Nick Mudge

Nick Mudge is the CEO, Smart Contract Tech Advisor, and Technical Investor at Perfect Abstractions LLC, a security auditing and technical advisement company. [1][2][3]


Nick Mudge's educational background includes obtaining a GED (General Educational Development) from Delphi. [1]


He commenced his professional career at eRepublic from January 2004 to June 2006, serving as the GT News Website Editor. In this role, he was involved in internet research, writing, and editing for the Government Technology website (, providing news about state and local government IT. [4]

Following this, he transitioned to Minnick Web Services, where he worked as a Junior Programmer for five months from May 2007 to September 2007. Here, he focused on programming web-based solutions for customers, contributing to both back and front ends of various websites and web applications. [4]
Subsequently, he assumed the position of Programmer at Minnick Web Services, continuing his responsibilities for another one year and seven months until March 2009. [4]

In March 2009 Nick Mudge joined Calmetrics in the role of HMI Developer & Ignition Project Developer, until July 2012. His tenure involved the development of Ignition Modules in Java, such as the Ignition QuickBooks Module and a module enabling bulk operations on components in the Ignition designer. He also contributed to various projects, including programming parts of a custom Customer Relationship Management system, creating new windows and functionality for an existing Ignition project, and upgrading an HMI system from FactoryPMI/FactorySQL to Ignition. [4]

Subsequently, from August 2012 to April 2014, Nick worked at Inductive Automation as a Design Services Engineer & Ignition Module Developer. Here, he developed a recipe management system and contributed to a large process control system using Ignition. He also created the Ignition SECS/GEM Module in Java, facilitating communication with semiconductor manufacturing equipment. [4]

In January 2021, Nick briefly served as the Chief Technology Officer at Pixelcraft Studios for six months, followed by a five-month short-term job, as the Lead Solidity Developer. [4]

Blockchain Career

Nick Mudge got into the space when he noticed that fees for using was too high, and saw an opportunity to work with a project where the fees were lower, eventually choosing to joining Network (). [5]

"I felt that for some kind of applications the gas fees were too high on Ethereum and so I just thought it was just you know it made sense that there would be opportunities on a blockchain where the gas fees were lower and Matic Network at the time it just seemed like a good option for that could do more because the fees cost less and so I got involved with Matic Network now Polygon"

Since April 2014, Nick Mudge has been the Owner/Lead Ignition Consultant at Perfect Abstractions. Over the years, he has played the role of CEO, guiding the company through its development and growth. Simultaneously, he has been involved as a Tech Advisor, assisting projects in building modular and extensible smart contract systems using EIP-2535 Diamonds. [4]

In August 2023, Nick embarked on a new venture as a Technical Inventor & Investor, marking the latest chapter in his multifaceted career. Additionally, he continues to contribute as a self-employed Smart Contract Tech Advisor, providing expertise in developing modular and extensible smart contract systems. [4]

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Nick Mudge

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