Lil Pudgys

Lil Pudgys is an collection, which is composed of 22,222 unique items that was launched by . Each item in the Lil Pudgys collection was created using 400 different characteristics and were made as companions of the original Pudgy Penguin NFTs. These characteristics being: [1][2]

  • 8 Backgrounds
  • 132 Bodies
  • 29 Faces
  • 105 Heads
  • 28 Left Flippers
  • 52 Right Flippers
  • 30 Skins


On December 19th, 2021, Lil Pudgys NFTs were released, with 8888 of these NFTs being claimable to individuals who already held Pudgy Penguins NFTs through a free claim link on their website, while the remaining NFTs were open to the general public to purchase. [1]

Pudgy Toys

The Pudgy Penguins team is preparing to launch a variety of physical merchandise, including plushies, toys, and children's books, in the first quarter of 2023. The company is currently finalizing deals with retailers and licensing agencies that specialize in family-friendly IP merchandise. PMI Toys, a well-known manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of children's toys, will be producing the physical Pudgy Penguin toys. With the partnership with PMI Toys, Lil Pudgy NFTs will add to Pudgy Plushies, as officially licensed physical toys creating a brand new physical toy collection. [3][5]

“This IP is valuable. We believe the Penguins are valuable, especially in the retail market.” - Luca Netz [4]

Luca Netz's View on Lil Pudgys' Future

After the installation of a whole new executive team, the future of Lil Pudgys was discussed on Pudgy Media, under the Waddleman section that covers an AMA led by CEO . He strongly believes that Lil Pudgys will play a "huge role" in the Pudgy Penguins' ecosystem as he envisions Lil Pudgys having their own roadmap "catered to a younger demographic". Luca mentions the use of Lil Pudgys in IOS games as he states that kids nowadays are "glued to their phones", to tap into the digital market and content directed towards young children. [6]

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Lil Pudgys

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