Moso is a rewards site and browser extension that allows users to earn when shopping with partnered merchants. The merchants set the reward percentage, and Moso shares the rewards by sending to users' . [1]


Moso is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows users to save money and earn while shopping online. It provides access to over 2,000 stores, including major brands like Walmart, eBay, and StubHub. By using Moso for purchases, shoppers automatically receive rewards, typically 50% higher than traditional cashback rates, thanks to direct agreements with reputable companies. The extension is user-friendly, suitable for individuals at all knowledge levels, and free to use. Moso helps users maximize savings and earn rewards while shopping online by finding exclusive deals and discounts. [2][3]


Airdrop Center

The Moso Center features an internal leaderboard where users compete to earn the most Moso tokens. Users collect loyalty points, called bamboo points, automatically granted for purchases and can be manually claimed for other activities. Points are earned based on spending, with all participants receiving rewards. Higher rankings on the six-tier leaderboard yield increased reward multipliers. The boosted points are added to users' total points each week, and the leaderboard is reset. [5]

The Moso team allocated a portion of the total token supply to reward early adopters. Users will receive Moso tokens at TGE based on rank and the number of bamboo points collected. Tasks that don't require spending, like referrals and daily check-ins, allow all users to participate. Before TGE, users can claim an of their total points badge to unlock their Moso token allocation. [5] wiki

Moso Shops

Moso Shops provides a white-label shopping solution enabling companies to host a dedicated shopping page on their websites, connecting with over 2,000+ stores globally. This platform allows companies to offer enhanced reward rates, up to 100% back, in their native token. Users can shop online, converting their currency into the company’s token. This process incentivizes shopping through the platform and promotes token usage, offering users flexibility in utilizing their rewards. Moso Shops includes two features: the Reward Center and the Leaderboard. [6]

  • The Reward Center in Moso Shops enables users to track the tokens they earn. Each purchase made at participating retailers is logged here, showcasing the concrete benefits of their shopping activities.
  • The Leaderboard in Moso Shops adds a competitive dimension to the shopping experience, ranking users based on their earnings and showcasing the top earners within the community. This feature creates a space where online shopping becomes rewarding and competitive, offering users a strategic way to earn within a user-friendly ecosystem. wiki

Moso Quests

Moso Quests, a novel addition to the Moso Extension, is designed exclusively for users and seamlessly integrates with Galxe, a platform in the space. This feature offers a blend of engagement, rewards, and community, unlocking a world of exploration and achievement. Moso Quests enhances the functionality of the existing Moso Extension. Similarly, it alerts users to active Galxe campaigns related to the websites they visit, creating numerous opportunities for engagement. [7]

Some key features of Moso Quests include: [7]

  • Galxe Campaign Alerts: Receive notifications about active Galxe campaigns while browsing through the Moso Extension. Each alert presents an opportunity for a new quest, with the potential to earn rewards.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Completing quests can yield exciting rewards such as , OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens), and shares of reward pools. Each campaign offers a chance to claim something unique and valuable.
  • Seamless Integration: Moso Quests seamlessly integrates into the Moso Extension, eliminating the need for separate downloads or setups. It's easily accessible as part of the existing Moso ecosystem. wiki


Seed Funding Round

On April 24th, 2024, Moso announced the successful closure of a $2 million seed funding round, supported by investors such as Symbolic Capital, Dao5, , , and several strategic angels. This funding aims to advance the integration of e-commerce and , leveraging the expertise and networks of these investors. [8]

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