at a time, eventually evolving into a Mara, if done properly. Although their full function or use has not fully been disclosed, the team have hinted that choosing which vessel to nest is really important. [3][4][5]

"Only one Vessel can be nested on any given Otherdeed Expanded at a time. So choose your first Vessel(s) to nest into Mara wisely”

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Otherside Vessel

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