Robert Lauko

Robert Lauko is the Founder and Head of Research at , based in Zürich, Switzerland. operates as a decentralized borrowing protocol, facilitating interest-free loans secured by collateral. The platform enables users to draw loans without incurring interest charges by leveraging their holdings.[1][2][3]


Robert Lauko earned his Ph.D. in Law from the University of Zurich in 2012, following a period of doctoral studies in 2008. Lauko had earlier completed his undergraduate studies in Law at the University of Zurich.

Prior to his legal education, Lauko pursued studies in Microengineering at the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. His academic journey commenced with the completion of his Matura at Zug High School, Kantonsschule Zug, where he majored in mathematics and physics.[3]


Robert Lauko is the Head of Research at , a Zurich-based company specializing in decentralized borrowing. Prior to his engagement with , Lauko served as a Research Associate at DFINITY for two years, where he played a key role in projects related to , fair incentive schemes, network monitoring, and scalability issues.

Lauko also worked in the legal sector, with experience as a Lawyer at the Civil Engineering Office of the City of Zurich and as a Law Clerk at the Swiss Federal Administrative Court. His legal expertise covers areas such as road construction law, noise regulation, real estate law, administrative contract law, public transport law, labor law, electricity market law, data protection law, and security clearance law.[3][4][1][5]

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Robert Lauko


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