Federico Clapis

Federico Clapis (Born April 4th, 1987) is a contemporary Italian artist. He's made a name for himself in the art world by forging new paths and expanding horizons.[1][2]

Professional Life

He's made a name for himself in the art world by forging new paths and expanding horizons. Clapis has been working "undercover" for years, creating viral videos on social media and gaining millions of followers and views.

Federico chose to step away from pure entertainment in September 2015, at the height of his media success, and turn his online presence into a medium for the dissemination of his previously hidden artistic works.

He started a ten-year inner quest to discover the most intimate conditions of the human soul, staying in an ashram in India and continuing his study via different existential paths in the West. Clapis sees his art as a manifestation of his life experiences and a way to share introspection with his fans. [7]

Technology is a metaphor for the contemporary in order to investigate the human condition, which is a recurrent theme in his most popular artworks. The artist invites the public to write and post on social media what the artwork has evoked in them on a daily basis, finding the act to be an integral part of the artistic purpose.  [5][6]

In September 2015, at the height of the media popularity, he decided to move away from pure entertainment and converted his online presence into a tool for the dissemination of his artistic works hitherto kept hidden. [4]

Interview (Artistic Journey)

Federico Statement:

"I started my journey into the art world eleven years ago, when I realized that I needed to express my inner state of being by creating something with my hands. Not knowing exactly how to go about this, I started exploring the web and social media and, after two years of observations, I figured that producing videos - and changing directions entirely towards a different type of content - could be a way that in time would grant me enough visibility to one day return to art. Over the course of the first five years, I managed to build an online presence with satirical videos entirely produced, written, and starred by me. After reaching the peak of fame on social media, I decided to officially bid farewell and announce that, from that moment on, all my online channels would be a platform to share my artwork. For the last four years now, I have dedicated myself exclusively to my art and, thanks mainly to social media

I succeeded in making this my job in which I continue to grow".

Main steps in the creation of your pieces: Statement

"The steps are very different depending on the artwork. Some are more instinctive, born from recycled materials I might accumulate for months or years before finding their purpose and then, almost by magic, suddenly combine with other elements to reveal a part of my inner being that must emerge into an artistic form. Other works involve more planning and require several steps, from 3D-modeling to scans of my body, to develop a digital file from which basic models are created using five-axis robots: they serve to create rubber and fiberglass casts into which bronze, cement, or resin can be poured to craft the sculptures".

Inspiration from: Statement

"There is no specific inspiration. Rather, it’s a continuous stream of consciousness triggered by the need to express myself - whether it is sparked by something within me or something that, unbeknownst to me, I observe in people around me - that I am able to translate into an image only through art".

Exhibitions & Awards

  • 2020 - December: "Contact Zone " solo show at Exma Museum (Cagliari)
  • 2020 - June: Neo Shibuya project at Shibuya station (Tokyo)
  • 2020 - January: Deep Scrolling Experience at Triennale Milano Museum (Milan)
  • 2019 - September: Shades of Black, Storpunkt, (Munich)
  • 2019 - July: Collective exhibition “Umano & Disumano” during the Venice Biennale (Venice) – “Umano & Disumano”
  • 2019 - June: Touch Scream at the Milan Triennale (Milan)
  • 2018 - June: Monumental work for the Observation Point Square (London) – Crypto Connection
  • 2017 - November: Urban project for City Og God (Rio de Janeiro) WordSaveWorld
  • 2016 - January: Exhibition during Francis Bacon’s Collection presentation
  • 2015 - December: Solo exhibition at the Maimeri Foundation (Milan)
  • 2015 - October: Winner of Pitagora prize – Pitagora Museum (Kr)
  • 2015 - September: Vernon Gallery (Munich) [2]

NFT Sale

On Monday 6 September, the Italian contemporary artist, Federico Clapis, sold his latest work in digital format, as NFT, for around 70,000 euros.

The title of the work is “Tank Fish ” and it is the digital representation of the plastic sculpture that was actually created by the artist in 2018 for an environmental awareness project.

This tank, which resembles a fish in shape, was abandoned in the sea in free navigation for seven days and Clapis through a video message invited all his fans, but also environmental activists and supporters of the cause to recover the Tank Fish.

The Tank Fish project has been appreciated by various international media that have told the story of the Italian artists and conveyed his message of plastic free by focusing on an increasingly important issue which is that of the consumption and waste of plastic and materials. not recyclable.

On the other hand, the new digital interpretation conceived and created by the sculptor shows us the work as if the "tank fish" in the future came to life and became a protected species, representing a sign of the Archeology of our times.

The  (NFT) of Tank Fish was purchased for 21.58 ETH by Paolo Barberis, Dada founder of the multinational company that operates in the domains and professional hosting market and adviser for Innovation of the Prime Minister from 2014.

Barberis was also one of the first supporters of the physical project launched 3 years ago by the artist against the pollution caused by plastic which constantly endangers the marine ecosystem.

Federico Clapis is considered one of the greatest artists and exponents of this new and radical form of art, he helps to understand what NFT s truly are. [3]

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Federico Clapis

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