KryptoSeoul, based in Seoul, South Korea and led by , is a community building and marketing team. The team comprises professionals specializing in communication, marketing, and analysis. KryptoSeoul provides support to global blockchain projects aiming to establish a community presence in Korea. [2]


, hosted and organized by KryptoSeoul, is a series of blockchain related events in Asia. With an emphasis on technology, BUIDL Asia maintains a focus on builders and their advancements, prioritizing substance over speculation. BUIDL Asia Week (Seoul, 2022) encompassed various events such as HackAtom Seoul, the BUIDL Asia 2022 conference, and . [3]

HackAtom Seoul 2019

At the 2019 HackAtom event, organized by , participating teams had the opportunity to compete for the grand prize of $20,000. Other prizes included $7,000 for the second-place winner and $2,000 each for the four teams selected as third-prize winners. A total of 90 applicants were received, where most of them were new to the Cosmos SDK. The first place was awarded to Nonce A Team, who participated with their project “over-collateralized staking derivatives with a SDK Uniswap module over IBC and a fully supported UX”. The event took place at Seoul Startup Hub, from July 19th to 21st, 2019. Judges included Christopher Goes, Sunny Aggarwal, Billy Rennekamp, and Antoine Herzog. [4][5]

HackAtom HCMC 2021

Cosmos and KryptoSeoul co-organized the 2021 HackAtom, their first hackathon in Southeast Asia. In light of the ongoing COVID situation in Vietnam, the hackathon was held online. Teams competed for the grand prize of $10,000, which was  awarded to the team that best exemplified the Interchain vision through their project. [6]

During the HackAtom HCMC 2021, participants were presented with various challenges. In the Tokenized Challenge, participants were required to develop a blockchain that showcased a unique use case for NFTs. The DeFi Challenge tasked participants with designing and creating a Decentralized Finance protocol or application using the Cosmos SDK, encompassing areas such as lending, derivatives, and decentralized exchanges. In the IBC Challenge, participants were encouraged to build a blockchain application that utilized the IBC protocol or explored an innovative use case for it. Lastly, the Golden Challenge involved the implementation of a peg zone or bridge to connect with another blockchain. [7]

Judges were comprised by Jacob Gadikian, Chjango Unchained, Brian Luk, Denis Fadeev, Billy Rennekamp, Do Kwon, and Tran Van Quy. [6]

HackAtom Seoul 2022

HackAtom Seoul 2022 served as a gathering point for developers who were new to Cosmos and their ideas. It acted as a launching pad for the development of new and exciting projects, while also providing an opportunity for Core Contributors, Validators, Teams, and the Community to connect and share insights. The event included educational workshops, which were recorded and shared on their YouTube channel for broader accessibility. Participants had the chance to engage in working sessions with mentors and enjoy an afterparty with other attendees interested in Cosmos and related projects. The main challenges included interoperability, interchain security, and Cosmos SDK.  [8]

The first prize winner received $20,000 USD equivalent, while the second prize winner took home $7,000 USD equivalent. Furthermore, there were four third prize winners, with each team receiving $2,000 USD equivalent. [8]

Judges included Christopher Goes, Sunny Aggarwal, Billy Rennekamp, and Antoine Herzog. [8]

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