Sam Thapaliya

Sam Thapaliya is an entrepreneur and angel investor, known as the founder of . [1]

Early Life and Education

Sam was born on June 28, 1998, into a middle-class family in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Sam developed a passion for programming at the age of 13. Seeking to enhance his skills, he chose to pursue education in Atherton, California, situated in Silicon Valley. After completing high school in 2017, he relocated to California to get an undergraduate degree in technology and programming at Menlo College.[2]


Sam's main project is the . Established in 2021, Zebec Protocol represents a decentralized infrastructure network designed to facilitate the seamless flow of real-world value through blockchain-powered applications. Focused on rectifying the inefficiencies found in traditional financial systems, Zebec has attracted notable attention and support, securing $35 million in investments from prominent investment funds and fintech companies.

In one of his interviews, Sam said:

"I never saw a bank until I was 13 years old, and now I am helping to create a new generation of financial services products for the masses. This is thrilling and humbling at the same time! The responsibility of carrying the names of 30 million Nepalis and millions of Web3 believers keeps me up at night." [3]

In response to the question of why was being built, Sam highlighted the platform's innovation in introducing a novel form of streaming payments that are both instantaneous and continuous. The aim is to establish a future where users can conduct transactions seamlessly without the need to navigate through multiple channels. This includes scenarios such as employees receiving salaries instantly, artists obtaining royalties immediately, and consumers making payments for subscriptions in real time.

When asked about the primary objective of Zebec, Sam underscored the platform's role in pioneering a new era of payroll and payment solutions. By enabling continuous settlement on the blockchain, Zebec enables employees to receive their salaries down to the second. Moreover, the platform enables companies to enhance capital efficiency and leverage decentralized finance to optimize their capital utilization.[3]

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Sam Thapaliya

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