Guidelines takes pride in being an inclusive platform for the cryptocurrency community. That said, there are a few editorial-related policies / do's and don't's we believe everyone should follow.

Guidelines on


  • Write about cryptocurrency-related topics: is a cryptocurrency encyclopedia so feel free to create quality wikis about any topic that's related to crypto. To maintain the quality of the encyclopedia all pages must be cited and at least 300 words. Each page should have some significance and relevance to the crypto community.
  • Write in a third-person, objective tone: Because is a knowledge base, one of the precedents we have set is to think from the perspective of an academic scholar. When editing an article, ask yourself, 'Would this be considered an objective resource if someone else read this?'
  • Cite your sources where needed: It is important for's platform to present accurate information. To make it easier for contributors and readers alike to see where editors get their information from (and the validity of those resources), it is important to cite their sources. This allows the community to checks editor's work and work with editors in an environment that is inherently collaborative.

Do Not:

  • Write on topics unrelated to cryptocurrency: is first and foremost a cryptocurrency wiki. All articles on the site should have relevance and significance to the crypto community. Articles that are not related to cryptocurrency or are only tangentially related should be removed.
  • Plagiarize:Publish content that is not your own and representing them as your work; this typically includes copying/pasting content without citing its original source and giving proper credit of the creator. It also includes violating copyright.
  • Vandalise: Deliberately attempt to add, change, or remove content to tarnish the page.
  • Spam: Reference content that attempts to promote irrelevant or inappropriate products to a page; these edit proposals tend to be in the form of advertisements and violate's policy of writing in an objective tone.
  • Dox: Broadcast private and/or sensitive information (particularly for non-public figures)
  • Write opinions/blog posts (refer to the 'do' section)

Social Channels:

Participation in's social channels (particularly on Telegram, Discord) requires adherence to the below tenets. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may lead to expulsion.

  • Be Kind and Curteous: We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Debates are more than welcome, but kindness is required.
  • No Bullying: We want to make sure everyone feels safe here. Bullying of any kind isn't permitted, and degrading comments that intentionally offend or belittle other community members will not be tolerated and may result in a suspension/ban.
  • No Spamming: Give more than you take to this group. Self-promotion is permitted, as long as the link is relevant to the EOS/ community.

Other (self-explanatory) rules:

  • No nudity/sexual content
  • No harmful/dangerous content(encouraging others to do something where they could get badly hurt)
  • No content that incites hatred based on protected groups(race/ethnic origin, sexual orientation/gender identity, disability, religion, nationality, age, gender, etc.)
  • No violence/graphic content
  • No malicious attacks(if someone is mildly annoying/petty, this should be ignored)
  • No threats/predatory harassment
  • Respect everyone’s privacy

Ideal Discussion in Community-Oriented Groups:

  • Questions about : e.g. tokenomics, backstory, etc.
  • Updates (for transparency purposes): new tech developments, projects that our community is working on, etc.
  • Customer service: how works, guidance for editing, how to find more information about other dapps, etc.
  • A place where people can give us feedback on our progress, how to improve, etc.
  • Sharing pages for insights, conversation, and support.

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