Sabin Dima

Sabin Dima is an entrepreneur from Romania, who is the Founder and CEO of . The platform aims to foster broad AI adoption by incorporating technology. It introduces an ethical framework for the integration of AI and , with a primary focus on synthetic media.[1]

Education & Early Life

He pursued his education at the Academia de Studii Economice din București. During his time there, he was actively involved in various projects. He served as a Project Manager at Business Club for nearly three years, starting from the end of 2008.

Additionally, he co-founded and served as a Project Manager at Think Online, Romania's first online academy, from the end of 2009 for almost a year.[1]


Sabin Dima founded in 2019, focusing on AI implementation and governance. The platform seeks to promote widespread AI adoption by integrating technology and introducing an ethical framework, particularly emphasizing synthetic media.

Before this, in 2013, he co-founded AroundWise, intending to enhance customer experiences in shopping centers. Sabin also co-founded The Cofounders in 2013, which intends to emphasize culture and brand strategy consultancy.

Additionally, he contributed to establishing Geekcelerator, a technology-focused investment fund, in 2012. His earlier ventures include Outliers Lab, Engrid, and PlusOne Studio. Moreover, at the age of 16, he initiated the development of one of the first social platforms in the Middle East.[1][3][4][5]

Sabin Dima, CEO of , leads the initiative to establish the platform as the premier solution for artificial intelligence. Dima actively promotes responsible AI implementation, advocating for its potential impact at events like the EAPC Conference 2023. Presenting to representatives from the Commonwealth and UN, showcases AI solutions designed to enhance democracy and societal benefits.

Addressing the role of Conversational AI in resource-limited settings at the Internet Governance Forum 2023 in Kyoto, Dima underscored the importance of data traceability and ethics. ensures secure storage of opinions and data within its infrastructure, complemented by ongoing research initiatives on AI ethics, shared at institutions like Imperial College London.[6][7][8][9] In an interview for , Sabin Dima said:

"The potential benefits of AI are substantial and further exploration of its application in the public sector is warranted for enhancing public services, policies, and to improve citizens’ lives.”[10]

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Sabin Dima

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