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The IQ Token’s BrainDAO Treasury now has over $2 Million in Ethereum!


Sun Sep 25 2022

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The Ethereum Merge is here and the BrainDAO treasury now has over $2 million in wrapped ethereum and over $5 million in total assets. The IQ token is backed by the BrainDAO treasury and the treasury is fully governed by IQ token stakers. BrainDAO holds a diversified portfolio of IQ tokens, ethereum, stablecoins, blue chip NFTs, and other assets. 

Everipedia has been steadily accumulating ETH over time through Olympus Pro bonds. ETH isn’t the only asset that BrainDAO has accumulated since its launch. The BrainDAO treasury has also been accumulating FRAX stablecoins through the Time-Weighted Average Market Maker (TWAMM) on Fraxswap. 

Back in May, BrainDAO decided to acquire a Bored Ape as its first NFT acquisition since the Bored Ape Yacht Club is Yuga Labs premier NFT collection and is poised to grow in value with apes forming a core part of Yuga’s Otherside metaverse. The Otherside metaverse is aligned with BrainDAO’s vision of bridging the real world and the metaverse. 

BrainDAO acquired BAYC #9665 precisely because of its Pink fur trait which represents the brain, the center of all knowledge. $IQ holders and BrainDAO together will be the stewards of the Ape and will determine its course of action in the future. 

By holding highly liquid stablecoins and Ethereum, BrainDAO provides the IQ token with more stability and protection during bear markets. While BrainDAO’s exposure to blue chip NFTs, the IQ token itself, and other assets allow the token to grow more quickly during bull markets. 

The growth of BrainDAO comes at the perfect time as the launch of a new fully Web3 site for the Everipedia Encyclopedia nears. The new site will run on Ethereum L2 and have several cutting-edge integrations. The waitlist for our public beta is just around the corner. Stay tuned!

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