Ignas DeFi

Ignas DeFi is a Co-founder of DeFi creative studio, , and an X (fka Twitter) personality who provides research and insights on the (DeFi) sector. [1][2]


Ignas is a content creator who often shares his in-depth insight on DeFi on his X page.

"My goal is to provide in-depth insight on the ever-evolving world of DeFi, helping you to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and gain a unique edge in the space. From lending protocols to tokenomics, I cover a wide range of topics and provide actionable takeaways for readers looking to navigate this rapidly growing industry." - Ignas DeFi's Linkedin described[5]

Ignas often shares updates on X on new projects in the DeFi space. He believes that early-stage projects that raise funds during bear markets have a good chance of coming out strong into the bull run.

"Early stage projects that raise during bear markets, have a good chance to come out strong into the bull run. So, these are the top 10 projects that just raised money..." - Ignas tweeted in September 2022.[3]

He highlighted several on-chain trading protocols that raised seed round money, such as STFX, Gammax Exchange, zkxprotocol, and Contango_dex. [3]

Ignas also provides a detailed analysis of various DeFi projects. For instance, he has discussed the mission of to create an unbiased world currency and its plan to achieve this goal. [9]

"First, Maker needs to reduce the complexity of how it is governed by creating self-sustainable DAOs called MetaDAOs. One can think of Maker Core as L1 Ethereum: slow and expensive, but secure. While MetaDAOs are L2 solutions: fast & nimble, that get security from the L1." - Ignas tweeted on August 2022. [9]

"To become the Unbiased World Currency, Maker is willing to drop $DAI's dollar peg. Yep, this means, $DAI will free float away from 1:1 USD by gradually changing its price over time according to the Target Rate."[9]

In December 2023, Ignas published an article titled: The DeFi Degen's Playbook to the Bull Market containing his game plan to:

Nine ecosystems currently booming or on the verge of booming • Coverage of 50 protocols in total (to earn points for airdr0ps) • Bullish timeline for $ETH[4]

On March 4, 2024, Ignas pondered about the reduction in VC fundraising despite Bitcoin () nearing an all-time high:

BTC nears all-time high, but crypto fundraising lags behind. In previous cycles, fundraising closely followed BTC price, but this time is really different. Why such a lag in VC fundraising this time?[6]


Pink Brains

is a DeFi Creator Studio Ignas DeFi co-founded alongside  in October 2023. It aims to elevate quality projects in the  (DeFi) sector by providing growth solutions to its users on multiple platforms like Twitter, YouTube, etc. [7]

"Just 8 months ago, I quit my 9-5 job. And today, I'm here to announce the launch of my own venture, @PinkBrains_io. Teaming up with my high school friend, @Web3Arthur, we've created Pink Brains DeFi Creator Studio." - Ignas tweeted on October 2, 2023. [8]

Ignas is a thought leader in the DeFi space and provides consultation and growth services for his company's users. Pink Brains offers growth solutions for its users across multiple platforms such as Twitter, blogs/newsletters, YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, and more. Some of their partners include , , Origin, and others. [7][8]

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Ignas DeFi

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