Redacted Remilio Babies

Redacted Remilio Babies is a collection of 10,000 neochibi profile pictures (pfp) that expand the paradigm. The collection displays "youthful J.I.T.[5] energy, schizophrenic reactionary aesthetics, and digital sales terrorism" [1][3][4]

We are #REMILIONAIREs. - Remilio Babies website[1]


Redacted Remilio Babies is first pfp project since , with art by Ulenka[6]. [2][1]

Remilio Maker is Milady for boys. Remilio is based and retarded. Remilio is a 13 year old running Minecraft hustles. We channel these disparate inspirations into the same directed chaos that sets Milady apart from the monotony of NFT- and crypto-twitter as a community, the same lucid metairony that has always been the essence of Remilia's revolutionary posting as art practice. - in 'Redacted Remilio Babies: Notes on the Design Process'. [2]

Asset Curation

Remilio showcases a collection of 526 distinct assets, exceeding half the quantity of (236). The emphasis shifts from Milady's neo-orientalist interpretation of Asian-style tribes to an ironic evaluation of zoomer fashion. The primary designer influences encompass Balenciaga, Gucci, and Comme Des Garcons, with a focus on playful collaborations with entities like Disney and Fortnite, aiming to generate meme-worthy content. [2]

The other primary citation is zoomer videogame and internet culture, with natural references to Youtube streamers like Logan Paul, popular games from the mid-10s like Minecraft and CoD4, etc. befitting ‘the 12-year-old younger bro to Milady’. [2]

Secondary elements include Youtube-minded Financial Aspirationalism: luxury watches, superhouse renders, etc.; “Swag”-oriented streetwear, in the mode of the Phillipines and Drake fans; lampooning NFT and crypto culture and aesthetics; and as a final touch, the art tourist and vacation home locales befitting a ‘future trustie’ tween’s family vacations - in 'Redacted Remilio Babies: Notes on the Design Process'

Remilio Technical Specifications


Friends are little mascots in the corner hidden beyond what is visible on a circular profile picture, to create a little surprise when fully opened. With over 100 available options, they provide a wide range of humorous citations. While they possess different rarities, they do not impact the swag score. [2]


Remilio embraces a boyish aesthetic and expands its range of fantastical races, adding further diversity to the rarest Remilio designs. These include Zombie, Oni, Ghost, and Reptilian (Lizard Overlord), which contribute distinct colors and characteristics to the collection, complementing Milady's Alien design. [2]


Overlays were derived from the Milady community's practice of sharing transparent images that could be added to their profile pictures (pfps), often accompanied by meme text captions. The concept was incorporated directly into the collection, integrating the memetic nature into the NFTs. A notable overlay is the RACISM one, lampooning an inevitable cancellation of Remilio. [2]



Each Remilio is graded by a proprietary mathematical formula created by a Nobel prize-winning professor and a fleet of graduate students. The highly advanced multivariate weighted grading system generates a stamp that at a single glance hierarchizes an approximate value of Remilio. [1][3]

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Redacted Remilio Babies

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