Pudgy Penguins Korea

Pudgy Penguins Korea is the official community, based in South Korea. It was created to engage Korean members and promote NFT-related events.[1]


Pudgy Penguins Korea was established by towards the end of 2022, following an invitation from the official Asia Huddle of Pudgy Penguins. Responding to this request, Sook Hwang became a member of the Pudgy Asia Council and became responsible for establishing the Korean arm of the Pudgy Penguins community. [2]

Since its inception in January of 2023, Pudgy Korea has been dedicated to bringing the Korean huddle "iglooed" together by being the face of Pudgy Penguins in Korea by attending and supporting key / events and organizing several meetups. They have also welcomed international huddle members and the Pudgy Penguins team to Korea, have been actively keeping the community up to date with any key information or announcements, and have also been selling Pudgy Merch through their online store. [2][7]




In July 2023, Pudgy Penguins Asia’s Head of Growth, Austin, and Sook Hwang were featured at HelloNFT, an NFT-centric event. The Pudgy team had a booth at the event, showcasing their toys, and was also used as a venue for meet-ups for community members. [3][4]


Nile ART Studio

On July 29, 2023, Pudgy Penguins collaborated with and was featured in their showcasing event, Nile ART Studio. The collaboration introduced PudgeMix, an array of interpretations of the Pudgys held by Korean huddle members, including ’s [5][6]


Korea Blockchain Week Side-Event

On September 9, 2023, Pudgy Penguins Korea hosted a KBW Pudgy Korea side event, with Crit Ventures and AI Network as their co-hosts, and , HelloWeb3 and GOMBLE as the sponsors of the event.


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Pudgy Penguins Korea


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