Sabin Dima

Sabin Dima is a Romanian tech-savvy entrepreneur, known for developing human-centered tech products and successfully translating emerging trends into lucrative product lines, in the space of AI, and synthetic media. He is the co-founder & CEO of , a technology-driven enterprise that works on integrating  with  technology, fostering an ethical and expansible environment for AI.[1][2]

Education & Contributions

From 2008 to 2012, Sabin studied at Academia de Studii Economice din București.

During this phase of his education, he volunteered to work as a Project Manager at Business Club from October 2008, for about 2.9 years.

In September 2009, Sabin had become Co-founder and the Project Manager at Think Online, the first online academy in Romania, and worked there for about 9 months.
From the age of 16, he developed one of the first social platforms in the Middle East. At the age of 21, Sabin set up one of the first investment funds in the technology area in Romania, together with two other partners. Afterward, he continued to found and invest in technology companies, developing dozens of applications and building, among others, a start-up which offers marketing solutions for shopping centers, being used by over 400 retailers. [5]


In August 2007, Sabin co-founded PlusOne Studio, a full service digital agency and worked there for about 2.9 years.

In March 2010, he co-founded Engrid and worked for about 1.7 years. He was the Cloud-Based Virtual Administrative Assistant Staffing Services for employers and clients.

In October 2011, he co-founded Outliers Lab and worked there for about 5 months.

In March 2012, he co-founded Geekcelerator and stayed there for 1.7 years. He invested in startups that solve difficult technology problems for other startups.

In August 2013, he co-founded The Cofounders, stayed there for 9 months. He has a team and they invested resources in their own ideas. They are entrepreneurs either geeks and business partners.

In December 2013, Sabin co-founded AroundWise and stayed there for 5.8 years. He used iBeacon Technology to engage nearby people and make them spend more. He also worked at Gamblewise and HeyHello, social nw=etworks at Arab countries.[3]

In August 2019, he became the Founder and CEO at
[1], headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, was founded in 2020, was founded by Sabin Dima. He introduced the AI blockchain, where humans are made into better version of themselves using their own digital DNA. Sabin Dima at the AIBC Summit in Dubai says:[4]

The Humans platform will allow people to create everything they can imagine, and through the generation of content by algorithms, they will be able to put their ideas into practice without being constrained by budget, time, space or skills. But the democratization of this technology comes with a series of risks - reduced control over the use of digital DNA, fake news, the difficulty of distinguishing between what is real and what is generated by AI. By adopting blockchain, we have found the solution to all of this.

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Sabin Dima


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