Parallel is a trading card game (TCG) developed by Parallel Studios and is part of the ecosystem. Parallel TCG offers Parallel , digital assets representing the game's factions, known as 'Parallels.' These assets are used in gameplay, as players use them to create and deploy decks for competitive matches. [1]

The game is still being developed, but users can have beta access. [2]


PARALLEL represents a science fiction franchise featuring a Trading Card Game (TCG) that empowers collectors to achieve true ownership of cards and other in-game items. These cards construct decks for participating in an online PC game, currently in a closed beta phase. Within PARALLEL, five distinct streams of human evolution are known as AUGENCORE, EARTHEN, KATHARI, MARCOLIAN, and THE SHROUD. Each stream offers a unique playstyle within the TCG. [3]

Participants need a complete deck representing a specific parallel faction to engage in the game. A deck consists of 40 cards from a single parallel and universal cards that are not affiliated with any parallel and can be used across all decks. The deck-building process adheres to specific limitations, allowing up to three copies of a card, except for legendary cards, which are restricted to a single copy. This limitation applies to both parallel-specific and universal cards in the deck. [3]

Decks can be composed using in-game earned account-bound cards known as Apparitions and tradable digital collectibles. Players have the flexibility to create multiple decks and are not restricted to a single parallel faction. [3]

Parallel NFTs

Parallel Cards were introduced through pack drops. The final pack drop occurred on January 14th, 2023, marking the completion of the Parallel base set. The next anticipated release will be the expansion, Planetfall. [3]

Each card features original 3D art created by the in-house staff artist and is represented as an NFT () on the network. Possession of the NFT version of the cards is not a prerequisite for playing Parallel TCG. However, it might influence the in-game experience. Additionally, owning NFT versions of the cards may offer distinct experiences beyond the confines of the Parallel TCG game. [3]

In the Parallel universe, there are various types of NFTs, including Cards and Avatars, each serving different functions.


In Parallel, Cards play a central role as NFT elements that significantly impact the gameplay. These digital assets are fundamental to the trading card game, providing players with the primary means to strategize and compete. Each card, represented as an NFT, possesses unique attributes, including various actions, effects, and statistics, which can influence the outcome of matches. [3]

The cards are categorized under five Parallels, or factions, central to the game's narrative. These Parallels contribute to the assortment of cards, each offering unique abilities and gameplay mechanics. Since these are NFTs, players own these cards and can freely trade or sell them within the Parallel and Echelon ecosystem. The categories are Augencore, Earthen, Kathari, Marcolian, and The Shroud. [3]


In Parallel, Avatars are unique characters representing the five existing factions within the game's universe. These Avatars, or Parallel PFPs (Profile Pictures), play a functional role by enabling access to various experiences within the Parallel universe. [4]

Using an Avatar as their profile picture allows players to earn extra PRIME tokens within the TCG when they secure victories, enhancing the value of gameplay. Additionally, Avatars provide priority access to future experiences within the Parallel universe, making them integral components of the ecosystem. [4]


Parallel includes digital collectibles with specific features known as Assets. So far, they have released Masterpiece, Prime Key, Catalyst Drive, Prime Drive, ParaSet, The Core, and Keys. [20]

  • Masterpiece - Masterpieces (MPs) are the unique 1-of-1 source art for derivative cards (FE, SE, PL, Echo), with a total supply of 258. MPs owners enjoy several benefits, including receiving 1⁄5 of the 5% royalty that Echelon gains each time its derivative card is traded on the secondary market. Furthermore, MP owners receive one free mint for Parallel releases, such as packs and comics. Additionally, when an owner's derivative card is used to create an Echo, they receive a portion of PRIME flows.
  • Prime Key - Prime Keys (PKs) were initially given to early supporters of Parallel, with a total supply of 1,500. The sole benefit of owning a PK is providing an extra slot for keys in Parallel TCG.
  • Catalyst Drive - Catalyst Drives (CDs) come with a total supply of 150 and offer the benefit of generating a Prime Drive combined with a Prime Key.
  • Prime Drive - Prime Drives (PDs), generated through the combination of a Prime Key and Catalyst Drive, have a maximum supply of 150. These drives offer the following advantages: earning a share of PRIME flows from Sink Redistributions and providing an extra slot for Keys in Parallel TCG.
  • ParaSet - ParaSets, which encompass collections of Parallel cards, are classified into 32 distinct categories. The advantages associated with ParaSets include the receipt of a share in PRIME flows from Sink Distributions.
  • The Core - The Core, with a total supply of 500, provides various benefits. Owners are entitled to 1⁄5 of the 5% royalty whenever a Core, Catalyst Drive, Cardback, Art Card, or Key is sold on the secondary market. Additionally, possessing a Core allows users to achieve an extra PRIME win per day.
  • Keys - Along with Prime Key, there are six other keys: Galaxy, Overclock, Multifold, Surge, Prismatic, and Gravity.


Parallel TCG operates using the token, a utility token within the Echelon ecosystem. Running on the , its primary functions are facilitating game-play, distributing rewards, and supporting community governance. [12]

PRIME tokens are earned by players for winning matches and serve as a currency for purchasing collectibles, services, and in-game enhancements offered by Parallel Studios. [12]

The PRIME token system operates circularly. Instead of being removed from circulation after use, tokens are redistributed into different contracts to maintain the game's economic balance and promote scalability. [12]

PRIME was introduced in July 2022 as a non-transferable token. It became' unlocked' after a community vote on March 1st, 2023. Initial distributions were sourced from three channels: [13]

  1. Prime Events - Rewards designated for Parallel TCG card holders.
  2. Caching - Rewards allocated for 'cached' Parallel TCG cards and assets.
  3. Unlocks - Distributions earmarked for the Parallel Studios Team and Investors.

In Parallel TCG, players earn PRIME by winning ranked games. The amount of PRIME earned per win depends on: [14]

  1. Ladder Rank: This reflects the player's skill-based matchmaking rating.
  2. 'Keyframing' Multiplier: Certain Keys can impact PRIME earnings.
  3. Number of NFTs in deck: More NFT cards lead to more PRIME.
  4. Win Streak: Longer win streaks result in more PRIME.

A daily cap on PRIME earnings is currently set at five wins. Additionally, the Core provides one extra PRIME game per day. [15]

Sink Distributions

When PRIME tokens are used in PRIME Sinks, a portion or the entirety of it is reallocated to the Sink Schedule. This includes the Game-play Pool, Sink Creator (e.g Parallel), Echelon Foundation Reserve, Prime Drives, and ParaSets. The process of Sink Redistributions started in August 2023. [16]

Parallel Studios

Parallel Studios, situated in Toronto, Canada, is the game development company responsible for the inventive Parallel Trading Card Game. The company specializes in developing the Parallel sci-fi franchise, utilizing and technology. [18]


The platform raised $50 million and received a half-billion-dollar valuation from . Other investors include YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, Focus Labs, OSS Capital, and Yunt Capital, amongst others. [19]

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